Portraying the character Reg Taylor in the Showtime series “The Chi,” Barton Fitzpatrick became a household name.

Keep scrolling and delve into Barton’s wiki info including his net worth, girlfriend, and height. Furthermore, read about his parents, siblings, and dating life.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Although unconfirmed, some media outlets in 2020 reported Barton Fitzpatrick’s age as 25.

On 13th March every year, Barton woke up to birthday messages on his iPhone.

What’s more, from his date of birth, Barton possessed Pisces for Zodiac sign.

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Barton Fitzpatrick Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Barton Fitzpatrick was born to African-American parents in Chicago, Illinois. Furthermore, he grew up in the Windy City.

A private person, Barton rarely spoke on his family life. Therefore, the public couldn’t tell for sure if he had a sibling or siblings.

However, in the hit series “The Chi,” famed R&B singer Luke James portrayed his on-screen brother Victor Trig Taylor.

Also, Barton loved his mom dearly. On the 2020 Mother’s Day post, he shared a photo of the two and captioned it with the words:

“& you will always be the girl of my life for ALL time….M A M A
According to his IMDB profile, Barton grew up addressing Larenz Tate, Lahmand Tate, and Larron Tate as his cousins.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Per reports online, Barton Fitzpatrick had more than 5 feet 10 inches in height. Similarly, his weight hovered under 82 kilograms.

Talking distinct features, Barton possessed high cheekbones and a contagious smile.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

As of June 2020, Barton possessed 4 thousand followers on Twitter. His Facebook profile, meanwhile, accumulated around 2.9 thousand followers.

By far, Barton had the most followers on IG. On the platform, some 102 thousand followed him.

Via his YouTube channel that he launched in 2019, Barton shared his latest music and accompanying videos.

Barton Fitzpatrick Net Worth, Movies & TV Shows

In 2013, Barton participated in the August Wilson Monologue Competition. After making the event’s finals, he won a scholarship from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Barton would eventually graduate from the same with a BFA in Acting.

Playing a GSW Patient in a 2016 episode of “Chicago Med,” Barton made his acting debut. A year later, he starred in an episode of “Chicago Justice”. The following year, Barton appeared in a maiden episode of “Chicago P.D.”

Between 2016 and 2020, Barton landed roles in short films like “Walker In The City,” “Rock City Police,” “Room 13,” “iMatter” and “Temp.”

By 2020, Barton was working on two movies titled “White People Money” and “Abandoned.”

Some of Barton’s most notable songs include songs like “Simplicity” and “Fan.”

Even at the beginning of his career, Barton Fitzpatrick was already making serious cash. As of 2020, his net worth was around $150 thousand.

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Did Barton Fitzpatrick Leave The Chi?

In “The Chi” season 2 finale, fans saw Barton Fitzpatrick get shot by assailants on a motorcycle.

Seeing how instrumental was Barton’s character on the show, many began speculating why the writer killed him.

On the eve of season 3 premiere, rumors alleged Barton had left the show because he wasn’t happy with his character dating a transgender woman.

Reacting to the gossip, Barton took to IG and hinted he hadn’t left “The Chi”. On 3rd June 2020, the actor tweeted:

“Y’all crying over Reg like y’all actually saw him get buried or an obituary… “

Back in 2019, the showrunners had fired Barton’s co-star Jason Mitchell for inappropriate behavior.

Barton Fitzpatrick Girlfriend, Dating, Gay

Nothing on his Instagram and Twitter suggested Barton Fitzpatrick was a gay man.

A ladies man, Barton liked maintaining a low-key dating life for the longest time.

Also, even fans offered themselves to be his girlfriend, Barton never them up on their offers.

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