In late October of 2019, Victoria’s Secret unveiled its unthinkable steps toward promoting body-positivity when it introduced model Ali Tate Cutler and May Simón Lifschitz. The bold steps not only helped establish the corporate social responsibility of the company, it further propelled the career of both models.

In the summer of 2020, Netflix premiered Warrior Nun and in the show, May starred as Chanel. This wiki-article on the actress cum model addresses other pieces of information regarding her life including dating life and relationship status.

May Simón Lifschitz Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

May Simón Lifschitz was born on 17 May 1995. She turned 25 years old while celebrating her birthday in May of 2020.

Per her date of birth, she hailed Taurus as her zodiac sign.

May Simón Lifschitz Wiki — Family, Parents, Nationality

May Simón Lifschitz was born to her Denmark-native mother Susanne Lifschitz and her father Ernesto Lifschitz who hailed from Argentine.

As Susanne’s Facebook suggested she was in a relationship with her new-beau, Jens Hjort-Peterson. The info concludes her parents are separated at the time. Other than that, no further details on her parents grabbed public attention.

Moreover, May, her siblings, and her parents moved to Copenhagen at a very young age. Because of that, she cited the city as her hometown. As for her siblings, May has a sister named Tania Cassandra Lifschitz and two brothers, David and Louie Eggerston.

Talking about her academic qualifications, she attended Femmøller Efterskole. She went on to join Rosborg Gymnasium og HF in Vejle and graduated from the same in 2013.

At the time of this writing, May was studying at the University of Copenhagen. While there, she earned her degree in art history, criticism, and conservation. Furthermore, she was studying to earn a master’s degree in modern culture and cultural communication.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, FB

In October of 2019, May modeled for lingerie giant, Victoria’s secret as the first transgender model for the company. Following that, her popularity on social media escalated over time.

As of July 2020, May’s Instagram account @itmaybemay boasted a total of 7534 followers. Whereas, she joined Facebook in 2008 and has been actively posting on the platform.

However, May was nowhere to be found on Twitter.

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May Simón Lifschitz Height, Weight, Measurements

The Stunning Danish model May Simón Lifschitz stands at a height of 5 feet 11.5 inches (1.81 meters) while she weighed approximately 57 kilograms (125 lbs).

As per Two Management which she represents, she flaunts her measurements of 35-25.5-36 inches. Moreover, her blue eyes and light brown hair further accentuates her enviable looks.

May Simón Lifschitz Before, Surgery, Transgender

May Simón Lifschitz made it as the transgender model of Victoria’s Secret. It was considered as the great step taken by the company towards spreading body positivity. However, May hadn’t opened up about when she realized about her sexuality.

Also, as of Summer 2020, May was yet to break her silence when she underwent gender transformation surgery.

Net Worth, Movies & TV Shows, Modeling Career

Only May knows if she ever had a dream to establish a career in entertainment, but she certainly garnered prominence as a model and an actress.

Once she and her family moved to Copenhagen, the capital city offered her exposure to multiple art forms.

By the age of 16, May had already started her modeling career. Along with modeling she worked for several companies in between.

In October of 2013, she joined MAC Cosmetics did freelance makeup chores. She stepped down from the same after working for a little above three and a half years in 2017.

Following that gig, May started working for Chart Art Fair starting from April of 2017.

She joined Roskilde Festival and had the job of Curatorial Assistant in 2018. In the same year, Panorama Agency scouted her as an actress and she represented the talent company for a little over a year.

In December of 2019, May landed the opportunity to work for Two Management as their model. Along with that, she started working for McLean-Williams Limited as their actress.

May made her first TV appearance starring in Aftenshowet (2015). She also played Marina in Sorte Mane, a short film in the same year.

Later in 2017, May appeared on Yes No Maybe as Sofia in one of the episodes. In 2018, she went on to land the role of Kimaera in Wild Witch and Vibeke Kruse in Christian IV.

In 2020, her acting career was propelled even further when she portrayed Chanel in Warrior Nun. Along with that, she also played Sabine in Pros and Cons (2020).

Besides acting and modeling, May also worked as a freelance journalist for

As of the summer of 2020, May is estimated to have stacked an approximate net worth of $300,000.

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May Simón Lifschitz Partner, Dating, Married

Danish-model May Simón Lifschitz’s dating life had been quite a mystery that required further disclosing to do. While her social media hinted multiple possible romantic partners, she prevented from confirming them as her love-interest.


May and her alleged boyfriend together in 2016 (Pic: May’s Instagram)

Furthermore, her plans regarding getting married and having kids were yet to see the light of the day.

Because she hadn’t opened up about her romantic involvement, we hereby couldn’t assume what were May’s preferences.

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