Azah Awasum worked in several industries before she decided to star in Big Brother season 23. With half a million dollars insight as a grand prize, she is ready to do everything in her power to bring that sum home while avoiding “showmances”.

Scroll down this Azah Awasum Wiki to learn more about her job, ethnicity, age, and details on her boyfriend.

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Azah Awasum On Big Brother

Big Brother season 23 premieres and Azah Awasum is one of the 16 houseguests who will compete for the grand prize of $500,000. The show included houseguests from different backgrounds such as a flight attendant, a start-up founder, a kindergarten teacher, an attorney, and a forensic scientist.

She has been a fan of the show for a very long time. In her interview with Heavy, she noted that “I can’t stand showmances! I love duos. My favorite ‘Big Brother’ player (Jun) was part of a duo. Alison and Jun from BB4 dominated the house with loyalty only to each other! I hope to get a powerful partner in the house and sit with them in the final two.”

As for her strategy to win the show, Azah shared that, “Spot the power players early and annihilate or divide them one by one! Play for MYSELF, not the house. I’m hoping my amiable appearance will cause the guests to let their guards down with me. I want every houseguest to feel like they have me in their pocket. Finally, I make really good decisions as long as there is no romance involved. NO SHOWMANCES!”

Azah Awasum Boyfriend

Azah Awasum is quite private when it comes to exploring the details regarding her romantic life. She must’ve been in at least one relationship but she avoided making it public. There exist no details that hinted at her ever having a boyfriend.

Furthermore, we are yet to learn about her romantic involvement. So, we conclude that she was single up until July of 2021.

Her Age, Birthday

Azah Awasum turned 30 years old in 2020. She receives birthday wishes from her family and friend on 13 December. Moreover, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Azah Awasum Ethnicity

The reality star Azah Awasum and her family are of African-American ethnicity.

Azah Awasum was born to her father Tobias Awasum and her mother Jeannette N Awasum in Baltimore, the United States. Her father attended Sacred Heart College Mankon and graduated in 1980. Later on, Tobias studied Geotechnical Engineering at Howard University in Washington, D.C. He serves as the CEO of Zoe LLC.

As for her mother, Jeanette N Awasum was the former owner of a Home Health Care provider. She was sentenced to prison for 8 months for falsifying records involving a Federal Audit- Audit Involved Medicaid/Medicare Payments in July of 2013.

According to the report on the website of, a statement of offense, signed by the defendant as well as the government, in early June 2010, Awasum, the Chief Executive Officer and owner of Tri-State Home Health and Equipment Service were informed that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requested the physician-signed plans of care for 130 of its patients. These plans of care are what authorize providers like Tri-State to provide home healthcare services to Medicare and D.C. Medicaid beneficiaries.

Awasum knew that Tri-State lacked plans of care for 62 of these 130 patients. Tri-State received approximately $1,879,853 from Medicare and D.C. Medicaid for treating these 62 patients during the period for which plans of care were missing. Awasum directed her employees to fraudulently create plans of care for the services that these 62 patients received, making it appear as if the documents had been created before the services being provided.  In total, the employees created 81 plans of care for these 62 patients.

Awasum instructed one of her employees to take the 81 fabricated forms to a doctor whom Awasum knew never examined these patients.  Even though this doctor never examined these patients, he signed the plans of care in June 2010, making it appear as if he authorized these 62 patients to receive home healthcare services before the time that Tri-State provided these services. The employee, at Awasum’s directions, placed the fraudulent 81 plans of care in Tri State’s file so that the forms would be present when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services audited the services provided to these 62 patients.

Azah Awasum Height

Azah Awasum stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Moreover, her slim physique made her weigh 54 kilograms (119 lbs).

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Her Instagram, TikTok

Azah Awasum is on Instagram @azah_awasum with 184 followers as of July 2021. The platform only contains only one post. She could also be discovered on Twitter with @azah_wazah where she owned followers 114 followers.

Furthermore, she could also be discovered on Facebook and goes by the name Azäh Wazah where she was friends with 2.7k people. Likewise, she could also be discovered on TikTok under the name @wonderfulworldofaz she has 30 followers and she earned 26 likes.

Azah Awasum Job, Net Worth

As a founder of a cosmetic company and working for several companies, Azah Awasum was able to garner a total net worth of nearly $100 thousand by 2021.

Azah Awasum has the job of Director of Sales. However, the company she was associated with is yet to be shared. Back in 2016, she and her business partner Lauren Rosetta was recognized as one of the three finalists of My Side Hustle by the Guardian. They were the founder of Mambaz Beauty. Their company made environmentally friendly hair extensions and beauty products.

As Azah shared with The Guardian: “Mambaz Beauty enables me to pursue my passions of entrepreneurship, social change and empowering women.”

The contestants were striving to make the world a better place while juggling their full-time job. At the time, Azah was working in the guest service division of Remington Hospitality.

The other two finalists were Jolene Oldham from New Jersey and Michael Russo of East Islip, New York. Jolene was the art director of a small hobby tool and supply company, and also the creator of Pearlie Mae’s Beautiful Nonsense.

Whereas, Michael was a student at Molloy College and interned at the technology company Nomorobo. He was also the founder of Sticky Quotes, notepads with inspirational and funny messages.

Before Big Brothers, Azah had also appeared on the Price is Right in which was taped in December of 2015. The show aired in March of 2016.

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