Big Brother Season 23 returned on the CBS network with a 90-minute premiere special on July 7, 2021, with 16 new cast members.

Among them is Derek Xiao. He is competing for the grand prize of $500,000 and co-existing with the others (including ) inside Big Brother‘s isolated house.

Discover everything concerning him in this Derek Xiao’s Wiki.

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Derek Xiao On Big Brother

“Funny, logical, and thoughtful” Derek Xiao expected meeting interesting people from across the country once inside the drama-driven house. He shared, he was most excited about getting to know new people and make everyone laugh.

Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. They looked like they were having a great time in the house, while also playing the game extremely well. At the same time, he was just as hopeful of finding a good friendship as Dr. Will and Mike Boogie (his favorite Houseguest duos) or just another beautiful showmance.

At the same time, Derek was also down about not being able to see his friends and family for the whole summer.

That been said, he was otherwise very determined to take home the title with his strategy for winning the game that was:

“Build relationships with everyone in the house and slowly turn friendships into alliances. And then layer in unassailable logical reasoning to influence peoples’ decisions.”

Plus, he believed his life’s motto “If you laugh at yourself first then everyone is just laughing with you” would come in handy.

His Age, Birthday

Born under the sign of Pisces, Derek Xiao grew up celebrating his birthday every year on March 20th. Also, he reached the age of 24 in 2021.

Derek Xiao Family

Derek Xiao was born into Chinese roots to his Chinese parents. He grew up in his hometown of Baltimore City, in Maryland, in the United States. Currently (i.e. in 2021), he is based in New York City.

Derek is a family person. And this, one can tell after a glance over his social media sharing.

His parents are still together and for siblings, he has a sister who seemed happily married with a kid. Derek loved to dot on his only niece.

Also, he regularly hung out with his other relatives.

Other than that, he mentioned how his mom only cooked Chinese food growing up. So, he too started learning how to cook. And today, he loves cooking and trying new recipes.

Derek Xiao Height

Derek Xiao, who growing up fell into the typical Asian stereotypes of playing tennis and piano, stands above the height of 5’10” (1.78 meters).

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His Instagram, Facebook

Until July 5, 2021, Derek Xiao had 2277 followers on his Instagram @derekxiao_.

Meanwhile, Derek enjoyed 131 followers on his Twitter @derekxiao_.

Derek also had a regular Facebook presence with 1210 friends.

Derek Xiao Net Worth

Derek Xiao had above an estimated $1 million net worth before the world came to know of his Big Brother stint.

On his LinkedIn, Derek writes he is building Eatremy which is projected to “cooking videos into meal kits.” The company basically ships meal kits by food influencers across America. hip hop dance classes in New York.

Further, the site listed, he was a full-time employee of growth lead, at a company called Arctype from Dec 2020 until Mar 2021.

Before that, Derek did several other jobs; including that of a Software Engineer and Product Manager at Capital One, of Equity Analyst at Lemma Senbet Fund, and Summer Analyst at XLP Capital.

For his education, Derek studied Bachelor of Science with a dual degree in Finance and Computer Science at the University of Maryland from 2015 – 2019.

Derek Xiao Girlfriend

Derek Xiao listed his relationship status on Facebook as ‘single’ and ‘interested in women.’ However, he never really expressed if he has been dating anyone.

But once in 2013 and the other time in 2015, Derek updated the display picture on his Facebook with shots of him with two different ladies, who then appeared to be his girlfriend. Even his friends leaving comments in the pictures thought that way.

That been said, Derek, who is taking with him a journal, a laptop, and an iPod into the house, might just find himself a romance while inside the Big Brother house if he is not already in one.

Fun Facts about Derek

  • He was stung by a jellyfish in Thailand and then was later forced to eat the jellyfish.
  • When in New York, he took hip-hop dance classes.

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