While Life After Lockup, a reality television series, is widely popular for following the lives of released felons and their partners, there’s one pair in particular that outweighs other contestants’ stories in terms of how interesting and convoluted their love-story is.

On one hand, there is Angela Gail, who has extra feelings for incarcerated men. On the other hand, there is Angela’s boyfriend, Tony, who is a self-proclaimed sex-addict and has cheated on his girlfriend on several occasions.

This article, laid out in a wiki-style format, will follow the interesting love story between Angela and Tony. Along with that, we can find details on Angela’s age, early life, and net worth!

Angela Gail Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Mental health therapist, Angela Gail was born in 1972. Thus, her age as of this writing was 48. Angela has been celebrating her birthday on every 10th of March since she was born. Plus, her zodiac sign is Pisces.

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Angela Gail Wiki — Early Life, Family, Hometown

Angela Gail was raised by her parents in her hometown, Grenada, Mississipi. In her family, she has two sisters as her siblings. Their names are Donna Faye McRee and Lisa Stroup. Tina Mullins is her cousin whereas Autumn Jeffords is her family member.

Angela has maintained cordial relationships with all of their family members, especially her step-sister, Donna Faye McRee. A couple of times, Angela has mentioned Donna in her IG handle.

Height, Weight, Makeup

Angela Gail stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches and has a weight of around 63 kilograms.

Usually, whenever one would see Angela, she used to be without any makeup or styled hair. Nor she would be in any appealing dresses.

Surely, Angela prioritized comfort over fashion. But, lately, Angela decided to change things up and did a makeover. Maybe it was Angela’s way of keeping Tony away from all the hookers and strippers.

The new-look Angela’s got is refreshing to look. With popped-up eyes, better skin, and wavy hair, there’s no way people can take a look away from Angela and hopefully Tony finds it that way too.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook

Angela Gail is very active in social media. As of September 2020, she can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Most of her posts pertain to her family, relationship with Tony, and personal life. Her IG handle held 38.4 thousand followers [as of Sept 2020].

Angela Gail Job, Education, Net Worth

For education, Angela Gail went to Grenada High and was a Class of 1990 there. Next, she studied Liberal arts at Holmes Community College and graduated from there in 2003.

Furthermore, she studied social language and Spanish language at Delta State University. Angela got her M.Ed. degree in Counseling Education from Delta State University.

Completing her education, Angela Gail quickly entered into the job market. Her first job was at Headstart Teacher where she worked from March 2010 to November 2010. After a two-year break, she worked in the Grenada Cris Stabilization Unit of Life Help as a discharge coordinator.

After June 2013, Angela began to work as a mobile crisis response therapist at Life Help. Also, she became a part of Life After Lockup in January 2018.

Throughout the journey, Angela Gail for sure derived some fortune. As of 2020, her worth was estimated to be around $600 thousand.

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Are Angela Gail And Tony Still Together?

Life After Lockup stars Angela and Tony have been in an on and off relationship for a long time. But, after what happened this summer with Angela knowing Tony’s dirty secrets, the question is are they still together?

Angela had always been suspicious of Tony which is very natural since Tony is a sex-addict and has cheated on Angela multiple times. But, when Angela was digging up Tony’s phone last summer, what she saw, according to her, was horrific that what she had expected.

Angela found out that Tony was insincere with his hotel-clerk job; he offered free hotel rooms to varieties of women in exchange for sex. Angela was ready to end this relationship once and for all.


Angela and Tony together.

However, when Angela told him what she had found on his phone, Tony denied all the accusations. Frustrated, Angela told him to leave the house with his things, but since Tony was parole he had every right to live in the house. For some minutes, Tony denied Angela’s demands but when Angela was not having it, she sent him with all his belongings in trash bags.

After that, fans were genuinely invested in knowing what happened to their relationship.

In October 2019, Angela and Tony received their marriage license. Shortly after, they tied the knot in a wedding ceremony filmed by “Life After Lockup” cameras.

In a Sept 2020 episode of “Love After Lockup,” Tony and Angela shared they weren’t married. As such, they weren’t reportedly still together. Well-wishers, meanwhile, pleaded Angela to date Tommy instead. To those in the dark, Tommy is an older gentleman who popped up on the therapist’s IG.

Does Angela Gail Have A Son?

If we look up in her Facebook profile, we can see that Angela Gail has a son named Cody Festervand. But, it’s still not clear that if Cody was a child of Angela and Tony or Angela and some other guy we have not yet heard of. Or, it could be that Cody is adopted.

However, until Angela herself clears out the big question mark, nothing can be said for certain.

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