Popularly known by the name of Retta, Marietta Sangai Sirleaf, is a stand-up comedian and actress based on the United States.

Retta, who started her career through stand-up comedy back in 1996, only shot into popularity after she started making guest appearances on NBC‘s sitcom Parks and Recreation in 2009. Retta played the role of Donna Meagle in NBC‘s hit TV Show.

In the article below laid out in a wiki-style format, learn more about Marietta a.k.a. Retta’s life — from her net worth to her husband’s information and how she is related to Ginuwine.

Who Are Retta Parents & Siblings?

Born in 1970, Retta’s hometown is in New Jersey. She turned 50 years old on April 12, 2020. She is of American nationality and her descent is Liberian.

Retta was born to her parents, Deborah and George Sirleaf. Her parents immigrated to New Jersey from Liberia a year before Retta was born.

In her early days, Retta lived in a two-bedroom apartment with her parents and siblings. In the name of siblings, she has two younger brothers, George Junior and Michen.

While Retta went through school, her mom worked as an insurance adjuster whereas Retta’s father worked at the Revlon warehouse. However, when Retta got into Duke University as a pre-med, Retta’s dad was forced to take another job at Stern’s department store to support the family financially.

In case you didn’t know Retta’s aunt, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is the former president of Liberia.

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Is Retta Related To Ginuwine? 

Even though Retta’s Parks and Recreation character Donna Meagle might have always existed in the background, she is the protagonist of her own story.

Ever since Retta’s character, Donna Meagle mentioned that Ginuwine is her cousin and her Mercedez-Benz is named Michael Fassbender, Parks and Rec fans are genuinely interested in the truthfulness of it. No, not about her Mercedez-Benz’s name being Michael Fassbender but Ginuwine being Retta’s cousin.

In case you were living under the rock and you don’t know who Ginuwine, he is a big deal, at least in America. Ginuwine is a Rhythm And Blues artist who has multiple platinum-certified albums in his name.

To some fans dismay, no Ginuwine is not Retta’s cousin. Their last name is different which means they are not remotely related to one another.

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What Is Retta Net Worth?

Upon her graduation from Duke University, Retta worked as a chemist for a short time. While she did stand-up comedy at Charlie Goodnights Comedy Club in her spare time, she did not feel like it was turning to something big.

With that realization, she moved to Los Angeles and pursued her career in comedy. She started doing stand-up in 1998, however, it was not until 1998 she started making money from it.

In her career that spans more than twenty years, she did forth and back between her career as a stand-up comedian and an actor.

Retta has made TV appearances on Welcome to the Parker, The Soup, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Freddie, among others. She has also performed on Premium Blend, a show about up-and-coming comedians.

She got her big break after she started regularly appearing on NBC‘s hit sitcom, Park and Recreation, as Donna Meagle, in 2009. In 2018, Retta starred in the NBC‘s show, Good Girls, alongside Mae Whitman and Christina Hendricks.


Retta attended Film Independent Spirit Awards.

Aside from her job of comedian and actress, Retta also owns a Poshmark store. Through the handle @increttable, she sells items of brands like Prada and Gucci.

Whatever Retta has done, one thing for sure she earned tons of money in her multifaceted career. She is estimated to make a net worth of $2 million.

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Who Is Retta Husband?

Retta is pretty much secretive when it comes to her personal life. Neither on her socials nor any of her standup comedy sessions, she leaked any information about her personal life.

However, she did reveal that she dated a man from Georgia on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, which is a weekly news radio panel show. On the show, she also revealed that the name ‘Retta’ was given by him since Marietta sounded like ‘Retta’ from where he came.

But, wait that’s not the end of Retta’s personal life. Even though Retta is not married in real-life and has no one she could call husband, she does have an on-set husband, and that is everyone’s lovable Jerry, whose real name is Jim O’Heir.

Retta shared about their bonding on her new memoir, So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know. She believes the reason why they bonded so fast also had to with them joining the show very late.

Retta wrote, “He’d always get snacks for me and then we would sit and talk for hours waiting to shoot our scenes,” on their friendship.

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