When it was announced that Big Brother 22 would be an ‘All-Star Edition’ due to the corona situation all around the world, fans could not control their excitement over seeing their favorite contestants once again.

Now (as of Sept 2020) that the BB 22 was almost halfway to the end, Memphis Garrett, a previous BB 10 contestant, albeit with some hurdles in the journey, still had a huge odds of winning the game.

This article will explore the life of Robert “Memphis” Garrett — from his general info to net worth to dating information. Also, get to know about the relation of Memphis with his former wife, Ashley Zuppas and Christmas Abbot.

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Memphis Garrett Wiki

Restauranteur by profession, Memphis Garrett was born in 1982 which made his age as of June 2021 to be 38. Ever since he was born, Memphis has been celebrating his birthday every 6th of December. His zodiac has been revealed to be Sagittarius.

Memphis was born in one of the beautiful places in the US, which is his hometown in Collierville, Tennessee. He did not get much care from his dad as he was very young when he passed.

Memphis’s mother, Sally Harville, raised him during the tough times. While Sally worked as a waitress at a bar, Memphis used to sit there while she finished her work. That is where he first learned about bars which would later help him in his profession.

That is why Memphis has huge respect for his mom and once even made an IG appreciation post for her.

Memphis also has a sister as his sibling. He shares a cordial relationship with her. On April 17, 2017, Memphis Instagrammed a picture of the younger version of him and his sister with the caption that read, “Let’s throw it back with my big sis”.

Memphis Garrett’s mammoth height of 5 feet 11 inches could only be weighed by his success as a businessman. His weight is not available on the Internet yet.

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What Is Memphis Garrett Net Worth?

Memphis Garrett entered the job market at the early age of 12. He earned some money selling Fake Nike sport shoes as a teen.

For education, Memphis went to Florida State University. After graduating from there with an Associate degree in Business, Memphis joined a reputed company as a Mixologist.

As his position in the company began to rise, Memphis decided to leave the company and start his restaurant. As his business began to flourish, he kept adding a restaurant. Memphis Garrett owns 37 restaurants, the revenue from which mostly contributes to his whopping $4 million net worth.

Memphis joined Big Brother 10 while he was working as a mixologist. In the show, he made it to the Final 2 under the alliance called The Renegades. Even though he could not win the game, Memphis received the cash and a Chevrolet Camaro as a consolation prize.

However, not winning the game did not make Memphis as unhappy as someone would expect, since the winner, Dan Gheesling, who was from the same alliance, was like a brother to Memphis.

Though Memphis could not win BB10, Memphis began trying his best to win BB22. However, the road was not going to be easy especially after a lot of BB fans accusing him of calling David Alexander, a fellow houseguest, an N-word.

On Wednesday’s episode, viewers alleged that they heard Memphis say, “Dude, David’s a [N-word].” However, when the clip was cut and properly diagnosed by the producers’ team, there was no clear evidence of Memphis saying an N-word.

Despite Memphis being proved clean, some BB fans were still demanding to have Garrett removed from the house, accusing him of hate speech.

Since we all know how skillful Garrett is at playing this game, he will surely earn the hearts of viewers very soon and possibly the game too.

For fans who want to connect with him, Memphis is available on all big 3’s socials, that is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Ashley Zuppas: Who Is Memphis Garrett Wife? 

Memphis Garrett and his former wife Ashley Zuppas dated each other in 2012. To talk about Ashley, she works at Skin Laundry as an east coast regional manager.

While the story of how they came to meet each other is still unknown, it is known that it did not take much time for Memphis and Ashley to marry each other after they began dating.

Memphis and Ashley married the same year they began dating and that is 2012. In 2015, Memphis and Ashley had a son as their kid.

For some unknown reasons — to the public — Memphis and Ashley divorced. With the finalization of the divorce, Memphis and his son, River Waylon Garrett, relocated to Lauderdale, Florida.

Whenever the father-son duo gets a chance, they go cruising around the coast, and occasionally fishing too.

Since Ashley also lives in Miami, Florida which is close to Memphis’s residence, their son River occasionally visits his mom where they have a lot of fun, as can be seen in Ashley’s Instagram handle.

Is Memphis Garrett Dating Again?

After his divorce from Ashley Zuppas, Memphis Garrett did not take a lot of time to recover from it; he quickly began dating.

His first girlfriend after the divorce was Amanda Lynn. The pair dated for almost 3 years before ending their relationship in 2018.


Memphis together with his girlfriend, Dominique.

The year 2019 was pretty much a dry year for Memphis in terms of the relationship. However, on August 11, 2020, Memphis posted a picture of him with his new girlfriend, Dominique. Since then, Memphis and Dominque’s love further strengthened as the pair often go out to parties together. However, the romance seemingly ended before turning serious.

After Dominique, Memphis began dating Christmas Abbot who first starred in the 19th season of Big Brother. Taking to IG, he and his new girlfriend made their relationship official.

Confirming their romance in an interview with E! News, Memphis admitted he never thought Big Brother would help him find love.

According to Memphis, Christmas’s contagious smile, unapologetic laugh, and authenticity attracted him.

In June 2021, Memphis announced his engagement to Christmas. Instagramming from Little Palm Island Resort & Spa in Florida, he wrote— “She said yes!! I love this woman unconditionally and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. #final2forever”

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