The third season of NBC‘s immensely popular art-based reality competition show Making It premiered in June 2021. And one of the contestants competing for the title of “Master Maker” and a cash prize of $100 thousand was designer, director, and maker Adam Kingman. He would win the competition.

Whatever you need to know about the reality star is all here in this Adam Kingman wiki. Read about Adam and different people in his life like his girlfriend, his dad, and his mom.

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Adam Kingman On Making It

NBC’s own website introduced its show Making It in the following words, “In this six-episode competition, eight of the most talented makers from across the country will take on a variety of handmade projects with the hopes of impressing Poehler, Offerman, and our expert judges, Simon Doonan and Dayna Isom Johnson.”

To make it clear, Making It was hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, both of Parks and Recreation fame. And this season’s eight participants were Gary Herd, Jessie Lamworth, Maria Antoinette Loggins, Chelsea Andersson, Becca Barnet, Blake McFarland, Kaviya Ravi, and Adam Kingman.

As seen in the season finale, Adam defeated Melañio, Chelsea, and Kara. According to, Adam earned “praised for his excellent craftsmanship, his attention to detail, and of course his overall sense of originality.” The publication then added: “He had done well for a significant chunk of the competition and with that, we can’t be altogether shocked that he took home the final prize.”

Adam’s own website says that he “believe(s) in clever solutions with a sustainable footprint.” And also adds he has the “hard skills to make (almost) anything happen, and the leadership to build an energized team”. NBC’s introduction of him, on the other hand, says, “Adam makes everything from unique masks to balloon monsters, and loves creating things out of unlikely mediums.”

Adam Kingman Age

We do not have the exact date of birth and age of Adam Kingman. However, some of our sources report that Adam could have been born in 1992. And if that is true, as of June 2021, he was either 28 or 29 years of age.

We did not have any info about his birthday and thus we could not find out the zodiac sign that was assigned to Adam after his birth.

His Height

Adam Kingman is quite a tall guy and stood at a height of about 5 ft 10 inches. His other physical features include dark hair and brown eyes. He also had very handsome facial features.

Adam Kingman Dad, Mom

According to, Adam Kingman is the son of a former baseball player, one of the greats of the game, Dave Kingman. Between 1971, when he made his Major League Baseball debut, and 1987, when he retired from MLB, Adam’s dad played for many of the big teams of Major League Baseball like New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, etc. In his art, Adam pays tribute to his dad quite often.

There was no information about Adam’s mom. Apart from his mom and dad, Adam had two siblings in the family. Although, there is not much information about them either.

Adam grew up in Lake Tahoe, California. Lake Tahoe was not only his own hometown but his dad’s as well. In his hometown, Adam was a bit of a loner and spent most of his time outdoor exploring the surrounding. That was one of the things that drove his creativity and made him the artist that he is today.

His friends, who were amazed by his ability to make a game out of any situation, called him a “fun finder”. Since his early childhood, Adam is a huge Disney lover. And his childhood dream is to become an Imagineer for Disney.

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His Instagram, Facebook

Adam Kingman had a decent following on Instagram, especially since the news of his appearance on Making It came out and the first episode of the show aired. But even before that, he was very active on Instagram. He had 893 posts (as of 28 June 2021) and 10.7k followers.

On a quite stark contrast, Adam only had 67 followers on his Twitter. He also had a Facebook profile but no Facebook page. And then there was his Youtube channel, where uploaded his artworks, tutorials on drawing, and travel videos. He had 762 subscribers.

Adam Kingman Net Worth

We have already established this, Adam Kingman is an artist. And yes, we know that is a very broad term but maybe his skill set will narrow it down for you, dear readers.

According to his website, Adam’s hard skills are Rhino 3D, Solidworks, Onshape, KeyShot, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Keynote. And his soft skills are User Research, Concept Development, 3D Prototyping, CMF Design, Wireframing, Storyboarding, User Personas, Data-Driven Design.

Adam started his artistry career with a Bachelor of Design degree in industrial design from the University of Washington. Before that, he had attended George Whittel High School in his hometown of Lake Tahoe.

After he graduated from college in 2014, Adam worked as a design intern for FiftyThree, Inc. in Seattle. Later on, he worked for two years as an industrial designer for MiiR in Seattle. He has designed water bottles and soft goods bags for the company.

After leaving MiiR in 2016, he worked for a year for KAMMOK in Austin, Texas for over a year. For three years between January 2017 and December 2019, he worked as a freelance industrial designer.  And since March 2020, he has been working as a frog designer at SF studio.

The average salary of an industrial designer in San Fransico was $80k. Adam must be earning a similar amount every year. And as of 2021, Adam Kingman was not more than $350 thousand. But now that he was participating in Making It, his net worth might increase rapidly in the future.

Adam Kingman Girlfriend, Wife

After observing his social media thoroughly, Adam Kingman seems to take a lot of pictures of different girls. However, none of the captions infer that any of the women were his girlfriends or wife. Most seems to be either models or artist friends. It was most likely that Adam Kingman was single at the moment.

There was also almost zero information about any of his former girlfriends. There was, however, one friend who was a girl. Brette Harrington. Adam and Brette were friends since they were as young as 4/5 years of age. And they have remained friends still to this date.

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