Ada Byler is known as the caring grandmother of Maureen Byler in TLC’s show Return to Amish. She provides shelter to the ex-Amish and is admired by fans of the show for her contribution. This Ada Byler Wiki brings readers details on her job, relationship status, and other info.

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Ada Byler Return To Amish

Besides working in the fair, Ada Byler gained prominence in the show as the grandmother of Maureen Byler. When Maureen abandoned her community, she and her friend Rosanna Miller came directly to her grandmOTHER, Ada. So, Ada also earned herself the title of reality star of TLC’s show, Return to Amish.

As the show revealed, Ada is a firecracker who is louder than the usual Amish. Plus, she enjoyed drinking beer sometimes.

Ada Byler Age

Ada’s email address contains the number 1965 which could be her birth year. Based on that, she would be 55 or 56 depending on the month of her birth. But, the precise date of her birth remains obscure as of this writing.

Her Early Life, Family

Ada Marie Byler was born in an Amish community to her anonymous parents. She never explored further on the further details of her parents. But one thing for sure, she also lived her early life the way the regular Amish people do.

Growing up without present-day technologies life wasn’t much different in and outside the Amish society. Deliberately avoiding vehicles and electricity, following a particular set of dress codes, and women not getting a haircut were some of the set of rules of Old Order Amish which she probably followed.

But, later on, her enthusiasm to experience the English ways of life made her abandon her community where she had been living since her childhood. Many of Ada’s family members still reside in the community as of this writing.

Her Height

A lot has changed for Ada Byler ever since she left the community. From putting on a traditional Amish dress of female switching it to a T-shirt and jeans, her dressing style has changed. She reportedly stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters).

Furthermore, Ada weighed about 71 kilograms (156 lbs).

Ada Byler Net Worth

With the salary that she makes from the show and the income she earned from her thriving business, Ada Byler earned a sat on a total net worth of a little under $500 thousand.

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Ada Byler Job

Leaving the Amish community has completely turned around the life of Ada Byler. While in the community, she like any other woman wasn’t allowed to get a job. But no she is a self-employed lady with a thriving business.

At first, Ada was introduced in TLC’s show as an Amish woman who made and sold Amish Donuts at fairs. So, confectioner was her job to make a living.

Later on, Jeremiah and Carmela extended their hands for starting a partnership to start making donuts. She demanded that they should hire other ex-Amish to be the salesperson of their enterprises.

However, even after leaving the Amish community, Ada was hated for getting a job. So, instead of working for someone else, she decided to start her own cleaning business. Based on her statement, she made plenty of money from her business.

Apart from the job and her cleaning business, the ex-Amish has opened doors of her home for anyone who escaped the community to live life differently.

Is She On Instagram?

Talking about social media reach, Ada Byler is on Instagram. The profile earned her 226 followers where she only posted 38 times as of May 2021. She is on Facebook where she is friends with 639 people. In the same way, she also has 59 followers.

However, she couldn’t be discovered on Twitter.

Ada Byler Husband

Ada Byler was married and had at least one daughter, the mother of Maureen. However, no info was shared on what happened to her former husband. It is also not known whether he escaped with him from the community or did he stay back. But one thing for sure, she has already moved on.

After Ada’s daughter gave birth to Maureen, she made it her responsibility to take care of her. She raised her granddaughter with all the love and care in the world.


Ada and her fiance together in December of 2017 (Pic: Ada’s Instagram)

But what about Ada’s love life? It appears Ada Byler has found a new boyfriend who shared the same feeling towards her. They have been together for at least three and a half years as they first appeared together in December of 2017. On Facebook, she updated her status as in a relationship on 22 December 2019.

Moreover, the lucky man has already popped the big question and they are engaged. Her now-fiance has appeared on her social media a couple of times. Based on Ada’s Instagram, he has a job hauling coal to make a living.

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