Maureen Byler had a grandma in Florida which made it easier for her to take a break from the Amish lifestyle, most probably forever. She and her friend Rosanna Miller escaped the community to experience the ‘English’ community.

Before the show unfolds all the other details, scroll down this Mauren Byler wiki to learn more about the newest addition to the Return to Amish.

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Maureen Byler Return To Amish

Maureen Byler is one of the newest faces in the TLC’s show Return to Amish. She along with her friend dared to abandon the community they grew up in to experience new life in the ‘English’ world. So, they moved from Punxsutawney, Philadelphia to Florida where her grandma Ada Byler lived.

It was a new world, a new experience, and all of it is documented as a reality show.

Maureen Byler Age, Birthday

Maureen Byler appears very young. She remains tight-lipped her age and not even TLC shared information on her birthday, there is no precise information on her age.

However, Maureen appears to be in her teens. But since her friend Rosanna is 18 years old, she has to be around the same age.

Maureen Byler Mom, Dad, Siblings

Maureen Byler hailed from Punxsutawney, Philadelphia, the United States. She was born to her mom and dad who are members of the Amish community. Her parents were devoted and lived by the regulations of the community like many people in their age group.

Ever since Maureen left her parents in the community to experience the English way of life, she wondered about her parents’ take on her action. Other than that, no further information related to her parents surfaced as of this writing.

Any possible siblings Maureen has, it is highly likely she left them all back in the community.

Is She On Instagram And Facebook?

Well, as of April 2021, Maureen was on both Instagram and Facebook. While she kept her FB profile private, she had more than 550 followers on IG.

Her Height, Weight, Teeth

Starting with body weight, Maureen is a few pounds more in comparison to her friend Rosanna. She weighed about 68 kilograms (149 lbs) owing to her chubby body type. One of the distinct features of Maureen is, she puts on glasses that her friend doesn’t.

As a typical Amish people prefer removing their teeth to avoid the cost of medical bills caused due to cavities along with other issues. We might expect her to remove hers and get the dentures as a replacement. But, removing teeth is an expensive procedure so she might not go through it in this season if she hasn’t already.

As for her height, Maureen Byler stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). She stands a couple of inches shorter than Rosanna Miller.

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Maureen Byler Job, Education

Maureen came from a community of hard-working Amish people. So, she definitely knows what it requires to survive in the community. As TLC’s teaser showed, Maureen Byler had a job as a teacher.

She introduced her school to the viewers of the show that looked like it was in the middle of nowhere. To be a teacher one has to be board certified and have certain academic qualifications. However, we are yet to learn where Maureen Byler was schooled as a kid and an adult.

And did she get the formal education with books and teachers or just an informal one, enough to make her literate? But we could tell one thing, Maureen wished for the changes in her life and clearly understood the Amish lifestyle wasn’t for everyone.

Maureen also shared that she would miss her students and they would be disappointed in her and think of her as a bad person. Talking about the job, she shared,

“I love being an Amish school teacher, and if I leave the Amish it’s going to be so sad – like, I can’t see [my students] again and I’m going to miss them so much.”

The feeling that she had that told her there was more to the world than that allowed her to break free from the community and its guidelines.

Besides Maureen’s teach job, she has one other thing to boast about in her resume, a TLC’s reality star. She made her debut in season 6 of the show.

Maureen Byler Dating, Engaged, Daniel Byler

One of the few things about being introduced to the new world was getting familiar with their culture. Maureen was learning the way of living life and that also included romantic involvements. As the trailer revealed, Maureen definitely found a boyfriend for herself, a boy named Daniel Byler.

Maureen shared about having a crush on whom she thinks was a handsome guy. But comments on YouTube told otherwise. As her beau also appeared on the teaser, his teeth turned people off and ridiculed Maureen that she found Daniel “handsome”.

The second clip showed the guy asking Maureen whether she slept with anyone. To which, she replied claiming that she was a virgin. The third shot showed them kissing each other but even the nature of their kiss earned criticism as most viewers found it to be disgusting.

However, TLC promised drama and clashes between the casts in the show, and Maureen seemed to be having trouble with her friend Rosanna. She even accused her of being jealous of her and her boyfriend Daniel.

On 24th July 2020, Maureen and Daniel got engaged. Almost a year on, the couple hadn’t announced the wedding date.

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