Shiney chains, cash giveaways, a bunch of inspirational quotes, you name it! Uncle Gang Gang has it all. New to the 2020 TikTok world, he defined himself as “the richest man (in) the world.”

The “bling-bling” content creator rose to fame mostly through his giveaway videos at the end of 2020. He responded to his fans’ wishes and promised them things like AirPods, iPhones, and even Play Stations.

So, who is Uncle Gang Gang? Did he live the life he showcased? Learn all about him over this wiki.

Uncle Gang Gang Age

As of 2020, Uncle Gang Gang didn’t disclose his date of birth. However, we believe that was either in his late 30s or early 40s then.

Since his birthday was unknown, his zodiac could be established either.

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Uncle Gang Gang Real Name

Uncle Gang Gang rarely talked about himself. His real name and family remained a mystery to us

However, we do know that he comes from a patriotic family. He spent Christmas 2019, at his family home, decorated with the glowing worlds, “GOD BLESS AMERICA.” 

So, safe to conclude that he is of American nationality.

Also, we know that he actively raised awareness about autism. It could be that he or someone close to him suffered from autism as well. He posted multiple pictures on Instagram about “autism awareness”.

Even a part of his TikTok bio read, “I am an autistic adult.”

How Tall Is He?

Uncle Gang Gang stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 7 inches (170.18 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, he has an oval face and liked to keep his hair colored; green, purple, blue, or brown. He had no particular preference.

Also, you may notice his Teeth Grillz caps. It wasn’t permanent and he only wore them for some videos.

Is He On Instagram?

Yes, find Uncle Gang Gang over Instagram with 60.8K followers in 2020. His bio wrote,


As you might expect, he flaunted his “bling” and give away contents over Instagram. Also, he often posted the videos from his TikTok that garnered over 2.2M followers.

If you didn’t know, he also had a second unverified TikTok profile.

Find him over his self-titled Youtube channel with 23.3K subscribers. He uploaded the same contents as he did with his other social media accounts.

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Uncle Gang Gang Net Worth

The self-proclaimed “the richest man in the world”, he owned a business called “Moe Money”. According to him, his company was a “one-stop-shop for your perfect money shot production.” Also, he added that they specialized in everything related to money: props, goods, accessories, “and anything that has to do with $100 bills.”

Unfortunately, we couldn’t establish how much Uncle Gang Gang’s net worth was. But judging by his illustrated life, he certainly looked like a multi-millionaire.

And it seems like even the “richest man” wanted to earn a few side bucks. He sold his merch (mostly T-shirts) over “”. Each shirt was priced at around $25.

Information about his relationship wasn’t shared. So, we don’t know if his net worth was self-earned or a part of his spouse’s.

Is Uncle Gang Gang A Fraud?

If you have visited his comment section over TikTok and Instagram then u might have noticed around half of the users claiming, he was a fraud.

Many accused him of scamming fans and not delivering promises to send merchandise. However, we could also see the other half of the comments requesting money or gifts from the man.

Furthermore, he even had a lot of videos from people who claimed to have received the gifts.

So, it looks like the unconventional TikToker was swimming in muddy waters. For now, we can only wait for something big to unravel to shed light on who he really is.

But no matter if Uncle Gang Gang is a fraud or not, he certainly was kind enough to help the poor. Over Tiktok, we could see him giving stuff and money to the homeless, multiple times. And while doing so, he played the Goo Goo Dolls – “Iris” in the background every time.

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