Chrissy Teigen lately gained notoriety for her wittiness, innocence, and genuineness, and probably is the best person to follow on social media. The gorgeous model, Chrissy, has a lot to tell about her life which she does through her Twitter handle.

Chrissy’s sister Tina Teigen, although she does not use any social media, but has the same amount of story to tell and her life is as interesting as Chrissy’s.

Follow the article until the very end to get insights into Tina’s life — from her ethnicity to net worth to husband info.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Chrissy’s sister Tina Teigen was born in the year 1980; her age is exactly 39 as of April 2020. Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday every 15th of August.

Tina is older than her only step-sister by 5 years. Furthermore, her zodiac sign is Leo.

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Tina Teigen Wiki — Ethnicity, Parents

Tina Teigen’s father, Ron, has Norwegian roots. Until a few years ago, he worked as an electrician but it seems like his old age is inhibiting him from performing menial tasks. That is why he has switched his job to a vest designer.

On the other hand, Tina’s mother Vilailuck, also known as Pepper Thai, has Thai roots as she was born there and relocated, later, to the United States.

Even though Tina’s mother and father were still married, they didn’t live together for a long time. While Vilailuck resided with her daughter to take care of the grandkids, her husband, Ron, lived just a few minutes away.

That being said, Ron visited the family every day and took care of all the people just as Vilailuck. Finally, in November 2019, he filed the divorce papers.

It has also come out that Ron loved his children from the bottom of his heart. For instance, his love for Chrissy was demonstrated by the fact that he tattooed Chrissy’s portrait on his shoulder. Additionally, Ron is active on social media and shares beautiful moments with his family on social media.

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About Chrissy Teigen

If you didn’t know it by now, Chrissy Teigen — the super-model, author, and wife of singer/songwriter John Legend — is the step-sibling (from mother’s earlier relationship) of Tina.

Chrissy was born on November 30, 1985, and is 34 years old as of April 2020. Even though Chrissy initially intended to become a celebrity, when she was discovered by a photographer, she slowly and steadily entered into the glamour industry.

Additionally, Chrissy is associated with brands as prestigious as Gilette Venus, Olay, Nike, among many others. She also appeared in her husband John Legend’s music videos such as Stereo, Preach, to name a few.


Tina with her mother and sister.

What’s more, Chrissy also launched her clothing line and cook-book in the year 2017.

The whole family including John Legend starred on Celebrity Family Feud however none of them have posted anything about it on their social media.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Physical Features

You may have learned it by now, Tina Teigen is not the type of woman who likes flaunting her physical features on her social media. By that, one can presume her height and weight is not available on the Internet.

However, one can make a guess based on her sister Chrissy’s height. Given that Chrissy’s height is 5 feet 9 inches, it looks like Tina is shorter than her sister by only 3 inches.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter

As said earlier, Tina Teigen strictly avoided any platforms of social media — be it IG or Twitter — until April 2020. Who knows she might get into this Internet world very soon.

Tina Teigen Job, Net Worth

Everybody knows Tina Teigen is an excellent cook which is the talent everyone in her family possesses. But, people still don’t know what job she is involved with professionally.

Given that the nature of Tina’s job evades the Internet, Tina’s net worth is not known. However, her sister Chrissy’s net worth is estimated to be around $13.5 million.

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Tina Teigen Ex Husband, Married, Kids

Tina Teigen’s marriage story would have never come out in public if it was not for Chrissy’s social media overwhelming presence.

More on the topic: Tina was married to motivational speaker Corey Speaks back in 2014. The husband-wife duo even produced a kid together whose name is Pasha. However, the couple has remained divorced for a long time.

Tina and her ex husband, Corey co-parent Pasha and live very near to one another. Even if only for their only kid, they have managed to place their differences aside.

Tina Teigen Dating, Boyfriend

As of April 2020, there existed absolutely no information on who Tina Teigen was dating. Her absence from social media made it pretty hard to know who her boyfriend was, even if she was dating someone.

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