TikTok is home to many talented creators and some even earn their living out of it. Unfortunately, some people find a way to abuse anything they lay their hands on.  The Gemini @geminiofficial is one of those infamous TikToker who came into the spotlight with some disturbing news.

So, what was all the drama and allegations about Gemini? Keep reading to find out, as this wiki-style style article continues.

The Gemini [@GeminiOfficial] Drama, Exposed, Ruby

It all started back in mid-2020 as a TikTok user named Ruby @rubytheawesometurd accused The Gemini’s @geminiofficial of inappropriate behavior with underage girls.

At the time, Gemini was 20 years old while Ruby was 16. She claimed that Gemini reached out to her over Snapchat and asked her to Facetime him. Also, she added, even though Gemini knew she was 16, it didn’t stop him from flirting with her.

But since Ruby was a small TikToker battling against Gemini and thousands of his fans, her voice was left unheard. Moreover, she was accused of luring Gemini into flirting with her and trying to tarnish his reputation.

Finally, she had enough and deleted her TikTok account.

The controversy had almost died down until a numerous similar accusation popped up against Gemini displaying grooming behavior. TikTok user @stfulili came out publicly to share that Gemini repeatedly asked her to visit him while she was 15.

She shared, Gemini called him in a hotel and even offered to pay for the Uber. And yes, she accepted but didn’t want to go into details as of what happened in the hotel.

So, as of October 2020, people were convinced that Gemini was guilty and asked for his account @geminiofficial to be banned from TikTok.

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The Gemini [@GeminiOfficial] Apology

Later, Gemini dropped an apology stating— “I am sorry to (the victim) and her family, and to any other creators or people who have been affected by the situation. I never meant for any of this to happen. But I made it worse by not going about it in the correct way, and I ended up victimizing and manipulating my audience.”

He then added— “I’m gonna make a series of videos just explaining, owning up and taking accountability. I never forced this girl to do anything and I never manipulated her or built a relationship with her at all.”

The Gemini [@GeminiOfficial] Wiki: Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The Gemini @geminiofficial was born on Jun 29, 2000. That made him 20 years of age in 2020.

Corresponding to his birthday, Gemini is of Cancer zodiac.

Biography — Parents, Siblings, Real Name

Born to parents, Shannon and Paul Bryant Sr., The Gemini’s real name was reportedly Paul Bryant.

He hails from the US and is of American nationality. 

Growing up, Gemini was an athletic kid. He was a part of a rowing team and also loved playing soccer. As for his hobbies, he loved traveling.

The Gemini [@GeminiOfficial] Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Coming to his distinct features, Gemini has small ears and big lips. Also, he had craggy teeth and curly hair.

Apart from this, The Gemini @geminiofficial stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 8 inches (172.72 cm) and weights beyond 79 kg (174.16 lbs).

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok

Before 2020, The Gemini @geminiofficial flaunted 3.5M followers over TikTok. And this was after he lost over 100K followers within September that year. 

Also, many predicted that Gemini would soon disappear from the platform as he had set his account to private.

Furthermore, none of his social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter were found in October 2020.

Reportedly, he had 55.8K followers on Instagram before.

The Gemini [@GeminiOfficial] Job, Net Worth, Education

Talking about his job, The Gemini was economically accomplished with his fame over TikTok. He was popular for being a popular comedy sketch artist and indeed, he was talented.

Plus, he used his theater actor skills to make videos, participating in duet challenges. And when we talk about his acting skills, yes, Gemini is a trained actor whos educated himself in “theater and acting” at Northwestern State University in Louisiana.

As of 2020, The Gemini’s net worth was estimated to be under $200 thousand.

The Gemini [@GeminiOfficial] Girlfriend, Dating

The Gemini @geminiofficial wasn’t the type of guy who let his fans know anything about his dating life.

And given his allegations, it’s no wonder that he prioritized privacy.

Also, no names were reported as his girlfriend in 2020. Even if he had one, we are sure that she wouldn’t want to come out until the controversy subsided.

Any information on his dating life we will be sure to inform you.

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