Jordan Powell earned himself fame and recognition on the internet for his TikToks. His seductive contents made him famous among his female fans who wanted more of him. Which is why he decided to start posting on OnlyFans.

However, in November 2020, Jordan’s nudes were leaked on Twitter. After that, the searches for his nudes escalated after the news dropped. Scroll down, as details unfold on what exactly went down added with his short bio.

Jordan Powell [TikTok] Nudes Leaked

On 4 November, a Twitter account @alexaservantv2 shared the links to the nudes of TikTok star Jordan Powell. Those pictures were exclusive to Jordan’s OnlyFans. When Jordan found out about the leaks, disappointment, and confusion filled inside of him.

Following the leaks, the account that leaked the photos deactivated. But a few other accounts dedicated to sharing the nudes of internet personalities arose after the event.

The TikTok star went on Instagram to share the profile on his Instagram story.

Jordan went to his OnlyFans profile to warn about the leaks. He expressed that the leaks crossed the limit and privacy and also mentioned that sharing his intimate pictures without his consent meant elected as an illegal act.

On top of that, Jordan’s fans also hopped into to report whoever leaked his nudes. He shared his gratefulness towards his fans for their assistance to report the accounts through his Twitter.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

As of the time of this writing, Jordan Powell turned 19 years old. However, he omitted to mention further details on his birthday.

Because of the reason, information such as his precise date of birth and his zodiac sign remain anonymous.

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Jordan Powell [TikTok] Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Jordan Powell was born to his anonymous parents in the United States. He hailed from his hometown in Pennsylvania and shared almost no further details.

Moreover, Jordan preferred drawing a line between social media and his life. He stayed strictly professional on his social media platforms and shared almost nothing which invaded his privacy.

So, no further information on his family and his siblings surfaced in the public records.

Jordan Powell [TikTok] Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Whether anybody agrees or disagrees, Jordan Powell’s fame across social media accounts derived from his physical attributes. He elevated up to the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters) and stopped thereafter.

Whereas, Jordan Powell weighed 62 kilograms (136 lbs) at the time of penning this wiki-article. More on his distinct features, he is ripped, owns a strong jawline, inked tattoos on several parts of his body, pierced his nose and ears, making him stand out among the world full of TikTokers.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about Jordan’s social media reach, his Instagram account flaunted 120k followers at the time of this writing. Likewise, 6209 people followed him on his Twitter account.

However, Jordan seems uninterested when it comes to using Facebook. The platform had nothing related to him.

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Jordan Powell [TikTok] Net Worth, Endorsements

Jordan Powell started his journey to establish a career as a social media star with Instagram. However, his posts didn’t earn much attention as not many people knew him back then.

The number of TikTok users skyrocketed during the time of the pandemic, and that is when Jordan Powell decided to try his luck to create content on the platform. He posted his first TikTok In July of 2020.

Ever since then, Jordan went on to post 84 TikToks in total, as of this writing, which earned him 809.7k followers with 18.2 million likes on his videos. Not only that, but his thriving popularity also increased his followers on Instagram eventually.

But since Jordan is in the early stage of his fame on the internet. Which meant, he is far from attracting sponsorships and endorsements at the time. So, he decided to hop on OnlyFans to capitalize on his burgeoning fame.

And it all went out of hand when Jordan’s nudes from his OnlyFans started to leak on Twitter. But, it surely did wonders to increase the number of social media followers.

The scandal brought more followers to him and in a way, everybody ended up with what they wanted.

As for Jordan Powell’s net worth, he is estimated to worth a little below $100 thousand.

Jordan Powell [TikTok] Gay, Girlfriend, Dating

In October 2020, Jordan Powell posted a lip-syncs on Nelly Furtado and Timbaland’s song Promiscuous. In the video, the pair appeared very close to each other. Fans of Jordan didn’t hesitate to conclude that the mystery girl has to be his lover.

However, the nature of the relationship between the two based only on that TikTok was pretty unclear. He wrote the caption, she is on my team, which could also mean she was his friend.

However, the very next TikTok which he posted confirmed their relationship. Jordan and his alleged girlfriend kissed each other on TikTok. Some of his fans even proclaimed them a ‘power couple’ on TikTok.

Jordan Powell, the boy who often made TikTok with a darker undertone, smiled in both videos, and lots of his fans noticed that. However, the identity along with other details of Jordan’s girlfriend requires further unfolding to do.

Before that, some of Jordan’s followers believed him to be gay as he never made a single content with a girl. He never addressed his relationship with his social media.

But after the revelation, the gay assumption became void.

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