Thalia Tran Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Height, Parents

Thalia Tran

At the age where most of the kids are fooling around and having no care of the world, young actress Thalia Tran penned a deal with major TV network NBC. The goal-oriented actress is best known for her appearance in NBC’s The Council of Dads.

This wiki-style article brings you the details on the aspiring actress so delve in.

Thalia Tran Bio — Age, Birthday, Nationality

Thalia Tran hasn’t revealed her age yet. But little as she is, the rising actress is definitely in her teens.

What’s more, Thalia is very professional even while using her social media accounts. She never shares the personal stuff. So, it is hard to unearth details on her birthday.

But as for her nationality, Thalia is American.

Thalia Tran Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Thalia Tran has been in only a few interviews, and even in those she rarely shares details on her parents.

But what we’ve picked up is that her parents have played a huge role in her success. She was raised by them in savannah. Thalia inherits Asian-American ethnicity.

More on her roots, Thalia is an elder sibling to her little sister who is about 4 to 5 years old.

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Movies and TV Shows, Net Worth

Before Thalia Tran knew she was meant to be an entertainer, she was already preparing for it. Her parents had her enrolled for vocal lessons to start with. Later, she learned piano and guitar.

But only after her vocal mentor recommended her to take acting lessons, her parents decided to get her one. Thalia often cited Natalie Portman as her inspiration.

When she was 10, Thalia watched Leon: The Professional for the first time. Natalie, the young actress was just about her age when it was filmed. She was moved by her acting and performing skills and hopes to be like her one day.

As of March 2020, Thalia has been credited in several TV Shows and Movies. She played Linda in Tiny Feminists (2016), Sadie in Hotel Du Loone (2018), Raina in Little (2019), Suzi Harrison in Sydney to the Max (2020) and Charlotte Perry in Council of Dads (2020).

Talking about her net worth, Thalia is just in her budding phase of career. So we are yet to see how much she will be bagging as an actress in days to come.

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Social Media Presence: FB, Twitter, IG

Thalia Tram maintains her social media presence but it is all professional for her. She either promotes her TV shows or writes motivational captions to inspire her followers.

She was rarely seen getting personal with her social media handles. Which is why most of her details are obscure to discover.

Thalia’s Instagram account has 1454 followers whereas her Twitter account has 89. She is passive in her Facebook account though she has got one.

Height, Weight, Distinct Physical Features

Thalia Tran stands at a height of 4 feet 11 inches (1.49 meters). With a bodyweight of approximately 32 kilograms (70 lbs).

Getting more into her distinct physical features, she has a light complexion with a round face and chinky eyes. She dons a dark-black long hair with a bang.

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Thalia Tran Dating,  Boyfriend

As of 2020, none of Thalia Tran’s social media pages hinted toward her maintaining a relationship.

The way she was focused on achieving her dreams, the young actress was most probably single by choice. Even if Thalia was dating someone, she probably didn’t like sharing details on her boyfriend prospect because of her private nature.

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