If you are a game show fan, especially a Jeopardy fan, and you have been following the news, you might know that Bill Whitaker has been announced as the new host of the show, at least for the next couple of weeks. In that vein, we have this article today about Bill’s wife Terry Whitaker.

Read along this Terry Whitaker wiki to know more about Terry and Bill and their relationship. Also, find out how Terry helped Bill to land the hosting job for Jeopardy.

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Terry Whitaker Age

According to our sources, Terry Whitaker was born on 14 July 1952 and thus we can say that she was 68 years of age as of May 2021.

Also, she celebrated her birthday every year on the 14th of July. And because of that, her zodiac sign was Cancer.

Terry Whitaker Maiden Name

Before getting married to Bill Whitaker, Terry’s name (i.e. her maiden name) was Terry Conley. She was born Teresita Conley. Terry is a very reserved person. And although she was married to one of the most renowned journalists in America, not much was known about her.

And that includes the fact that there was almost no information about her family before her marriage to Bill. We do, however, know a little about the places she had lived in the past. And even that is more due to Bill’s renown than her willingness to share.

Terry, with her husband and their kids, used to live in LA for over 20 years. In 2014, Bill got a job at 60 Minutes in CBS and they had to move to New York. Terry and Bill and the entire Whitaker family moved to Harlem and in a high-rise building overlooking Central Park.

Also, Bill used to be stationed in Japan. So, it was highly likely that Terry had also lived with her husband in Japan.

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What Are Terry Whitaker’s Political Beliefs?

We have a feeling that the fact that Terry is reserved is going to come up a lot in this article. And about her political beliefs too, we have to say Terry is rather reserved. Her husband is also quite wary when it comes to choosing one party over the other.

However, he was a journalist and was in front of the camera a lot. And for such a person, it is hard to mask their political beliefs. Throughout the years, we have found that Bill leans towards the left when it comes to his political inclination.

He fully supports the Black Lives Matter campaign and recognizes the need for reform regarding racial bias in the country. However, to keep his journalistic integrity, he usually refuses to support any one party over the other.

And we have a strong inclination to assume that Terry also shares Bill’s political views.

Her Height

Terry Whitaker stands at a height of 5 ft 4 inches, which was average for adult African American women. Furthermore, Terry has dark hair and brown eyes.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Here, once again we resort back to our old proclamation, Terry was a very reserved woman. And we could not find her on any of the social media platforms.

Her husband, Bill Whitaker, was present on social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook, but for a journalist of his stature, he did not have that big of a following. On Twitter, Bill had 8.2k followers. While on his Facebook page, he had only 1.1k followers.

Terry Whitaker Job

While we do not know everything about Terry’s job, there were some reports that she was involved in The Africans outreach program in Atlanta. However, that was a long time age. Since then, we do not know what Terry is doing for her job.

Now, let us talk a little about her net worth. Together with her husband, Terry had a massive net worth of over $10 million. Furthermore, they owned a high-rise apartment in Harlem, New York, which was valued at about $4.13 million.

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Terry And Bill Whitaker: Wedding, Kids

Terry Whitaker has been married to her husband Bill Whitaker for a very long time. Although we do not know exactly when the two of them got married, the first of their kids, a son named William Whitaker was born in 1987.

So, it was likely that Terry and Bill had married a few years before 1987, probably in the early/mid-80s. Their second kid, a daughter called Lesley Whittaker was born in 1990.

Let us talk a little about Bill. Bill was a famous American journalist, who started his career in 1979 for KQED, a small public TV station in San Francisco. And in his over 40 years in journalism, he has risen to one of the most coveted positions in American journalism.

His famous programs were CBS’s 60 minutes, Evening News, The Early Show, Sunday Morning, etc. In 2021, Bill was announced as a temporary host of the popular Gameshow, Jeopardy.

His most recent foray into gameshow hosting was partly due to his wife Terry. Apparently, Jeopardy was Bill’s and Terry’s favorite show. She advised him to take the offer on hosting the show.

Jeopardy’s long-time host Alex Trebek had died in 2020 due to cancer and since then the show had gone with a bunch of part-time hosts. Former part-time hosts include Anderson Cooper, Aaron Rodgers, Katie Couric, etc.

Bill has also won several awards like the News and Documentary Emmy Award, an Excellence Award from the National Association of Black Journalist, Leonard Zeidenberg First Amendment Award, etc.


Terry Whitaker with her husband in a rare public appearance with her husband Bill Whitaker during the EIJ18 program (PC: RTDNA’s Twitter Page)

Terry and Bill rarely ever appear in public together.

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