Robert Smigel is a man of many talents. He worked as a writer, actor, producer, and creator of several comedy shows. Among all the others Let’s Be Real a show where there were political figures portrayed as a puppet to entertain the viewers. Now that the show returned once again in 2021, fans are searching for details on his wife and kids.

Scroll down this Michelle Saks Smigel Wiki to learn about Robert Smigel’s wife.

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Michelle Saks Smigel Age

As a 55-year-old, Michelle Saks Smigel completed half a century of her life and lived it joyfully in her own term. She is very excited to celebrate her 56th birthday that will fall on 6 July of 2021. Michelle Saks, as a Cancer zodiac, secured some qualities such as sensible and emotionally comfortable. (Tramadol)

Michelle Saks Smigel Hometown

Hailing from her hometown of Allendale, New Jersey, Michelle Saks shared almost no information regarding her parents. While she lived a high-profile life full of attention, yet she successfully remained low-key about private details about her family.

But thorough research revealed some of her family members included Howard N Saks, Naomi Saks, and Glynis J Ciccone. Off which, Howard N Saks is allegedly her father and Naomi is her mother.

Her Height

Michelle Saks, with a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters), stands a couple of inches shorter than her husband Robert Smigel who is 5’11”. She has dark brown curly hair and smiles the brightest when she is in her husband’s arm.

Obviously black is her color, but anything comfortable that she puts on that matches her 68 kilograms (149 lbs) body made her look beautiful.

Her Instagram

After extensive research, we can confirm that Michelle Saks Smigel is not on any of the social media. And even if she had one, she kept it away from the public eyes under probably under a different name.

And the list of socials includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Michelle Saks Smigel Job

Career-wise, Michelle Saks Smigel built a name for herself as a screenwriter and producer. Titey, a short movie that she wrote in 1998 was one of her earliest steps into the movie industry. Then, she went on to write another short movie named The Religetables.

In 2006, Michelle wrote Saturday Night Live: The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse. From 1997 to 2008, she was credited as a writer for almost 9 episodes of Saturday Night Live.

Furthermore, Michelle also received credit for producing Jack and Triumph Show (2015) and Night of Too Many Stars (2017).

Besides her work in the entertainment industry, Michelle Saks Smigel also worked alongside her husband for the cause of Autism, but more on that later.

Michelle Saks Smigel And Robert Smigel: Wedding, Kids

In an interview with Vice Michelle Saks’ husband Robert Smigel addressed their relationship and the time when they worked together. In the interview, he shared that he almost met his wife for the first time while working in SNL.

Michelle Saks Smigel and Robert Smigel shared their wedding vows in 1993. The married couple gave birth to three kids that included twins. What inspired Michelle and her husband Robert to work in Autism was because of their eldest son, Daniel Smigel who was born in 1998.

Dan was on the Autism spectrum. This inspired the comedy couples to support any initiatives related to the condition. The husband-wife duo worked on the board of NEXT for AUTISM, a non-profit organization.

They contributed a lot to create awareness in the people and did fundraisers and worked in telethon occasionally. Together, they raised over $24 million.

Talking about her husband, Rober Smigel is best known for his work in Saturday Night Live, The Dana Carvey Show, TV Funhouse, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, and many more. But, he initially went to college to pursue a career in dentistry.

But Robert Smigel is best known for his election special Let’s Be Real.

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