For all the Siesta Key fans, we have the big news: Garret Miller has found his “soul mate”. And she is going to a part of the new season of the show. Her name is Makenna Quesenberry.

Read about Garret Miller’s girlfriend in this Makenna Quesenberry wiki.

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Makenna Quesenberry Age, Birthday

An Instagram post in Garett Miller’s IG tells us that Makenna Quesenberry turned 21 years of age with the new year 2021. Elsewhere, we found that she was born on 31 December 1999.

Because of her birthday on the last day of the year, Makenna’s zodiac sign was Capricorn.

Makenna Quesenberry Family, Hometown

Makenna Quesenberry hails from her hometown of Cumberland, Maryland. She was born to her mother Kayen Quesenberry. Her mother was a registered nurse at Western Maryland Health System. We do not know the name of her father.

She also has an elder brother, Alexander Quesenberry, in the family. Alexander, also called Alex in the family, was 29 years of age (8 years older than Makenna) as of May 2021. He is married to a woman called Megan Quesenberry. Megan is also a nurse working in Greater Tampa Bay Area, Florida. Alex and his wife lived in Riverview, Florida.

Megan had kept her Instagram profile private but in her profile photo, she was standing with a baby. So, maybe Alex and Megan also have a child together. Makenna has a great relationship with his sister-in-law.

Growing up, Makenna went to Allegany High School in her hometown of Cumberland. During her high school days, Makenna was a part of her school’s soccer team. She also ran track and field.

Her Height, Measurements

According to our sources, Makenna Quesenberry measures at a tall height of 5 ft 6 inches. Also, her figure measurements were 34-23-35 inches.

Furthermore, Makenna possesses dark black hair which she wore long and light green eyes.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Until May 2021 Makenna Quesenberry was huge on social media, at least on the platforms she was present in. She was obviously present on Instagram, and she had 52.5k followers there. We did not seem to find her on Facebook or Twitter.

She was, however, present and massive on Tiktok. Makenna had 128.4k followers and 1.8M likes. She mostly posted videos with her boyfriend Garrett.

Makenna Quesenberry Job, Net Worth

Makenna Quesenberry was 21 years of age in 2021 and living in the world of social media. So, obviously, she did not have a job in the conventional sense of the word. If we have to put a name to her job, we would say entrepreneur.

In 2021, she also announced her own clothing line called MHUSE. The brand is not open yet and its website says coming soon. She was also working in an apparel line with her boyfriend Garrett Miller.

Makenna is also an Instagram model, who occasionally modeled for different clothing brands like Rene Atelier, Bikini Village, Opinion Clothing, etc.

As of 2021, Makenna had amassed a reported net worth of $250 thousand.

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Does Makenna Quesenberry Appear On Siesta Key?

Yes. Makenna Quesenberry will be one of the cast members of the new season of the Siesta Key. The fourth season of the show premiered on the 11th of May 2021, and Makenna was a part of that season.

Makenna’s current boyfriend Garrett Miller was one of the original cast members of the show and was still a part of the show. And it was her association with Garett that earned her a position in the show.

You can catch the new episodes of the show on MTV.

Makenna Quesenberry And Garrett Miller: Dating, How Did They Meet?

As we have already said many times, Makenna Quesenberry was dating Garrett Miller. They first met about 8 months before, in October 2020. The couple celebrated their six-month anniversary on the 5th of March 2021.

They first met in Tampa and Makenna ran up to Garrett and hugged him. We do not know the context of the hug but after that Makenna and Garrett started dating. For their first date, they went to Brio the very next day.

After that, they went on a couple of road trips, including one to Tennessee. As of May 2021, it had not even been a year but one could already see the relationship really becoming beautiful and intense. Garrett has gone on so far as to call Makenna his “soul mate”.


Makenna Quesenberry with her boyfriend circa April 2021 (PC: Garrett Miller)

After her first appearance on Siesta Key, some fans of the show had mentioned that Makenna resembled Cara Geswelli, a former girlfriend of Garrett. Garrett later clarified that she did not look like anybody else.

Some fans even went on to comment about her body, calling her “thicker”. Garrett, once again, came to her defense, telling the fans that no one had any right to comment on her body.

The couple frequently went on Instagram and Tiktok and did the Q&A sessions and revealed really intimate details about each other. On one such occasion, Makenna mentioned that she had had anxiety issues which had a few times caused communication issues between the two.

On another occasion, Garrett wanted to own a gym and Makenna wanted to own a Yoga Studio someday.

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