Hannah Gadsby is one of those figures in the modern comedy scene who is making comedy more than comedy. She is one act who singlehandedly rejuvenated the conversation about the very idea of comedy. And in 2021, she got married to Jenney Shamash.

People may like Hannah and they may think that she deconstructs comedy a lot and tells jokes less, but nobody can deny she is an important figure in modern comedy. And this article is in part an honor to her and in part an attempt to introduce her life outside of her act.

So, read along readers, and get to know a little more about Hannah Gadsby’s wife over this Jenny Shamash wiki.

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Jenney Shamash Age

We do not know the exact age of Jenny Shamash. However, our best estimate was that she is either in her late 20s or in her early-to-mid 30s. In any case, she is much younger than Hannah Gadsby, who is already 43 years of age.

Jenney Shamash Family

Again, we do not know anything about her family at all. It was likely that she was born in Australia. Because Hannah is Australian and Jenney Shamash and Hannah had worked together in Adelaide, Australia.

Her Height

Jenny Shamash should stand at a height of 5 ft 4 inches. Compared to Hannah’s height, which is 5 ft 8 inches, she is slightly shorter. Furthermore, she has black hair and brown eyes. Also, she usually wears wide glasses.

Her Instagram

After long research, we have to say that Jenna does not seem to present on social media platforms. We could not find her on Instagram, nor Facebook, or Twitter.

She was, however, featured once on Hannah’s Instagram. It was on 29 April 2021, and it was to announce their marriage.

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Jenney Shamash Job

Jenny Shamash is a producer who worked for Hannah’s new Netflix comedy special called Hannah Gadsby: Douglas. Jenney and the entire production team won an Emmy award for the production.

According to our sources, the average salary of Netflix producers was about $128 thousand per year. Jenney looked like a new producer, just starting in the industry, (her IMDb had only one show). So, her salary might be a little less.

On the other hand, Hannah was such a juggernaut act that the producers of her show must be earning significantly. So, Jenney’s salary might be a bit more.

Anyway, Jenney’s estimated net worth, as of 2021, was around $500 thousand.

Jenney Shamash & Hannah Gadsby: Wedding, How Did They Meet?

On 29 April 2021, Hannah came to Instagram and posted a picture of her and Jenney eating ice cream. The caption to the photo introduced Jenney as a “producer extraordinaire”.

Hannah also mentioned in the caption that she and Jenney had married in January 2021. Hannah further went on to say that both she and her wife were happy. And she thanked everyone who voted for same-sex marriage. Australia legalized same-sex marriage in 2017.

Many fans of Hannah congratulated her and said that they were happy for her. There was another video, alongside the photo, in which Hannah was listening to a funny voice message, which must be from her wife, Jenney.

So far we know nothing of the wedding. Hannah had not shared any information about the wedding, whether the nuptials was a small, intimate affair or an extravagant show. As far as the question of where they met goes, it was most likely that they met during the production of Douglas.

For those of you who do not know Hannah Gadsby, she is a comedian like nobody else. That we already have mentioned. What we have not mentioned in her first Netflix special called Nanette (2017), which released with huge critical acclaim.

Some critics were taunting the special as groundbreaking. Other critics were talking about the death of comedy as it used to be, i.e. comedy for merely laughter’s sake. Some were even criticizing that her act was not really a comedy.

Either way, Hannah became a phenomenon like no other comedy act. Later, in 2020, the second of her Netflix special, Douglas was released. While in Nanette she explored her gender non-binariness and sexual violence she faced, Douglas was about her autism and ADHD.

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