Tayler Middleton was a potential Seeking Sister Wife for The Snowdens. The couple showed a spark that they might be the one for each other. So, fans were eager to learn where are they standing as a polygamous couple.

Scroll down this Tayler Middleton Bio to learn more about her and the relationship with TLC stars as we cover her job and her age.

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Tayler Middleton Age

Based on the 2nd February 2021 IG post of Tayler Middleton, she was born on 23 April 1990. She turned 31 years old in April of 2021. Per that information, Tayler secured Taurus as her zodiac sign.

Tayler Middleton Family

Tayler Monique Middleton was born to her anonymous parents in her hometown of Houston, Texas, the United States. She preferred to maintain secrecy regarding details on her family including her siblings.

However, Tayler wrote on a post in her IG that, her mother gave her the name Tayler. She also wrote a tweet regarding her mother on 16 March 2021. In the tweet, she wrote, “Smoking a J on the patio with my mom discussing my trauma and the shadows they birthed. And actually laughing through the pain. Now, this is healing!”

This tweet alone hinted at the close relationship between Tayler and her mother. On top of that, it also hinted that it was her mother who inspired her to become a spiritual healer.

Tayler is yet to unveil details on her upbringing in Houston. In conclusion, we know very little information about her parents.

Her Instagram

Talking about social media reach, Tayler Middleton is on Instagram with 8182 followers. She only posted 138 times as of this writing. Likewise, she is also on Twitter with 131 followers. She tweets on the platform regularly.

But, Tayler Middleton couldn’t be tracked on Facebook.

Her Height

Tayler is gifted with beauty to astonish people and there is no denying that. Plus, her height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) further accentuated her good looks. Moreover, she weighed about 55 kilograms (121 lbs).

On a different note, Tayler keeps a long braid of which she changes the color every once in a while. Plus, she flaunts her attractive measurements of 35-26-37 inches on her Instagram.

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Tayler Middleton Job

Tayler Middleton started on her journey as a healer in 2014. The first client she healed was herself. She had childhood trauma that she held inside for a very long time. The path helped her heal the wounds of past breakups, love lost, and generational womb & wealth curses that her mother, grandmothers, and ancestors are still ascending from.

As Tayler explained about her job, she helped women to unlock portals to realms where they have stored their magic and taught them to tap into their own Divinity.

The Houston-native is also a trained henna artist and movement coach. As a henna artist, she also runs an Instagram page that boasts 3775 followers. She shows off all of her art on the profile.

Tayler also runs seminars in a different part of her town where she teaches people about dance mediations, yoga, self-awakening, and awareness. She operates the session at several venues across California outside of it in the states and in also Mexico.

She also worked on an online course based on Shadow Healing that was set to launch in July of 2021.

Besides her regular job, Tayler starred in TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife where she was welcomed to join The Snowdens. The Snowdens were in the show since 2018 in the quest to find the one. She announced being on the show in April 2021.

While Tayler’s exact net worth is yet to be calculated, she allegedly has a total sum of $200 thousand.

Is Tayler Middleton Still With The Snowdens?

The Snowdens, Dimitri, and Ashley Snowden have been married for over a decade. Initially, they had the relationship arrangement with Vanessa Cobbs but it fell apart after she left the show after she participated in a commitment ceremony. She ended up leaving the show.

Then the married couple approached Tayler Middleton and Christeline Petersen. But, Christeline ended up getting a restraining order against the pair. As the show gave a glimpse, Tayler received a warm welcome from the Snowden family that include their two kids; Nenu and Nio.

Whereas, Christeline and Tayler ended up meeting each other on the 3 May episode of the show.

While the start of their relationship seemed perfect and dream-like, things might’ve not worked out properly for the trio. As Tayler’s social media hinted, she is currently residing in Mexico. Also, the social media posts that she made hinted at the end of her relationship with The Snowdens.

On 4 May 2021, Tayler got aggressive towards the show and called for the cancellation of the TLC show. She posted a picture of a trash can and wrote on the picture: “SICK OF FAKE NEWS, SICK OF THE LIES, I’M NOBODY’s ENABLER”. Then, she wrote in even bigger words: “THROW THE WHOLE SHOW AWAY with #SEEKINGSISTERWIFE over the trash can.”

Moreover, Tayler wrote in the caption, “🗣FOH! I said WTF I said! I know too much to be silenced!🤭🤫🤐 #bantheshow #pullthefamily #quitenabling #thisshitissick #seekingsisterwife #seekingsisterwives #CANCELseekingsisterwife #TLC”

So, it isn’t hard to draw the conclusion things didn’t work out between Tayler and the show.

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