As Seeking Sister Wife was premiering a new episode and Jarod and Vanessa, viewers believed, might’ve found a new partner to join them. A new cast named Emily appeared on the show who happens to be the married couple’s friend.

So who is Emily from Seeking Sister Wife? What is Emily’s job? We address it all on this Seeking Sister Wife Emily Bio.

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Seeking Sister Wife Emily Age

Among the group of three that includes Jarod and his wife Vanessa, and a new star Emily, Emily looks like she is the youngest in the group. But Emily is keeping all the potential information to herself as of this writing.

Keeping that in mind, Seeking Sister Wife Emily’s age group ranges between the mid and late ’20s. But the precise date of her birth and her zodiac is yet to be known.

Seeking Sister Wife Emily Last Name

Seeking Sister Wife Emily was introduced in the show as the friend of Jarod and his wife Vanessa Clark, last name adopted from her husband. Since both casts hailed from their hometown of North Carolina, she is also assumed to have belonged to the same place.

Vanessa said on the teaser—”it’s been a while since we’ve seen (each other).” The teaser of the show that aired on TLC showed, Emily doesn’t frequent each other very often. However, chances remain they’ve known each other for a long time.

Talking about her family, Emily is yet to divulge information on her parents and possible siblings.

Her Height: How Tall Is She?

Seeking Sister Wife Emily stands at a height almost the same as Jarod and maybe a few inches taller than Vanessa. Keeping that in mind, Emily should measure at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters).

Moreover, Emily weighed about 64 kilograms (141 lbs) based on her body size. Coming to her distinct features, she has got a nose and ear piercing. On top of that, she loves putting on jewelry around her neck.

Seeking Sister Wife Emily Instagram

Whether it was the contract that Emily signed with the TLC network or her disinterest in being on social media, either way, she is extremely hard to locate on social media platforms. She probably de-activated her social media account to avoid giving away all the spoilers.

Furthermore, Seeking Sister Wife Emily is a total mystery as of this writing.

Seeking Sister Wife Emily Job

One cannot live off of their parents as they enter adulthood. So it wouldn’t be an understatement to jump to a conclusion that Seeking Sister Wife Emily had at least one job to support herself. She probably attended college after graduating high school in her hometown.

But no concrete details on the nature of the business she is involved in have been shared as of this writing in May of 2021. But, we expect to learn on that front as the relationship progresses.

Besides her regular job, Seeking Sister Wife star Emily has a whole new career path that is associated with being in the entertainment industry and under the constant attention of strangers while enduring judgments she never met before online.

What we’re talking about here is being a reality star on TLC’s show. This looked like a whole new thing for her, but the way she presented herself in front of the camera naturally, she surprised a large number of people with that fact.

Based on the report of Business Insider, an average reality TV show cast makes an average of $1500 to $3000 per episode in their first season. This salary which she earns as a reality star directly goes to her burgeoning net worth.

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Who Is Her Ex?

“So, I know your living situation has changed now. You’re telling me you recently went through a breakup or something like that? Things Kind of didn’t… ” (Jarod Paused), “work out” added Emily in the pause. Jarod continued— “Go according to plan so to speak.”

This is how Jarod got Emily talking about her relationship. When Jarod forced himself into her personal matter and relationship with her ex, Emily showed interest to discuss her relationship.

The Jarod asked— “But, I mean, was that a bad thing for you?”

To which Emily accepted while replying it was a better decision to end things with her ex-partner. That was all that Emily shared about her relationship with her ex.

Is Seeking Sister Wife Emily Still With Vanessa & Jarod?

Then Jarod told Emily he went through the same thing with his queen Kaleh. Emily was surprised to know that he was maintaining a relationship outside of his marriage with his long-time wife Vanessa.

What became clear was Emily, even after watching his pictures on his social networking profile, was unaware that he and his wife practiced polygamy, polygyny to be more precise. Jarod shared how he could have multiple wives and his wife was ok with it.

A very new to the concept, Emily wished to know more about it. And this got Jarod to believe that she might be interested in joining the married duo, Jarod and his wife. He also discussed the selection process and how the relationship evolves with time.

But Emily agreed to it herself that she had an interest in giving it a try.

So, are Vanessa & Jarod still together with Emily? We’ll have to wait to see the end of their relationship.

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