Sherry Pollex is a name known differently to different people based on their field of interest. If you are a stock car racing enthusiast, then you might know her as the possible wife of the 2021 Goodyear 400 winner, Martin Truex Jr. 

Or, if you are into fashion, you might know her as the owner of the Lavender Boutique. Or, if you are an advocate for women’s health, you might know her as another fierce advocate for pediatric and ovarian cancer.

Curious about her personal life? Keep reading this Sherry Pollex Wikipedia to learn all about it. 

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Sherry Pollex Health Update

Sherry Pollex was 35 when she heard the words “ovarian cancer,” and it changed her life forever.

Just 5 days after her diagnosis, she underwent a seven-hour debulking surgery, followed by 17 months of chemotherapy. Gradually, Sherry lost her tastebuds, appetite, weight and, hair. She added, “I also lost my feelings of immortality. Cancer is the ultimate humbler.”

However, for all that she lost “physically”, Sherry gained quite a lot of it “emotionally”. She shared that “the gift of cancer” taught her to never take herself for granted or anyone else’s in her life. It taught her she could use her voice and the platforms to help other women battling this horrible disease.

Talking about her health update, as of 2021, Sherry was still fighting strongly against her ovarian cancer. Reportedly, she was undergoing treatment for a recurrence of ovarian cancer then.

The last time we saw her, she underwent successful surgery to remove the 3 visible tumors in Dec 2020.

Sherry Pollex Age

Sherry Pollex was born on May 10, 1979. That made her 42 years of age in 2021; two years older than Martin.

As per her birthday, Sherry is of the Taurus zodiac.

Her Family, Hometown

Sherry Pollex is the daughter of Gregory Pollex and Sharon Sue Pearson. Her father, Gregory is a Settlement Specialist/Shareholder at Ringler Associates since April 2006. Also, he has been a 14-year “team owner” of NASCAR. As for Sherry’s mom, Sharon was labeled “she is my everything” by her daughter. It seems that the two had a strong mother-daughter bond then.

Trivia: Gregory was 70 years of age in 2021.

Talking about her siblings, Sherry has a one-year-older sister named Jill Pollex who worked alongside her husband Jill Burgdoff at their essential oil company “DoTERRA”. Reportedly, Richmond was 5 years older than Jill.

Sherry’s maternal grandparents, Beatrice and Charles A. Smith have both passed away. Her grandfather, Charles a navy veteran of the Korean war while her grandmother Beatrice spent most of her life trying her luck at slots.

Fact: Sherry’s and her mother once “almost crashed” on their way to chemo in the pouring rain. She shared, “I really didn’t want to go to chemo that day but c’mon! Chemo beats car crashes (almost) every day!”

In 2021, Sherry resided in Mooresville, North Carolina, not too far from her hometown Brighton, Michigan.

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Sherry Pollex Height

Sherry Pollex stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and weighs around 57 kg (125 lbs) as of 2021.

Her Twitter, Instagram

As of May 2021, Sherry entertained 112.6K followers over Twitter, and 24K followers over her Instagram.

Also, find her over Facebook @SherryStrongOC  with 17.5K followers and over her private account @sherry.atlavendar.

Sherry Pollex Net Worth

Sherry Pollex garnered a net worth of under $1.5 million before 2021. Likewise, her boyfriend Martin Truex Jr’s net worth was a stunning $40 million then.

Some people fall apart when diagnosed with cancer, while other turn their life around. And Sherry certainly was the latter one. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Sherry shared that she “brushed aside the tears and started crafting a plan with doctors”. Also, she was willing to “do and try anything to beat this disease, or at least live a long fulfilling life with it.”

Thus, the FSU graduate opened her own women’s clothes shop called Lavender Boutique. Her company featured most of women’s clothing ranging from $29 to $79.

Also, she ran a foundation called Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, which focused on supporting children with pediatric cancer.

To honor her contribution, Sherry was even awarded the NMPA Pocono Spirit Award.

Martin Truex Jr. And Sherry Pollex: Married, Kids

Sherry Pollex called herself to be a “crazy stressed worry-wart” when Martin Truex Jr. came like a sun in her life. It was 2005 when the two started dating, and Sherry confesses that her life had never been better. She added,

“I was a woman with a mission: to make the most out of life, with him by my side.”

However, as of 2021, Sherry and Martin weren’t married. Moreover, they weren’t even engaged despite being in a relationship for over a decade. Or are they?

In Dec 2017, Sherry took it to her Twitter to write, 

“I love when people tell me how non- committed Martin and I are to each other because we’re not married! As if you would know.”

As for their kids, the duo had non before 2021. (Except for their cute dog named Martin).

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