Serena Pitt rose to fame as a participant of the 25th season of The Bachelor waiting to win over Matt James.

Despite being one of the youngest contenders of the season, Serena set a great impression with a good blend of innocence and maturity.

Moreover, there was a surprise among people with how disciplined the life she lived. This got everyone curious about who Serena was, her parents, her job, her education, and her overall background. To know all, read till the end!

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Serena Pitt was 22 when she came out as a contestant in The Bachelor. She has a late October birthday that supposedly makes her a Scorpio by zodiac.

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Serena Pitt Wiki — Parents, Sister, Hometown

Serena Pitt was born to parents Rasna and Bill Pitt. From what her Facebook bio says, her hometown is Markham, Ontario where she grew up alongside her sister, Talia Pitt.

Serena seems to be very attached to her family. And no doubt her parents were the major reasons behind the kind of relationship the family shares. They had been married for more than 25 years until 2020 and seemed totally in love with one another as well as their children.

And on the other hand, the Pitt sisters always appeared to be extremely close to each other. They attended the same university. Moreover, they had their Instagrams filled with pictures of their beautiful times spent with one another.

Serena Pitt Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Serena Pitt stood tall enough at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Her incredible distinct features stand perfect with the 53 kgs weight she has.

Serena endows an outgoing nature. She has a charming personality and her beautiful smile and hair add to the sparkle the lady bestows.

Thus, Serena’s distinct features do not make limits to her physical appearance but her overall presence as an individual.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Hundreds of people like and follow Serena on her Facebook but it has no comparison to the Instagram fan base she has.

Even her parents are active on Facebook while her mother is also on Instagram. Similarly, on Instagram, her sister, Talia Pitt had more than 1.5K flowers until early January 2021.

So, viewing her family’s presence on social media, it’s obvious that Serena is active on most of the major ones.

Serena had more than 127K people follow her on Instagram with only 69 posts. And she was new on Twitter as she joined only in December 2020 but was on the verge of making a big fandom there as well.

Serena Pitt Job, Net Worth, Education

As a student too, Serena Pitt was interactive and outspoken. She received many licenses and certifications, and also gained many experiences at a young age.

She was trained in swimming and is a licensed Swim Instructor, Lifesaving Instructor, and Emergency First Aid Instructor.

For her formal education, Serena went to Wilfrid Laurier University. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (Hons. BA) in Communication Studies and the Business Management Optional, from the University.

Later, for her postgraduate certificate in Sport and Event Marketing, Serena joined George Brown College.

Not only that, she has given life to her outgoing nature alongside her love for swimming with her job as a part-time Campus Ambassador at Wilfrid Laurier University. Also, Serena worked as a Swimming Instructor at  Superfine Aquatics and did an internship at LOCAL Life Magazine.

Similarly, at Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. the lady was employed as a part-time brand ambassador. Along with her job as a brand ambassador, Serena was an intern at Maclntyre Communications, when she participated in the reality show.

From all that the lady has been a part of, Serena Pitt garnered a net worth of more than $400 thousand.

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Serena Pitt Bachelor, Matt James, Final Four

Serena made it to the final four of the 25th season of The Bachelor that was filmed not in the Bachelor Mansion.

The season took place in a resort with social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And yes, Serena was one of the final four that was up for winning Matt James’ heart in the finals.

Serena was definitely the youngest among the final four but was no less in any sense. She was a different personality as a whole and is a package full of life.

Her ABC bio reflected a lot about her, and no doubt she has been one of the strongest contenders. It moreover showed how the Bachelor of the season Matt James would have a thousand reasons to choose her.

In Week 8 of Matt James Bachelor season, Serena quit the show. The decision arrived after the hometown dates. At the time, she was no longer in love with the contestant. Taking to Instagram, Serena insisted that her relationship with Matt was something special. By her admission, she left the show with a full heart.

Serena Pitt Ideal Boyfriend

In her The Bachelor bio, Serena Pitt reveals her ideal boyfriend. With a height of discipline, she has an innocence that would grab anyone’s attention towards her. She has a rare quality that the world nature might seek more in people.

So how would her ideal boyfriend be?

The believer of true love, Serena, brings up all the innocent sides to reflect her love as well as her distinct personality.

“If they don’t let me taste their food, I don’t know if the relationship could survive”

This statement celebrates the grounded side of the lady and especially she seeks happiness in little-big things.

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