The triple threat, Tessa Brooks is a dancer, actress, and model who has gathered over 3.49M subscribers on her self-titled Youtube channel, Tessa Brooks.

Past summer of 2020, Tessa uploaded a video where she surprised the fans with her 20 pounds weight loss and shared some of her “Tips and Secrets” with them.

But Tessa isn’t a doctor or nutritionist, she just wanted fans to know what worked for her. She believed that “every body-type is beautiful” and encouraged fans to “love yourself no matter what”.

Here is everything you need to know about her weight loss journey.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss: How Did She Lose 20 Pounds?

But before we move on to how Tessa lost her weight, let’s take a look at the factor responsible for her weight gain.

Tessa Brooks mentioned her body type since to be “muscley and tiny” she was little. She would quickly gain weight and that was frustrating for her because she loved to eat. Also, she was the kind of person to eat her feelings away and that was how she started gaining weight.

Unhappy with herself, Tessa then made the big decision to “be healthy”. But even a year into working out and eating healthy, Tessa wasn’t losing weight. She would lose like 5-10 pounds during her diet and again gain it back after eating outside.

So, she decided that it was time to strictly adhere to the rule. Tessa’s plan included a smoothie for breakfast, something green/light (salad, tacos) for lunch, and for dinner, she ate tacos or something light if she was outside.

As for the outside diet, she ate everything in moderation. She implored her fans to avoid eating chips, white/brown rice, sour cream, cheese, and corn if they wanted to lose weight,

Furthermore, her biggest challenge in the food restriction plan was “cutting off dairy”.

But it was all worth it. Tessa shared that she “didn’t get tired as fast, her brain worked better and had more energy” when she ate healthily.

Apart from eating habits, Tessa also worked out to shape her body. But she wasn’t the person who liked working out in the gym. Instead, she liked being outside; hiking, taking pilates class, dancing, and jogging.

Mostly, being a professional dancer as well, Tessa chose to dance because it made her “happy”. So, her secret was to choose what workout you enjoy the most.

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What Did Tessa Brooks Look Like Before Weight Loss?

Tessa Brooks wasn’t any less of an exquisiteness before she lost weight.

Here is a picture of her before and after she lost 20 pounds.


Tessa Brooks before and after weight loss (Source: Tessa’s Youtube)

Some may say that there was no need for her to make the weight loss a big deal. But it’s all a matter of self-confidence and how ease we feel in our bodies.

Tessa was stressed out for not losing weight. And being in the entertainment business; where looks matter the most, it’s understandable why she seemed so happy about it.

Moreover, Tessa wasn’t just flaunting off her body. She was also flaunting off the dedication and hard work she put into it. And in doing so, she was able to inspire many.

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How Does Tessa Brooks Maintain Her Weight Loss?

Cutting the food all your life isn’t an option. So, Tessa once again took it to Youtube to share more of her secrets on how she maintained her weight loss.

Starting off, Tessa talked about her diet and mentioned that she wasn’t as much as dairy-free as she was before. She was taking her vitamins every day and drinking celery juice (which she hated but liked the benefits) each day too.

Tessa even treated herself to bagels and cheese. But after she did, she would hit the gym like it was “nobody’s business”.

Surprisingly, the outdoor girl had a gym built in her apartment complex. She even uploaded her workout routine over her IGTV @tessabrooks.

Furthermore, Tessa rarely went for cryo. But the reason wasn’t cause she got lazy. Instead, she noticed that her “parts” were getting bigger as she had stopped cryo and she wanted to keep “those girls, fluffy”.

Also, Tessa believed that is was important to have “cheat days or sheep bells”. If someone was eating healthy all the time, they are bound to get sick of it. Thus, “cheat days”.

The last and most important thing was “water”. She insisted on how important was it to drink water to keep yourself healthy and lose weight as well.

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Her Current Height, Weight, Measurements

Tessa Brooks currently stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs around 56 kgs (123 lbs).

Also, Tessa claimed that her weight fluctuated a lot. But she was always able to maintain it around 54kg (120 lbs) to 57 (126 lbs).

Reportedly, her body measurements were 34-25-36 inches (86-63.5-91.5 cm) and dress size 8 (US) or 40 (EU).

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