We Are Lady Parts is a new acclaimed British TV show about an all-Muslim all-female punk rock band called Lady Parts. As interesting as it sounds the stellar cast led by Sarah Kameela Impey has the show even better.

In this article, we shall cover Sarah Kameela Impey, a low-key actress, and singer who emerged out of the relatively unknown and just won the hearts of all kinds of people who turned Channel 4 and watched her.

Get to know who she is, her age, her ethnicity, and also find out the juicy details of her relationship with her boyfriend over this Sarah Kameela Impey wiki!

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Sarah Kameela Impey Age, Birthday

According to an old report, Sarah had turned 30 years of age in 2018. And she celebrated her birthday every year on the 18th of March. That meant she was born on 18 March 1988 and as of May 2021, Sarah Kameela Impey was 33 years of age.

And because of her 18th of March birthday, her zodiac sign was Pisces.

Sarah Kameela Impey Ethnicity, Family

Sarah Kameela Impey was born in a mixed-ethnicity family. Her father comes from an English family who came from Bedfordshire where their ancestors farmed small trees or shoots called Impes. And her mother comes from an Indian immigrant family in Guyana, who migrated to Guyana to work in plantations from Andra Pradesh, India.

Her parents married in 1969 and they are still together even after over 50 years of marriage. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2019. Her mother has recently reached 70 years of age. Her father is probably a few years older. He had suffered a stroke in 2017 and that had strengthened their relationship even more.

Apart from her parents, Sarah had two elder brothers in the family. Before Sarah was born, her parents did back and forth between Guyana and Britain. However, just before her birth, they moved permanently to Ipswich and that was where she was born.

Her Height, Distinct Features

Sarah Kameela Impey stands at a height of 5 ft 2 inches and weighed about 52 kgs. Her other distinct features include slim build, dark black hair, brown eyes, and fair-brown complexion.

She also had a tattoo of an arrow on her left upper arm. Furthermore, Sarah was one of those people who was very conscious of what she put on her skin (cream, powder, or makeup items) and she preferred natural things over chemicals.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Sarah was not very big on social media. She was quite active and enjoyed decent fame thanks to her movies and TV shows but in her social media, there were not many followers.

For example, on Instagram, there were only 880 followers until May 2021. Similarly, on Twitter, she had only 505 followers. And we could not even find her on Facebook.

Sarah Kameela Impey Net Worth

As of 2021, Sarah Kameela Impey had a reported net worth of under $200 thousand.

Sarah started her career in acting by getting her BA degree in Acting from the Arts Educational School of Acting in 2010. She also did a training course for aerial circus and harness work.

Sarah has numerous skills that are an actor needs. She can do international accents like West Indian or Bangladeshi; North American accents like New York accent, Southern American accent; and a whole variety of British accents like Cockney, Northern English, RP, Somerset, etc.

Sarah also had singing, dancing as well as stage combat skills. She also played musical instruments like Glockenspiel and Djembe. In fact, she was also one of the six members of a soul indie band called A Blossom Fell, which was managed by Foof Records.

Sarah did quite a lot of theatre before entering the movies and TV shows. In her theatre debut, she played the character of a guy called Salim in the Arts Ed Studio production of The Frontline (2010). She also worked in The Fourth Monkey Theatre Company‘s production of A Clockwork Orange and Royal Shakespeare Company‘s production of The Tempest (2017).

She made her film debut with a 2011 student film called No Way Out. After that, she appeared in a few movie shorts, The Second Chance (2013), Samuell Benta’s Perceptions (2014). Her first feature film was Halcyon Heights (2016). However, her big break happened only recently in 2021 with a Channel 4 TV show called We Are Lady Parts.

We Are Lady Parts is about an all-Muslim all-female British punk rock band called Lady Parts. In the show, Sarah plays the role of frontwoman and guitarist of the band, Saira. Despite her musical experience, Sarah had to adjust her singing ability. She also had to learn the new instrument for her role. However, the fact that she and her character in the show had the same playlist helped her adapt.

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Sarah Kameela Impey Boyfriend, Husband, Okorie Chukwu

Sarah Kameela Impey’s current boyfriend is a fellow theatre actor Okorie Chukwu. Although there was not much information regarding Sarah and Okorie Chukwu’s relationship in the media, their social media was a great window to know the details.

The earliest pictures of Sarah and her boyfriend together appeared in February 2018. She had gone to watch Balck Panther with Okorie Chukwu and they clicked a photo while at the cinema.


Sarah Kameela Impey with her boyfriend Okorie Chukwu circa April 2021 (PC: Sarah’s IG)

Since then there have been numerous photos of the two of them together in Sarah’s IG. We could not find Okorie’s IG. We did find his Linkedin and IMDb profiles and researched who he was. Okorie Chukwu is a black English actor and producer.

He is most famous for producing a movie short Hood (2011), and a feature film Zoe and the Astronaut. Okorie is also a famous theatre actor. He had played Othello in Unicorn Theatre‘s production of Othello.

As far as we know, Sarah and Okorie had not married as of 2021. And if they were ever going to become husband and wife, it might be far in the future. For right now, both Sarah and her boyfriend were busy with their acting and producing careers.

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