Dear viewers you might be familiar with the drama in New Amsterdam. And in one of the June 2021 episodes, there was a new addition to drama, Mina, the niece of one of the protagonists Dr. Helen Sharpe. Mina is played by the ever-charming Nadia Affolter.

And in this Nadia Affolter wiki, we are going to go over the life and times of the young actress. We shall provide you, dear readers, with interesting wikis about Nadia like her ethnicity, age, height, etc, as well as information about her boyfriend.

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Nadia Affolter Age, Birthday

According to Film Feed, Nadia Affolter was born in the year 1998. And as of June 2021, she was 23 years of age. We do not know her exact birthday. And thus, we do not know her zodiac sign.

Nadia Affolter Ethnicity, Parents

In many of her Instagram posts, Nadia Affolter uses the tag #middleeasternactress. So, it was most likely that her ethnicity is middle eastern. And based on her last name, she might be a middle-eastern Christian.

Her parents were Friedrich Affolter and Roja Affolter. Her father worked for the UN. So when she was young, Nadia traveled a lot. She spent a major part of her childhood in Central Asia, Africa, and Europe. And because of her international childhood, she could speak three languages, English, German and Farsi. As of 2021, his father was working for UNICEF as an Education Peacebuilding Expert. He was based in New York, United States.

We do not know much about her mother except for her name.

Apart from her parents, Nadia most likely also had a sister called Zaynab Affolter, who was also a singer. Furthermore, Nadia also enjoyed her relationship with the on-screen siblings (in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan) Karim Zein, Arpy Ayvazian.

Her Height

Nadia Affolter stands at a height of 5 ft 6 inches, i.e. 1.67 meters. Also, she weighed 51 kgs. Her other distinct features include dark hair and brown eyes.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Nadia Affolter had a decent presence on social media platforms. On Instagram, she had over 7k followers as of June 2021. She was also present on Facebook but did not have her own page.

Nadia also had her own Tiktok profile, in which she posted her singing videos. She had 472 followers and over 2k likes on her Tiktok profile. She also had a Youtube channel with 362 subscribers.

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Nadia Affolter Net Worth

Reportedly, Nadia Affolter’s net worth surpassed $200 thousand already.

Nadia’s love for acting started at a very early age. Apparently, when she was young, she and her siblings performed small skits and musicals for her family members. When her family moved to New York to settle down, she joined Children’s Theatre Company with her siblings.

Nadia made her screen debut with a small role in the 2015 TV show The Blacklist. She joined Natasha Matallana‘s talent agency after that and a few years later, in 2018, she had found herself among the star-studded cast of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. In the same year, she also acted in a movie short called Bodega.

However, Nadia’s biggest acting break came with NBC’s medical drama New Amsterdam. Read all about her role in New Amsterdam in the next section.

Apart from acting, Nadia also loved music and singing. She was a very good guitar player and singer. She had her Tiktok and Youtube channel dedicated to her singing career. So far, she had sung covers of many songs like Hozier’s Cherry Wine, Elvis Presley Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, Love Is Not…, etc.

In her singing career, she had also performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. She was also featured in the September 2018 issue of NKD mag.

Nadia Affolter Plays Mina On New Amsterdam

The third season of New Amsterdam premiered on NBC on 2 March 2021. In the new season, a new character was introduced, Mina. Mina, who is played by our own Nadia Affolter, is the niece of Dr. Helen Sharpe, one of the protagonists of the show.

Nadia’s character on the show is a little ungrateful young woman. She did not have much rapport with Dr. Helen Sharpe, played by Freema Agyeman. However, with time they develop a kind of relationship.

Nadia Affolter Boyfriend

So far, we know nothing about Nadia Affolter’s boyfriend(s). Until June 2021, she had kept her relationship, if Nadia had any, away from her social media. And the celebrity press had not really grilled her for the boyfriends’ details as she was young but more importantly not too well known.

As the time goes on and Nadia’s character in New Amsterdam breathes some time and becomes more well known, or if she gets similar good and popular roles, we might start to know a little more about her romantic life and her boyfriend(s).

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