Rapper T.I. has this, lengthy-history of trouble with the law.

Lately (in late-Jan 2021), the rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur landed criticism after being accused of holding a gun to an entrepreneur’s head.

So, what is the assault allegations about? / How is this Glam University CEO Sabrina Peterson connected to the drama?

Find out everything as the story unfolds below.

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Sabrina Peterson And T.I. Drama Explained

It was actually Sabrina Peterson who accused T.I. of holding a gun to her head in front of her children. On Jan. 27, 2021, she took to Instagram to vent:

“The sad part about being a woman & BEING A BLACK WOMAN IS THIS! The public PRAISES OUR PREDATORS! [T.I.] you PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD IN FRONT OF CHILDREN & I NEVER CALLED THE POLICE ON YOU! But for years you have painted me as the VILLAIN!”

Her claims evidently came after T.I. publicly doomed Atlanta council member Felicia Moore “for her proposed noise ordinance, which would put restrictions on Atlanta recording studios.”

Sabrina, meanwhile, has been an active supporter of Felicia in the past. Weirdly, she is also the former friend of T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. However, Tiny spoke out in support of her husband rather than taking the side of her former friend. On Instagram, Tiny wrote,

“Hold up… So you want your abuser to train your sons? He was just uncle 2 years ago… Now when did you say my husband assaulted you? Did you change your mind or change it back? What’s up wit you today Pooh? I’m confused. Stop Harassing My Family. You strange. Everybody know you been special (face slicing seminar lady). Please Get help. But LEAVE US ALONE!!”

Although, at the time it was unsure what exactly happened between Sabrina and T.I., and Sabrina concluding the fight by writing “just the beginning” did not help either.

About Sabrina Peterson Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Sabrina Peterson turned 42 years of age on July 20, 2020, which makes her Cancer.

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Sabrina Peterson Wiki — Family, Indictment, Jail

Sabrina Peterson has not shared much about her family. So, the only story we could tell is, she has a brother with the name Jazze Phenzel Burgandy. She is very fond of him and to an Instagram post of him and her son, Sabrina had captioned, “My whole 💕in one picture!”.

Jazze, according to his Insta-bio, is a digital media producer.

Sabrina, originally from her hometown of Atlanta, faced 23 years of cannabis indictment. She is a former convicted felon who sometime in April 2013, reportedly turned herself into jail to serve a one year bid for “slicing and dicing a former friend.”

Then again, she admitted it was due to a cannabis indictment that she was sentenced to prison. She said, as a result, her then 8-months old baby was left parentless.


Sabrina Peterson with her son (PIC: Sabrina’s IG)

From what she said: her only son grew up in the cannabis industry. He grew his first plant at 7 years old, he knows how to negotiate with China for packaging and more. All in all, she believed that her son will be one of the most knowledgeable young men in the cannabis business in the next 10 years (since 2020).

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Sabrina Peterson stands to a height of 5′ 3″ and a lately reported weight of 64 kg. With 36-27-37 inches measurements, she appears much younger than her real age.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of Jan. 2021, Sabrina Peterson could be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter under the handle ‘Glam University’. She did quite well for herself with 231k and 18.4k followers respectively on Instagram and Twitter.

Sabrina Peterson Net Worth, Job, Career

Sabrina continued being the CEO at GlamUApps in Atlanta, Georgia. She started working there in Feb. 2015.

Before this, she was the founding CEO of the Glam Bar Salon. Based in Atlanta the salon had gained popularity by its downtown location and high-profile clientele. But in 2013, the place got closed in light of the ‘questionable’ business practices taking place there.

Featured on Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, Essence and Forbes, Sabrina collected little less than $500 thousand net worth in early-2021.

Besides, the Pretty High Co. owner, since like a long-time ago, started to legally conduct cannabis business.

Sabrina Peterson Husband, Boyfriend, Kids

On January 8, 2021, Sabrina came up with an Insta-post explaining her hardest yet honest attempt at being a good mom.

Sabrina said she could barely date because she was so worried about the type of role models she would allow in her kid’s life.

“Sometimes being a good mom means being lonely…Being mom sometimes slows down business”

Be that as it may, she says, having Honor, her 8-years-old son, is the best decision she ever made. She believes the young man is her responsibility from eight months to 80 years old.

All been said, as of early 2021, Sabrina Peterson was solely focused on raising her kid. She had never been married before and based on what she said, having a boyfriend was definitely not her priority.

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