A comedian by trade, Rich Wilson hit the limelight as the host of the “Insane In The Men Brain” podcast.

Also, Rich soared to international fame as the boyfriend of “Crazy Delicious” host Jayde Adams.

Read along and discover Rich’s wiki details including his age, former wife, and height. Furthermore, become familiar with his net worth, birthday, and kids!

Rich Wilson Wiki — Age, Parents, Siblings

In late-January 2020, Rich Wilson turned 47 years of age. What’s more, Rich grew up celebrating his birthday on 29th January.

Regarding zodiac sign, Rich appeared every bit Aquarius.

Per reports online, Rich was born in 1973 in the United Kingdom. As such, the beloved comedian took pride in his British nationality.

From what we could gather from his Instagram, Rich came from a family of five. Besides her parents, he had two siblings: a brother and a sister.

Talking height, Rich Wilson stood around 5 feet 7 inches tall. His weight, meanwhile, scaled under 82 kilograms.

Even in his late-40s, Rich sported thick hair. His admirers couldn’t help but label him a silver fox.

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Net Worth, Podcasts, Social Media Reach

Thanks to a neighbor, Rich Wilson became exposed to the art of standup comedy at a young age. Describing his experience hearing Eddie Murphy’s cassette “Delirious,” Rich said:

“It was the most mind blowing thing I’d ever heard. My young ears had never heard language like it.”

Rich, however, didn’t pursue a career in stand-up comedy until he began bartending at “Up The Creek”. While there, he befriended several comics who suggested he give comedy a try.

Looking back at his first stand-up gig, Rich once shared:

“I was booked to do five minutes and I managed about two and a half before I legged it. I’ve never known fear like it.”

Soon, Rich turned a regular act at comedy clubs like “Jongleurs,” “The Comedy Cafe,” and “The Big Night Out.”

Likewise, in the international arena, Rich performed in America, New Zealand, and Australia. Moreover, he entertained troops in the Middle East.

At the 2016 Perth International Comedy Festival, Rich earned a nod in the Best Show category.

With a special focus on men’s mental health, Rich launched the podcast “Insane In The Men Brain” in Feb 2019. He then developed a spin-off podcast titled “Insane In The Fem Brain.”

Unsurprisingly, Rich Wilson’s net worth escaped public records.

Getting into his social media presence, Rich seemed active on Twitter. As of late-June 2020, he had around 5 thousand followers. Similarly, around 3.8 people followed his IG handle.

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Rich Wilson Jayde Adams, Kids, Partner

Circa 2017, Rich Wilson started dating Jayde Adams — the “Before The Morning After” star.

Not only did Rich and Jayde loved one another, Rich and Jayde toured together. Chances are they bonded over their admiration for comedy.

Through the podcast “Insane In The Fem Brain,” Jayde taught Rich about powerful females.

Before meeting Jayde, Rich was already two kids with his partner. Furthermore, he kept the identity of his baby mama to himself.

Rich’s firstborn Keanu Wilson arrived in 1992. Per her IG profile, Keanu worked as a dancer. After Keanu, Rich welcomed another son and named him Bailey.

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