Kitty McIntyre is an aromatherapist most popular for being the wife to the successful comedian, Michael McIntyre.

While her husband, Michael may be a top tier celebrity, Kitty rarely made appearances with him. So, if are here wanting to learn more about this inconspicuous lady then you have come to the right place.

Divulge into the world of Kitty McIntyre thought this short wiki on her.

How Old Is Kitty McIntyre?

As of 2020, Kitty McIntyre was speculated to be of age anywhere between 39 to 43.

Also, this makes her younger than her husband, Michael who was 44 years of age in 2020.

Hailing from England, Kitty is of Brtish Nationality.

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Kitty McIntyre Family

Born in a family of 5, Kitty McIntyre has 2 older siblings, named Claudia and Sophie.

Her sister, Sophie Ward is a lesbian model and actress who was once featured on the cover of Vogue magazine. Interestingly, before she came out of the closet, Sophie was married to a man for eight years. Later, Sophie got remarried to a writer named Rena Brannan.

As for Kitty McIntyre’s parents, their names are Simon Ward and Alexandra Malcolm. Yes, the same late film actor “Simon Ward”.

Her paternal grandparents were Leonard Fox and Winifred Ward.

Also, Kitty was close to her nephews Joshua and Nathanial Hobson.

Before 2020, Kitty’s family lived in Hampstead.

More info on her sister, Sophie — as an actor, she is popular for her roles in Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), Book of Blood (2009), and Jane Eyre (2011).

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How Tall Is She?

Kitty McIntyre is a beautiful woman who stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167.64 cm). This makes her almost 2 inches shorter than Michael.

In Jan 2019, Kitty was spotted walking the London streets with Michael. She looked stunning than ever in her perfectly bleached hair.

Kitty McIntyre As A Young Woman

Judging from her appearance now, it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine how she looked, as a young woman.

Kitty McIntyre always liked to bleach her hair and maintain a classy look. Need we mention again, how beautiful she looked?

Also, Kitty was quite a frugal with her money. However, according to Micheal, she did enjoy spending now and then; on designer accessories and clothes.

Here’s a picture of her from The Brit Awards 2009 with Micheal.


Kitty McIntyre with her husband at Earls Court, TBA (Source: Getty Images)

Some say it might be her job as an aromatherapist that Kitty was able to maintain her good looks.

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Is She On Facebook And Instagram?

As of August 2020, Kitty McIntyre was neither on Facebook nor on Instagram.

Had she been on social media, it wouldn’t be any difficult for her to gather followers; knowing that her husband is a celebrity.

Kitty McIntyre Net Worth, Job

Talking about her job, Kitty McIntyre worked as an Aromatherapist.

Just in case you don’t know, an Aromatherapist is a trained professional in the use of plant extracts (essential oils). Usually, it is used to improve a patient’s health and sense of well-being.

Reportedly, an Aromatherapist earned £20 to £50 per hour in the UK.

And if they have enough clients, they may earn between £20K ($26K) and £35K ($46K) per annum.

Also, before becoming an Aromatherapist, Kitty tried to get into the film industry which unfortunately didn’t work.

Estimating her earnings and her entitlement to her husband, Micheal’s fortune of £62 million (around $80 million); Kitty McIntyre’s net worth rounds up to the amount around £27 million (around $35 million) in 2020.

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Michael And Kitty McIntyre Wedding

Kitty first was introduced to Micheal McIntyre by Michael’s sister. During the time Kitty was aspiring to be an actress and Michael just left the University (without graduating) to develop his entertainment career.

On Micheal’s autobiography titled Life and Laughing, he shared — due to his inexperience in relationships, Michael acted like a stalker and that made Kitty nervous.

Eventually, Kitty acknowledged Michael’s sincerity and fell in love with him.

The couple dated for 2 years before finally holding the wedding in 2013 before their families.

Kitty McIntyre and Michael’s wedding was held at Evelyn Waugh’s ancestral Somerset home.

The duo shares two kids named Oscar and Lucas.

Also, Michael shared that he often mimicked his wife and kids on his shows.

Kitty is Michael’s top supporter and encourager. She was always with him; from penniless dropout to an affluent comedian.

Trivia: Kitty and Michael shared a kiss on their first date.

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