Circa 2019, Alexandra Duisberg hit the limelight as the mistress of former Google executive Eric Schmidt.

Continue reading and discover Alexandra’s wiki details such as her job, height, and family. What’s more, find out her net worth, birthday, and age!

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Reportedly, Alexandra Duisberg turned 33 years of age in 2020. Also, at some point in 2019, she celebrated her 32nd birthday.

Furthermore, online outlets cited 1987 as Alexandra’s birth year. Unfortunately, she kept her zodiac hidden.

Alexandra Duisberg Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

According to, Alexandra Duisberg was born in Guatemala to parents who worked as US diplomats.

Growing up, Alexandra spent her time between 5 continents because of her mother and father’s jobs.

Moreover, Alexandra owned American nationality. At some time, she was of Jewish descent.

About her family: As of Summer 2020, Alexandra hadn’t opened if she had a sibling(s) or not.

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Alexandra Duisberg Height, Weight, Measurements

A talented figure-skater, Alexandra competed at the Olympics for her country. However, she hung up her boots after suffering a career-ending injury.

Even with the playing days behind her, Alexandra Duisberg seemed equally fit. Standing around 5 feet 6 inches, she weighed above 54 kilograms.

Moreover, Alexandra rocked a body with admirable measurements.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, FB

It appeared as though Alexandra Duisberg didn’t emphasize on her online presence. Thus, as of 2020, she opted not to be on all three social media platforms.

Alexandra Duisberg Job, Net Worth, Education

Inspired by her time in impoverished communities of South America, Alexandra Duisberg decided to study medical school at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2018, Alexandra started her residency at Stanford in the department of family medicine. There, her work focused on global health, integrative medicine, and emerging technologies.

By 2019, Alexandra had left her gig at Standford to focus on her global health work and philanthropic efforts.

Also, Alexandra served as the Social Impact expert at Portal Project. According to the organization’s official website, during his university days, Alexandra “coordinated their immigrant and refugee free clinic, led several international health initiatives, and conducted infectious disease research abroad.”

Moreover, Alexandra “served as Medical Director for StopThirst working with displaced Syrians seeking refuge.”

Alexandra eventually “launched Energize the Chain in Ghana, in partnership with the University to utilize technological innovation to increase vaccination and healthcare coverage in rural Africa.”

From her job as medical personnel, Alexandra took home a respectable income. Sadly, her net worth maintained a level of mystique.

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Alexandra Duisberg & Eric Schmidt: Dating, Engaged, Married

In 2017, Alexandra Duisberg came across Eric Schmidt at a party. Despite the 32 years age difference, the two hit it off.

Interestingly, age wasn’t even the most significant hindering the growth of their romance. When the couple first began dating, Eric was still married to Wendy — his wife of 39 years.

Gossip sites noted Eric wouldn’t divorce Wendy because it would cost him a ton load of money.

Circa 2019, engaged rumors flared after Eric gifted Alexandra a 10-carat pink sapphire ring. Later, the former Google exec clarified it was a friendship ring.

Nevertheless, Alexandra confined to her friends she wanted to start a family and even asked Eric to fertilize her eggs.

A month after Eric gifted Alexandra the ring, he broke things off. Shortly after, Alexandra started dating a man named Josh — a finance guy, a skilled archer, and a pianist.

Alexandra and Josh reportedly met on the exclusive, member-only app “The League.”

When the COVID-19 ran havoc in 2020, Alexandra and Josh began isolating together. Reports online hinted they were even planning to spend the Summer together.

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