In Nov 2020, the news about Rex Orange County’s split from his girlfriend Thea Morgan-Murrell dismayed a lot of fans.

A fanbase of millions, among which many followed Rex’s personal life closely, were surprised when Rex took it to his social media to share about his break up. While many were even unaware that the two were dating, everyone was curious about what had happened.

So, here we are shedding light on Rex Orange County and his girlfriend. And on the way, learn all there is to know about Rex’s private life.

How Old Is He?

Rex Orange County was 22 years of age in 2020.

Born on May 4, 1998, Rex is a Taurus and holds English nationality.

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Rex Orange County Parents, Siblings, Real Name

Born and raised in a village in the English county of Hampshire, Rex Orange County’s real name is Alex O’Connor.

His last name is O’Connor making his initials ‘OC’ and he had a teacher that would call him ‘The OC’. Thus, finding the name funny, Rex chose ‘OC’ to be ‘Orange County’, and “Rex” was just a random name he liked.

Talking about his family, Rex seemed to have supportive parents. In an interview, Rex talked about mental health issues, and how his “generation and people” who are of his age were becoming a lot more open and more honest about how they felt.

He added,

“Like our parents – and you hear your own parents all the time being like, ‘We didn’t – if you said that at our age when I was your age, the parents would say, You’re crazy! and they wouldn’t care’. And now it’s like, No, it’s just a name for it, and we just have a name for it.”

As for his sibling, Rex has a big sister named Alex.

Trivia: It was Rex’s sports photographer father who introduced him to legends like Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix.

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Rex Orange County Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Mentioning his distinct features, Rex has dark eyes and a stubby nose. Also, he liked to keep his beard and stache trimmed.

Apart from this, Rex Orange County stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180.34 cm) and weighs under 79 kg (174.16 lbs).

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of November 2020, Rex flaunted a stunning 1.5 million followers over Instagram @rexorangecounty and 558.7K followers over Twitter @rexorangecounty.

Over both of his social media, he had 0 following.

Find Rex over Facebook with over 369K followers @rexorangecounty.

Also, his Youtube channel “Rex Orange County” garnered 959K subscribers

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Rex Orange County Net Worth, Merch, Genre

Rex Orange County’s net worth was over $2 million in 2020.

He sold his merch at “” It featured t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and key chains; ranging from $30 to $65.

Talking about his genre, Rex’s music is “bedroom pop”, a mix of contemporary Jazz, R&B, and Electronic. In his words, “Blending elements of jazz, hip-hop, and soulful bedroom electronica.” Also, he doesn’t like to identify himself as a rapper.

Furthermore, Rex was encouraged “Tyler, The Creator” and scouted by BADBADNOTGOOD for a collaboration.

Rex was still in his teen years when he was first recognized in 2015 after dropping an album “Bcos u will never be free“. Then in 2017, he came out with Apricot Princess followed by “Pony”, gaining him further fans.

His early musical influences included artists like Queen, Stevie Wonder, Green Day, and Weezer.

A self-taught drummer, Rex began to sing and picked up a guitar as he joined the BRIT School. Furthermore, the enhanced his piano and production software skills during his time there.

As of 2020, there were no upcoming events associated with Rex Orange County.

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Is Rex Orange County Gay?

No, Rex Orange County isn’t gay.

Though he remained private about his past dating life, his romance with Thea explains his preference.

Rex Orange County Girlfriend, Dating, Thea

Rex Orange County and Thea Morgan-Murrell started dating in 2015.

Together for years as “best friends” and lovers, Rex and Thea reached their finish line in November 2020. Guess we won’t be seeing any more of Rex’s post about Thea; wishing her birthdays or just lovely captioned pics.

Also, it was through his Twitter profile and Instagram story, Rex let his fans know he was single again. He wrote, ”I am not in a relationship.” followed by another message “I’m a lone wolf.”

Meanwhile, Thea also took to her Instagram Stories to inform the fans about their split. She wrote, “This is true, I just didn’t think we’d tell you like this.”

Many fans were left heartbroken to hear about the breakup. One wrote,

“Rex Orange County….. him and his girlfriend broke up… I will be crying for the next 2 hrs”

Little info about Rex’s girlfriend, Thea:

Same age as Rex, Thea is also a musician blessed with a beautiful voice. Check out her debut single “Grandfather Clock” released in May 2018.

Rex and Thea both attended the BRIT school.

Thea was also the inspiration behind Rex’s album “Apricot Princess.”

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