What else would be better for an actor than to get their acting career launched through an award-winning TV show? Talented actress Erin Moriarty was really a blessed person to debut through an Emmy-nominated soap opera, One Life to Live (1968-2013), in 2010.

Erin is very popular for portraying the lead role of Annie January/Starlight in the Amazon Prime Video’s original show, The Boys.

In the article below laid out in a wiki-style format, learn more about Erin Moriarty — from her bio to net worth and information about her husband.

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Erin Moriarty Parents, Siblings

Erin Moriarty was born in New York City in 1994, thus her age as of this writing is 26. She celebrated her last birthday on the 24th of June.

Erin was rebellious as a child. In an interview with Popsugar, the actress shared the incident when she had run away to her friend’s house after her parents disagreed with her proposal of doing a sleepover with her friends in her house.

However, that being said, Erin Moriarty maintained a cordial relationship with her parents after the incident. Her father, Denis Moriarty, is a musician where her mom, Jamey Johnson, is a housewife.

A few times Erin mentioned how supportive her parents are in her IG handle. On June 18, 2017, she Instagrammed her photo with her dad along with the caption that read, “THE O.G., BOSS-ASS DAD. Everything I am is because of you. Love you to the 🌙 & back.

On March 15, 2019, she wished a happy birthday to her mother and captioned, “My best friend in this life also happens to be my mom (how lucky am I?) and today happens to be her BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday, MAMA.”

Erin Moriarty has a twin half-sister as siblings. Their names are Natalie and Sophia.

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How Tall Is She? 

Erin Moriarty stands fairly tall, for a woman, at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Furthermore, Erin has a weight of 51 kilograms.

A girl of slim built, Erin’s distinct features include her blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Erin Moriarty Net Worth — $2 Million

Erin Moriarty made a whopping net worth of $2 million through her acting career.

She had a passion for acting from a young age. At 11, Erin starred as Annie in a community theater of Annie Get Your Gun.

Graduating from high school, she did not want to spare any extra seconds of her life in formal education. That is why Erin immediately moved to Los Angeles to start her acting career.

Her first appearance on screen was on award-winning soap opera, One Life to Live, in 2010, where she played the role of Whitney Bennett. In 2012, she was cast in the sci-fi comedy movie, The Watch, alongside Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn.

In 2014, Erin appeared in a multiple-award-winning TV show True Detective Season 1 for a total of three episodes, playing the daughter of Woody Harrelson’s character Marty Hart. The following year, she got to play the recurring guest role in Netflix‘s hit TV show, Jessica Jones.

Erin signed up for the Amazon Prime Video’s superhero TV series, The Boys, in 2019. She played Annie January/ Starlight in two seasons of the show.

Some of Erin’s other movie/TV show credits include Captain Fantastic, The Miracle Season, Driven, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Red Widow, among others.

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Erin Moriarty Husband, Boyfriend, Married

Erin’s filmography might be crystal-clear but her personal life is the exact opposite.

Erin was really close to actor and dancer, Jacob Artist, around 2013. Both of them shared tons of pictures of each other on their social media handles. Result of which, rumors started that Erin Moriarty was in a relationship with her boyfriend Jacob Artist. However, neither Erin nor Jacob confirmed the rumor, and the rumor was dismissed at that time.

But the intimacy between Erin and Jacob didn’t stop there. The pair still occasionally hung out after that incident. Especially, when, Erin and Jacob were spotted hanging out in a photobooth at Soho House in May 2017, fans again started rumors that Jacob was definitely Erin’s boyfriend or husband.

However, the pair still has not responded to the rumor. In that case, one has to assume that Erin is single.


Erin hanging out with her rumored boyfriend, Jacob Artist.

The intimacy between Erin and Jacob could also have been the result of their deep friendship. That is why no one can say for certain that Erin is married.

But, it seemed like Erin was fully enjoying her single life circa 2020. Talking with Just Jared, she told,

“I would rather hang out with my dog, George, than most humans.”

She also claimed,

“Contrary to what you’d assume given my job, I’m a total introvert.”

Another bright side of Erin being single was that she had a lot of time to work on her career and her hobbies. In free time, Erin usually sat at home watching a true-crime documentary movie. She is a bookworm too. That meant she re-reads her favorite books like The Things They Carried and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in spare time.

Erin, who thinks of herself as an introvert, never stressed much for being single. Being single gave her the opportunity to hang out with her dog, George.

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