Lilly Bennett, who was featured in Season 1 of TLC’s Unexpected, was back again for the docuseries’ fourth season. A lot happened ever since. With a new baby and of course, the new baby daddy, in life, Lilly had so much to share with her audience.

In the writing below, find out everything, there is to, about this man with the name Lawrence Charles Bishop III, Lilly’s been head over heels with.

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Lawrence Charles Bishop III Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Reportedly born in 2001, Lawrence turned 19 years of age in 2020. On his last birthday, Lily shared a series of their pictures on Instagram and alongside wrote a lovely message, which read:

“Happy Birthday to my best friend💞 Thank you for showing me what love really is, i couldn’t possibly wish for a better boyfriend. i love you with all my heart, enjoy your day❤️❤️❤️”


Lilly Bennet wished him on his birthday (PIC: Lily’s IG)

Based on the day, Lawrence celebrates his birthday, i.e. the 4th of May, one can say his zodiac sign is Taurus.

Lawrence Charles Bishop III Wiki — Family, Hometown

Lawrence Charles Bishop III is from his hometown of Riverhead, New York, just as his beau Lilly.

At the time, very little was heard of his Lawrence’s family– that his father is named Lawrence Charles Bishop II. And grandfather is no longer living. Now and then, on his Instagram, he shared his childhood memories of his grandfather.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Lawrence Charles Bishop III stands to a height of 5′ 7″ and a lately reported weight of 165 lbs. His hair is black and short dreadlocked with temple fade. Also, it seemed he mostly styled his face with a rounded beard.

He is an athlete and fitness fanatic. The proof of it is the muscles strain visible against the fabric at his forearms, biceps, and chest, in almost every picture of his.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Lawrence had 60 posts and 18.5k followers on his Instagram (until late-December in 2020). Although only a few numbers, possibly his friends and family, subscribed to his profile on Facebook. Further, at the time, we could not spot him anywhere on Twitter.

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Lawrence Charles Bishop III Job, Education, Net Worth

Lawrence Charles Bishop III is a Riverhead Senior High School graduate. He finished school in the year 2019.

At the moment, it seemed, he was seeking a professional sports career.

Sometime in late-2017, for his win as a wrestler, he had prominently landed on the page of Riverhead News-Review. “Riverhead junior Lawrence Bishop won a 12-7 decision at 170 pounds in a dual meet against Mattituck”, read an excerpt from the news. A year from then, he was expected to do well in the county championships. And it is all we knew.

In the meantime, while the net worth he collected stayed a mystery, he also played football as the Riverhead High School team member. All the same, he was also receiving paycheques from TLC for his reality TV debut.

About His Appearance On Unexpected

As promised, the fourth season of Unexpected re-introduced Lilly, pregnant with her second child, and in love with her new boyfriend Lawrence, hoping to take the relationship with her new man to the next level.

Although Lawrence and Lilly already welcomed their young one in the real world, the same thing in the show was supposed to happen a bit later. While rumors also had it, the actual birth of the baby would not be featured on it because of the contractual clauses of non-disclosure.

Lawrence Charles Bishop III & Lilly Bennett: Dating, Son, Married

Both Lawrence Charles Bishop III and Lilly Bennett ticked their relationship status on Facebook as ‘Married’. But there was no proof of it on the social media pages. Maybe the future episodes of Unexpected will clear up all the concerning fan queries.

At the moment, Lilly announced her pregnancy on Instagram in May 2020, sharing a video of herself and Lawrence pulling a blue balloon out of a gift bag.

“Extremely excited to announce our son coming [in] November 2020!”

And right on time, the baby boy had arrived on November 21 and they named him Lawrence Charles Bishop IV.

At the end of November, Lilly had finally shared the snap of the baby, with big sister Aaliyah next to him in the bed.

Unexpected fans already know how Lilly gave birth to her first child, Aaliyah, with James Kennedy in the 2017 season of the series. At the time of this writing, it was unclear if Aliyah’s father James, Lilly’s former high school classmate, was still in the family picture.


Lilly Bennett captioned the picture (on December 25, 2020)–“Merry Christmas from our family to yours ❤️” (PIC: Lilly’s IG)

All we know is, Lilly and her baby daddy #2/husband started dating towards the end of 2018.

Lilly said they had decided to not share their relationship publicly, possibly before they were aware the Unexpected was happening.

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