Imagine losing someone you held close to your heart, and especially due to an unknown reason. Yes! Going through the same situation was Tom Sharkey who lost his wife, Alexis Sharkey in November 2020.

Initially, Alexis vanished without a trace on November 27. Her husband and mother reported to the police and even took it to their social media in search of her. Unfortunately, Alexis was found dead a day later, by a city worker, lying naked in the 1000 block of Red Haw, near the Katy Freeway and Eldridge Parkway.

In this time of tragedy, we offer our condolences to the friends and family of the departed soul. Meanwhile, we’ve also prepared a short bio on Alexis’s husband, Tom Sharkey. 

Tom Sharkey Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Tom Sharkey was 49 years of age in 2020. He was born on January 22, 1971. Corresponding to his birthday, Tom is of Aquarius zodiac.

Also, Tom is a lot older than Alexis. To be is precise, he is exactly 23 years older than her.

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Tom Sharkey Bio — Family, Hometown, Education

According to “”, Tom Sharkey’s family members and associates included  “Thomas Sharkey, Joann Sharkey, Nicole Sharkey Gonzalez, Cindy Sharkey, and Thomas Sharkey.”

Also, Tom was raised in his hometown Fort Myers, Florida. Later, he moved to Odessa, TX, Fort Myers, FL, and Lubbock, TX. Before 2020, he was living in 12020 Lucca St Apt 201, Fort Myers, FL 33966.

For his education, Tom wrote, “he studied at the School of Hard Knocks.”

Trivia: Tom Sharkey has a cousin named Robert Perillo.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Tom Sharkey stands tall at a height over 6 feet (182.88 cm) and weighs above 98 kg (216 lbs).

Mentioning his distinct features, Tom looked somewhat similar to the American actor/wrestler, Dave Bautista. Not just the facial structures but also their buffed body. It looked like Tom was a dedicated bodybuilder. Also, Tom has different symbols tattooed over his arms.

Tom Sharkey Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

As of December 2020, Tom was found on Facebook @Tom Sharkey. He often shared political views on Facebook. In 2020, he was a supporter of Trump and posted about COVID-19 possibly being a rumor. However, his Instagram and Twitter accounts weren’t shared.

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Job, Net Worth, Criminal Record

Tom Sharkey’s favorite quote was, 

“Be a good person and stay true to yourself! No matter what others think”

Though he may have some criminal records (as per “”), Tom was trying to live an honest life. On one of his Facebook replies, he mentioned that he “working hard and traveling a bit” and thinking about his next job to be a popsicle seller. He added,

“No stress and as long as I don’t eat all the profits I’ll be good.”

Thus, Tom Sharkey’s net worth could be established as of 2021.

Tom Sharkey & Alexis: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Tom and Alexis Sharkey were married for almost a year before the misfortune befell in Nov 2020.

Reportedly, the duo started dating before 2018 and got married in Dec 2019. Also, Tom took it to his Instagram to share pictures of their wedding with a few words of love. He shared,

“Never seen or felt such beauty! You are my world! You made life so incredible! Made sense of my existence! My purpose! And showed me how to truly love!”

After Alexis’s death, Tom filled his Facebook cover and profile pictures with memories of them and called his late wife “the most amazing woman.” Also, he uploaded a status criticizing the people who posted negative comments over the comments. A part of his status wrote, 

“if my wife would have seen this she would be disappointed in your actions! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! I have been assisting the deputies and making phone calls to find out what happened to my wife.“

According to Tanya Ricardo, one of Alexis’s best friends, Alexis was contemplating filing a divorce as well. So, it led some fans to have their doubts over Tom.

As per Alexis’s mother, Stacy Robinault, Alexis left her apartment on Nov 26 and was unreachable for the rest of the night. Also, it wasn’t clear what the reason was and she didn’t take her car with her either.

Speaking to, Tom shared that Alexis wasn’t always the happy person she portrayed on Instagram. Adding that their marriage was a happy one, he then revealed he was receiving death threats.

Tom and Alexis never shared a kid. However, Tom has a son named Wyatt Sharkey who worked as a hull maintenance technician at US Navy. He was born in  Fort Myers, Florida, and attended  Florida SouthWestern State College.

Alexis Sharkey Cause Of Death

A little info about Alexis Sharkey: She was an Instagram influencer with over 30K followers and worked as a hair and skincare consultant. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Alexis was a biology student in Pittsburgh and teachers remarried her as  “incredibly intelligent.”

In Jan 2021, authorities ruled Alexis’s death as a homicide. The late influencer’s killer reportedly strangled her to death.

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