We remember Ethan (Aiden) Ybarra as the youngest gonna-be father from season four of TLC‘s Unexpected. As the series dropped its new episodes on Dec. 20, 2020, viewers were introduced to three teenage pregnancies, just like the prior seasons. And among them were Ethan and Ybarra and his beautiful girlfriend Myrka Cantu.

So what’s been their life like since the show?

Find out below, in the wiki-writing about Ethan.

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Ethan Ybarra Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born sometime in 2006, Ethan turned 16 years of age in 2020. And while we were not sure about his birthday, he is at most two years younger than his baby mama. Just so you know, Myrka celebrated her 18th birthday on Jan. 4 in 2021 and so her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Ethan Ybarra Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Ethan’s mother Michelle Marroquin, age 38, and father Charlie Marroquin, age 37, have been featured on the TLC show.

His parents were shown very supportive about Ethan and his girlfriend Myrka’s unplanned pregnancy. To the extent that they took Myrka into their home after her mother kicked her out of Texas home following the news of the pregnancy.

The Ybarra folks even threw an extravagant gender reveal party and built a beautiful nursery for the baby on the way.

More about Ethan’s mother, Michelle: she is from her hometown of San Benito, Texas, currently (2021) living in Harlingen, Texas, which is possibly her son Ethan’s hometown, by the way. She educated herself at San Benito High School and the University of Texas-Pan American.

And while Michelle was helping the teenage parents through the pregnancy, she herself had not long ago experienced motherhood with her baby girl. She gave birth to Ethan’s probably only sibling on March 14, 2019.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Unlikely for his age, Ethan Ybarra in his built-like-a-brick shithouse stood almost 6′. At the time, his weight was reported over 82 kg. Clearly, the barrel-chested late-teener is an athlete.

He has light brown hair which is usually styled short.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Facebook, Twitter

Ethan Ybarra had nearly 9 thousand followers on his Instagram page (until Jan. 25, 2021). Further, we found him on Facebook, but with a few numbers of fan-following.

It seemed he and Myrka, now that they experienced being on TV, were also attempting to get popular on social media. Together, they had a YouTube channel called ‘EthanVSMyrka’ but had not posted anything on it as of the date.

Ethan Ybarra Education, Job, Unexpected

Circa Sept. 2017, Ethan Ybarra was an eighth-grader at Harlingen High School in Texas. He used to play for the school’s football team under the jersey ‘RAVEN 25’.

Years later, one could not tell if he continued his passion for football, in any way. In the meantime, his Facebook bio introduced him as the former model at Hollister Co. And just so you know, an Insta-post dated July 2016, was about him receiving a certificate of achievement for completion of summer military training camp from Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas.

Speaking of net worth, his overall reported wealth stood at less than $100k. Also, a reported run-through of what various TLC stars made estimated: Ethan was paid the likes of $1,000 or more an episode for playing one of the cast on Unexpected.

Ethan Ybarra & Myrka Cantu: Baby, Still Together?

Lately, on Jan. 25, 2021, Ethan Ybarra answered fans’ queries on his Instagram story. They asked him all kinds of stuff concerning his relationship with Myrka. He responded to most of them but let it be the ones about leaving his parents home.

Apparently, a few days prior, during Insta-live, Ethan and Myrka had revealed they were no longer leaving with Ethan’s parents. And when someone asked, “what are you supporting without parents?”, Ethan replied, “I work and we get income from the show”.

Nonetheless, the couple was still together and though they both marked the date “3/10/19” with a “💍” on their respective Insta-bio, Ethan said they were not engaged. Maybe because, of the contractual clauses of non-disclosure, and the event was to be shown in the show a bit later.


Ethan Ybarra and Myrka Cantu welcome baby girl in September 2020 (PIC: Ethan’s FB)

Anyway, they already welcomed a baby girl, into the family. And, so far they only shared once on social media on Sept. 8, 2020. Based on what Ethan spilled during his Q/A with the fans on 25 Jan 2021, the young one was only seven months.

Tune in to the rest of the episodes of Unexpected to know what Ethan and Myrka named their little bundle of joy.

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