In May 2021, news broke that Real Housewives of New York‘s Luann de Lesseps was dating a Mexican man named Radamez Rubio Gaytan. Radamez was revealed as the former NFL tryout for Miami’s football team Dolphins. So, the question arises obviously who is he? Where he is from? What does he do for a living?

Learn all about it on the Radamez Rubio Gaytan Wiki below.

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Radamez Rubio Gaytan Age

Luann de Lesseps has a new man in her life and we’ve so much to learn about him. Starting from his age, Radamez looks like he is in between his mid and late ’40s. But, we are yet to learn about his birthday and his age.

Radamez Rubio Gaytan Nationality

Radamez Rubio Gaytan hails from Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. So, there’s no question but to conclude that he is a Mexican national. Meanwhile, almost zero information on his family members has been revealed as of this writing.

The newly announced couple must be very excited to share further details, particularly related to Radamez. So, we expect to learn more about his parents and his siblings along with other details.

His Height

The very first thing we can tell is Radamez Rubio Gaytan is a very tall guy indeed. He should measure up to the height of 6 feet 1 inch ( lbs). Whereas, the handsome hunk should measure the bodyweight of 84 kilograms because of his tall physique.

In comparison to Luann, he seems to have a darker skin complexion. Plus, Rubio looked like he was hiding his dad-bod under the oversized T-shirt.

His Instagram, Facebook

Luann and her newly recognized beloved are probably wishing to leave the fans beating around the bush. The assumptions can be made because she hasn’t followed her new man on her social media platforms as of this writing on 26 May 2021.

Moreover, his identity doesn’t match with any of the people on social media who has the same name. Conclusively, Radamez couldn’t be discovered on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (lapeerhealth)

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Radamez Rubio Gaytan Net Worth

As reported by The Dolphins Make Me Cry, Radamez Rubio Gaytan was an NFL try-outs from Mexico City. He attempted to make it in the Dolphins as a kicker but couldn’t make it. He was an unsigned rookie free agent who completed his training to become a chef in 2008.

Radamez was trained for Mediterranean Fusion which centered around fish-based dishes. However, he was giving his NFL career one more shot before he hopped on the kitchen.

Besides football, Radamez also played soccer most of his life. However, during his year in college, NFL Europa scout spotted him. He attempted a few tryouts for the European League but wasn’t able to get himself signed.

But, a friend of coach Steve Goffman got him to the Dolphins training facility as they saw potential in him. According to People, he also played for Pittsburgh Steelers.

As for his love Luann, she is best recognized as the Real Housewives of New York. Along with the fortune that he boasts, his total net worth is yet to be evaluated. But, having the ability to land someone like Luann, he must have a net worth of a couple of million dollars.

Radamez Rubio Gaytan And Luann de Lesseps: Dating, How Did They Meet?

Starting with how did they meet, Radamez Rubio Gaytan and Luann De Lesseps met each other in Tulum, Mexico while the latter was on vacation. And based on what sources revealed to Page Six, Radamez was running the Tulum hotel where Luann stayed.

As a source revealed to PEOPLE— “She met him at the hotel she was staying at in Tulum, which he was managing, and he flew in last week to spend time with her in New York City, Sag Harbor, and Connecticut”


Radamez and Luann packing on the PDA in New York City (Pic Source: Splash)

But, Radamez flew all the way from Mexico to be with his love interest, Luann. The fling which she had in Mexico turned into something serious, based on how the relationship is moving forward.

As the source revealed to Page Six—”I think she fell madly in love with this one. He flew in from Mexico and he’s been taking her everywhere. I just spoke to her and she’s so happy.”

Before Radamez was identified, the couple were smooching from Manhattan to the Hamptons over the week. She had spoken about the relationship on the Chanel in the City podcast a week before.

When asked about wanting a new relationship, Luann shared about meeting a cute guy on her trip to Mexico. She further listed that she wanted someone with integrity, good manners, loyal, and younger.

Does Radamez Rubio Gaytan Have Ex-Wife And Kids?

First off. we aren’t sure if he was ever married, but he likely was. So, the fact that he is dating Luann, means he is either divorced or on the verge of getting one. Heck, he might even have a few kids with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

But, we’ll learn all of that in the days that come.

As for, Luann, she was married twice in her life. She was married to Count Alexandre de Lesseps in 1993 and got divorced in 2009. Following that, she remarried Tom D’Agostino in late December 2016 and the marriage ended in August of 2017.

Luann is the mother of two kids Victoria and Noel. Other relationships of hers include Garth Wakeford and Jacques Azoulay.

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