Iris Law, actor Jude Law’s daughter, shared a photo of her lying-in in their hotel room with her boyfriend during the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix. There was a rather healthy uproar among the fans and media. So, like diligent providers of consumers, we have brought to you an article about Iris’s boyfriend, Jyrrel Roberts.

So, who exactly is Jyrrell Roberts? Learn everything about him over this Jyrell Roberts wiki including information about his age, nationality, parents, job, as well as his relationship with Iris Law.

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Jyrrel Roberts Age, Birthday

Jyrrel Roberts was apparently 24 years of age as of 24 May 2021. That was everything we know about Jyrrel’s age and birthday. We do not know the day he was born. Thus, we also do not know his zodiac sign.

Jyrrel Roberts Nationality, Parents

Jyrrel Roberts was born to parents of mixed ethnicity in London. His father is reportedly white and his mother was black. Both of his parents have been featured a few times on his social media. Jyrrel’s grandmother (on his mother’s side) was also alive in 2020 and, according to Jyrrel, had hair that was “too fire”.

Jyrrel grew up in a mixed household, with both black and white family members in his hometown of London. Jyrrel’s nationality is British as he was born and raised in the United Kingdom.

His Height: How Tall Is He?

According to the database in site, Jyrrel Roberts stands at a height of 6 ft 3 inches. And he wore shoes of 10 UK size.

Because he comes to form a mixed background, Jyrrel has a fair complexion but not white skin. Also, he wore his hair in long dreadlocks and brown eyes.

Jyrrel also had tattoos all over his body, from his chest and arms to his stomach.

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His Instagram, Facebook

Jyrrel Robert had a pretty decent social media presence. He had a respectable following on Instagram, where he also had quite a several posts, and interesting too. He had 363 posts and 31.7k followers by May 2021. Jyrrel was present on Twitter too, but he had only 3 followers almost not Tweets.

Jyrrel was also present on Facebook but his friends’ list was hidden. So, we do not know how popular he is in there but he was quite active.

Jyrrel Roberts Net Worth, Job

Jyrrel Roberts’s job is that of an artist as well as a model. As a model, Jyrrel was part of Calvin Klein’s Fall 2019 Campaign and featured for Arena Homme+ magazine. When Stella McCartney Shared SS21 was released in 2021, both Jyrrel and Iris were a big part of the capsule. According to Stella McCartney‘s website, the two of them were exploring their “identity” with the capsule.

Jyrrel is also an artist and his artworks have appeared on his Instagram. His artwork is a combination of 21st-century iconography and really weird symbolic forms.

By 2021, Jyrrel was also on his way to becoming an entrepreneur. He is on the verge of launching his own website and selling merch from there.

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Jyrrel Roberts And Iris Law: Dating, Engaged Yet?

According to our sources, Jyrrel Roberts and Iris Law were dating (officially) since 2018. We do not exactly know when or where or how they met each other. Considering that they were both models and had had similar jobs, they must have met through their jobs.

In 2018, when it was revealed that Jyrrel and Iris were dating, it was also revealed that Iris’s family, i.e. Jude Law and his former wife Sadie Frost and her other siblings (five of them). For her family to like her boyfriend was really important to her.

Since 2018, the relationship between Jyrrel and Iris was going really well. They were spotted several times having a good time. For example, in 2020, they were spotted strolling through the streets of north London.

And in May 2021, Jyrrel and Iris posted cute photos of them having a good vacation in Monaco during the Monaco Grand Prix. There were photos of them having a lie-in in their hotel room, as well as enjoying a good time in a boat, and walking through the pier.


Jyrrel Roberts and his girlfriend Iris Law attending a private dinner during Monaco Grand Prix circa May 2021 (PC:

On several occasions, Jyrrel has, jokingly, addressed Iris as his wife. However, they were not really married, not yet. They were also not even engaged (at least there has been no news of that). For now, they seemed content with being a sweet young couple.

Before Jyrrel, Iris had dated another fellow model, Kevin Bueno. That was about four years ago and at that time both Iris and Kevin were working for fashion house Burberry.

Does Jyrrel Roberts Have A Son?

Before answering that question, we would like to give all the details to our readers. There was indeed a kid in the picture. And the kid had appeared a lot of times with Jyrrel, and a few times with Iris as well. Many fans had speculated whether the kid was Jyrrel’s son, or if he was Jyrrel and Iris’s son.

Well, it was highly unlikely that the kid was Iris’s son, for the kid had appeared a few times in Jyrrel’s Instagram even during the early days of his relationship with Iris. They could not have conceived so soon.

Now the question remains if the kid was Jyrrel’s son from his previous relationship. While it was possible, we think that the kid was not his son but his relative, a nephew or cousin or brother. In fact, there was a 2019 post in which he posted the kid’s photo with the caption “Son or brother?”

Jyrrel does like to tease his fans but we think the kid is his brother and he has a really good relationship with his young brother.

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