Paul Atkins’ partner John Whaite has hitherto been known as the former winner of The Great British Bake Off. However, with the new announcement about Strictly Come Dancing, he was going to be one-half of the first all-male partnership in the history of the show.

We will cover everything about Paul Atkins’s partner John Whaite and his trophy-winning stint at The Great British Bake Off and his upcoming stint at Strictly Come Dancing. But we will also cover everything you need to know about Paul Atkins’s partner including his age, job, height, etc. over this John Whaite wiki!

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Paul Atkins Age

From a little social media research, we found out that Paul Whaite celebrates his birthday every year on the 25th of March. And it was most likely that he was born before 1990, probably in the late 1980s. If so, as of today, i.e. 7 August 2021, Paul was probably no older than 34 years old.

Also, his zodiac sign was Aries.

His Family, Hometown

We do not know much about Paul Atkins’s family, except that his mother had an old manor house somewhere in the north of England. There was also a 2013 Twitter post from Paul that said “Had a lovely mothers day with @irenekav45 and the family xxx”. @irenekav45 must be his mother’s Twitter handle, but the handle was no longer active.

We knew the names of a couple of family members, viz Lili Atkins and Kristian Atkins but we do not know what relation these family members are to Paul.

Some of our sources mention that Paul’s hometown is Manchester but we cannot be sure about that. He currently lives in Leeds.

Paul Atkins Height

Paul Atkins is a tall guy with a height of 5 ft 11 inches. He is also a very handsome lad with dark hair and blue eyes and some facial hair if he is in that kind of mood.

His Instagram, Twitter

Paul Atkins is rather a private person. Despite his partner John’s success and fame, Paul has been able to keep himself mostly out of the spotlight. And that applies to his social media as well.

Paul was present on Instagram as @peebsykins and was quite active (he had over 1k posts), but he had kept his profile private. Still, he had a little over 2.6k followers as of Aug 2021. Similarly, on his Twitter handle @thatdickybird, he had 1.4k followers.

He was also present on Facebook but he was not much activity there.

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Paul Atkins Job

Paul Atkins worked the job of a graphic designer for a design firm called One Little Dicky Bird. On the firm’s website, they describe themselves as:

“We create personalised prints & greetings cards to bring colour, quirk and memories to your home.”

Apparently, the team started the firm after the founders were unable to find the perfect gift they were looking for in the design industry. So, they started their own firm to apply their particular design aesthetics. According to the firm’s Etsy site, currently, they were on a short break.

With a graphic designer job in Leeds, England, Paul earned roughly about £23 thousand every year. £23 thousand was the average salary of a graphic designer in Leeds.

Paul Atkins And John Whaite: Wedding, Kids

Paul Atkins was engaged to his partner of almost 13 years John Whaite. In fact, they will be celebrating their 13 years of being together in about a month, i.e. on 6 September 2021. That means they started dating in September 2008, after meeting in the same year through Facebook.

To tell you a little more about Paul’s partner. John Whaite is a Manchester-born chef and food writer, who went on to win The Great British Bake Off. He has also worked as a resident chef for the talk show Lorraine. And he has released a few cookbooks.

And the most recent news was that John has been confirmed as one of the participants in the 2021 edition of BBC One‘s Strictly Come Dancing. He was the fourth contestant to be confirmed for the upcoming series.

After dating for almost a decade, they got engaged in July 2017. On 21 July 2017, John announced their engagement via Instagram. “My true love. We’ve decided to get married. We’ve fought for these rights, and we shall use them.”

Before the actual engagement, Paul and his partner John had appeared on the cover of Attitude magazine in 2014. And during the interview with the magazine, they talked about potential wedding plans. Funnily enough, they haven’t married as of Aug 2021. They have actually moved the dates a few times.

About two years after the engagement, John announced on Instagram that they had decided on a date for a wedding, Halloween 2020. However, Halloween 2020 came and went, and there had been no wedding.


Paul Atkins and his partner John Whaite on a weekend getaway circa 7 August 2021 (PC: John’s IG)

Even though the wedding is still to come, Paul and John are living together happily in Leeds with their dog Abel. As of Aug 2021, they do not have any kids.

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