Andrew Walker is a staple in the Hallmark universe. By December 2020, he had starred in around 13 Hallmark Channel movies. Meanwhile, his wife, Cassandra Troy is running a very successful business.

In fact, it is Andrew’s wife and his out-of-limelight success that we want to focus on today. In Cassandra Troy wiki, reading everything you need to know about Cassandra. Who she is? How did she meet Andrew Walker? And all other interesting facts.

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Cassandra Troy Age

Based on some Facebook posts and birthday wishes on Instagram, Cassandra Troy celebrates her birthday every year on 3 May. We do not know the exact year she was born, but most of the sources estimate it to be before 1983. So, her current age, i.e. as of 8 August 2021, was more than 38 years.

Also, Cassandra’s zodiac sign was Taurus.

Cassandra Troy Family

Cassandra was born to parents Don Troy and Lyne Girard Troy.

Lyne, Cassandra’s mother, is from Sept-Iles in Quebec, Canada. On Mother’s day 2021, Cassandra on her Instagram, “Happy Mothers Day to this magical human @momtroy. I wouldn’t be the mama that I am today without your constant love, support, guidance, and inspiration. Thank you for being the best mom and role model.”

We do not know much about Cassandra’s father.

Apart from her parents, Cassandra Troy had two sisters in the family. Cassandra was the middle child.

Cassandra’s elder sister, Shana Troy was married to a guy called Jean-Luc and had two kids. She still lived in Montreal, which was the hometown of the Troy sisters, and worked as a Baree instructor. (Valium)

Less was known about Cassandra’s younger sister, Chelsea Troy. She also lived in her hometown, Montreal, and worked as a director of Customer Experience at Reception and Aquatics at Club Sportif MAA. There was no info about her relationship.

Her Height

Cassandra Troy is a tall woman and has a height of 5 ft 8 inches. Her husband, Andrew, is an even taller guy and stood at a height of 6 ft.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Cassandra Troy is present on Facebook and Instagram. She is a very frequent social media user and also had a decent following. On Facebook, she had a regular profile, which said her hometown was Montreal but she lived in LA.

On her Instagram @casstroywalker, Cassandra had 1.11k posts, and 11.3k followers until 8th Aug 2021.

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Cassandra Troy Job, Net Worth

Cassandra’s Instagram bio says that she is a “mama…wife…entrepreneur…real food + fitness promoter…” Her Facebook and her Linkedin both have her job as a CEO and co-founder of Little West.

Little West is a juice company that believes that “cold-pressed juice is only as good as its ingredients.” That means they use locally produced fruits and there is “no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or unhealthy preservatives” in their products. They also have a very close relationship with the farmers and how the farmers produce the fruits.

Little West is a family business and is jointly run by Cassandra and Andrew. Right now, the company is quite famous and very successful but it was not always the case. In 2016, Little West was almost bankrupt, deeply in debt, and had an ultimatum that if they do not start giving the returns soon, the sponsors would stop supporting them. They made some changes, cut the expenses while maintaining the quality of their products.

It was the quality of their products that finally gave them their first big supply contract. And things kind of went uphill from there.

Before starting her own company, Cassandra had worked as a sales manager for Joseph Rubkoff.

As of August 2021, Cassandra had earned a net worth of over $750 thousand.

Cassandra Troy And Andrew Walker: Wedding, Kids

Cassandra Troy is married to Andrew Walker.

We do not know how Andrew and Cassandra but they must have met in Montreal as it was hometown to both of them. Andrew and Cassandra did not have a typical wedding. Instead, they eloped and saved their wedding money to start their dream business. That dream business would later become Little West.

They celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary on 9 June 2021. And in the eight years since their eloped wedding, they had two kids. Their first kid, son West, was born on 17 July 2015. They celebrated little West’s 6th birthday less than a month ago. And their youngest kid, another son Wolf, was born in December 2019.


Cassandra Troy with her husband Andrew Walker and their two kids circa July 2021 (PC: Cassandra’s IG)

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