Nicholas Ashe became an international sensation once he began portraying Micah West in “Queen Sugar.”

Delve into Nicholas Ashe wiki and know about her height, parents, and siblings. What’s more, find out if he’s a gay man with a boyfriend or a straight guy with a lovely girlfriend.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Height

Nicholas Ashe was born on 1st May 1995.

Per his DOB, Nicholas turned 25 years old in Spring 2020. Owning Taurus for a Zodiac sign, Nicholas celebrated his birthday on the same day as Charli D’Amelio did.

Speaking physical apperance, Nicholas Ashe stood 5 feet 10 inches in height. Likewise, at some point, he owned around 67 kilograms of weight.

Early on, Nicholas maintained a clean-shaven face. However, as he neared his mid-20s, the beloved actor began growing stubble.

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Nicholas Ashe Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

According to, Nicholas Ashe embraced mixed ethnicity. The gossip site, however, failed to mention the name of his parents.

Nonetheless, fans concluded one of Nicholas’ parents was of African-American descent.

Like his mother and father, Nicholas’ siblings — assuming he had more than one — weren’t present on his IG.

Coming to his on-screen family, actors Dawn-Lyen Gardner and Timon Kyle Durrett were Nicholas’ parents on “Queen Sugar.”

Moreover, Nicholas showed support to the Black Lives Matter movement by placing a link supporting the cause on his IG bio.

Interestingly, Nicholas understood the evil that was social media. By June 2020, his IG profile @nckash collected 28.6k followers. Meanwhile, some 5.5k followed his Twitter handle @nckash.

At the writing of this article, he had last Instagrammed on 16th June 2019.  Likewise, his latest tweet was sent out on 7th March 2017.

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Nicholas Ashe Net Worth, Movies And TV Shows

Before establishing himself as a TV actor, Nicholas Ashe hustled in the theater scene.

With “Choir Boy,” Nicholas made his Broadway debut and performed at Manhattan Theatre Club, Alliance Theatre, Geffen Playhouse.

Nicholas then performed on “Kill Floor” at Lincoln Center Theater before embarking on a national tour with “The Lion King.”

In 2012, Nicholas starred in an episode of “Are We There Yet?” and began his TV career. Two years later, he portrayed a young artist in the series “Songbyrd.”

Between 2016 and 2019, Nicholas appeared in 55 episodes of “Queen Sugar” — a TV show created by Ava DuVernay.

Starring in the 2012 film “Philly Lawyer,” Nicholas started his acting career. “Custody” and “Bricked” were subsequent movies featuring Nicholas.

In 2018, Nicholas hosted the 5-part documentary series “Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange.” He also appeared on “The Show” and “The Talk.”

Talking career earnings, Nicholas Ashe owned around $0.5 million in net worth.

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Is Nicholas Ashe Gay?

From what it seemed, Nicholas Ash knew that he was gay from a young age.

If there existed doubts, they all went away when Nicholas experienced the impact of “Choir Boy” — a pro-queer play.

Reflecting his time with the Broadway show, Nicholas penned a heartfelt message in June 2016. On IG, he wrote:

“During our Broadway run, over 60,000 people experienced the extreme joy and sorrow that is @octarell_again’s CHOIR BOY. This story of blackness + queerness uplifted a history of Negro spirituals, and how the messages in those songs offer us solace today. This play did many things that have never been done on Broadway, and we are grateful for the recognition of that. Our Tony Award nominations (and wins!) on Sunday were cherries on top of an incredible experience.”

Despite the hints, many continued to look into Nicholas’ dating life and research about her mystery girlfriends.

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Nicholas Ashe Justice Smith, Partner, Dating


Nicholas Ashe and boyfriend Justice Smith Circa 2020

In June 2020, amid the nation-wide protest after George Floyd’s murder, Justice Smith came out as queer via IG. The “Paper Towns” actor also outed Nicholas Ashe as his romantic partner.

Justice shared he and Nicholas had protested in New Orleans. The gay couple reportedly chanted ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ ‘Black Queer Lives Matter’ ‘All Black Lives Matter’.

Justice wrote:

“As a black queer man myself, I was disappointed to see certain people eager to say Black Lives Matter, but hold their tongue when Trans/Queer was added. I want to reiterate this sentiment: if your revolution does not include Black Queer voices, it is anti-black. If your revolution is okay with letting black trans people like #TonyMcDade slip through the cracks in order to solely liberate black cishet men, it is anti-black.”

He continued by writing,

“You are trying to push yourself through the door of a system designed against you, and then shut the door behind you. It is in our conditioning to get as close to whiteness, straightness, maleness as we can because that’s where the power is. And if we appeal to it, maybe it’ll give us a slice. But the revolution is not about appeal. It is about demanding what should have been given to us from the beginning. What should have been given to black, queer, and trans individuals from the beginning. Which is the right to exist. To live and prosper in public. Without fear of persecution or threat of violence.”

Justice then expressed there were too many tragedies on his TL. To lighten the mood with black love, he and Nicholas made their relationship public.

According to Justice, Nicholas had been his rock and a guiding light through all the BS. The famed actor concluded the IG post by telling his partner that he loved him.

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