At the first glance, Bill Burr’s act might look like a white guy’s angry rant. He has the looks too, of a conservative American who is angry at everything that is changing. But he is not conservative at all. His wife, Nia Renee Hill, is black, for instance.

And if you dig a little deeper, or listen to him until for a little longer, you’d think he does have depth and nuance. He does walk on the edge a lot but he rarely falls over. In that regard, he is a little like Dave Chapelle.

Bill Burr is a comedian appropriate to modern times and today, we would like to nod our head a little for him. So, as a gesture of respect, we have brought to you an article about his wife, Nia Renee Hill.

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Nia Renee Hill Age, Birthday, Zodiac

So, what do we know of Nia Renee Hill? Well, she was born on 2 June 1978, meaning she was 42 years of age as of March 2021. Also, because of her June 2nd birthday, her zodiac sign was Gemini.

Nia Renee Hill Wiki — Parents, Hometown, Education

Nia Renne Hill was born to parents Ben Hill and Loretha Ree Gaskill. Her parents were divorced when she was quite young and she was raised mostly by her father. After the divorce, her mother married another guy called Simon P. Gaskill Jr.

Apart from her parents and her step-father, Nia has one half-sibling, Trey Gaskill. Trey is the son of Nia’s mother and her step-father. She also has a step-sister, daughter of her step-father from his former marriage, Cristal Bubblin.

Nia is also close to one of her cousins but we could not find the name of that cousin. Furthermore, she was also close to her grandmother who passed away in 2014.

We know that Nia was born in California but we were not where exactly in California. She went to Greenville County High School in Greenville, California for her high school education. So, Greenville is her hometown, a place where she grew up if not born.

Later, for her college education, she went to Emerson College in Boston, MA. She graduated with a BA degree in Communication and Media Studies. After that, she attended the Los Angeles School of Style.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Nia Renee Hill is a woman of tall height, standing at 5 ft 7 inches. And she weighed about 60 kgs. Her distinct features include her dark brown eyes, wide cheery smile, and a very mature wise face.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter

Nia had a decent social media reach, both on Instagram and Twitter as of March 2021. On Instagram, she had 47.2k followers from over 1k posts. Similarly, on Twitter, Nia had a following of over 38.8k. She also had a Youtube channel with 1.32k subscribers. The channel only had a few videos of her husband’s comedy acts.

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Nia Renee Hill Net Worth, Job, Movies & TV Shows

Nia might not be as famous as her husband but she has a diverse resume of her own. She has tried a lot of things in her professional career.

In the early 2000s, she had a job as a casting associate for MTV. Around that time, Nia also worked as a talent coordinator for Comedy Central. A few years later, in 2007-2008, she had a sales assistant job in New York City and Los Angeles.

After she finished her studies at the Los Angeles School of Style, Nia also worked as a freelance stylist and had numerous styling internships. She worked as a stylist in a movie short called Pizzazz: Where’s My Movie?

Apart from all those jobs, Nia had also tried her hands in acting. In 2009, she acted in a film short called Carpool. In 2011, she appeared for a couple of episodes in a TV show Lila, Long Distance.

Her other TV credits include Santa Clarita Diet, Crashing, F Is for Family, Chappelle’s Show, etc. Among them, F Is for Family, which was created by her husband, Bill Burr, was her biggest appearance. She has also worked on one TV movie called Divorce: A Love Story.

Apart from that, Nia had written a lot of blog posts and articles, about womanhood and race and dating and about earning less money than her husband. She was also a co-creator of a Youtube show called You Welcome alongside Marcella Arguello.

As of now, Nia Renee Hill’s net worth was estimated to be around $5 million. At the same time, the net worth of her husband, Bill Burr, was over $12 million.

Nia Renee Hill And Bill Burr: Wedding, Daughter, Son

Nia met Bill Burr around 2005-2006 time when she was starting in LA and working in Comedy Central. Bill Burr was a comedian and Nia was working as a talent coordinator. We do not know their first meeting story but they started dating.

After dating for about 7/8 years, they eventually tied the knot at a wedding in 2013. Their first kid, a daughter, Lola Burr, was born on 20 January 2017. Whereas, their second child, a son, whose name we do not know, was born in June 2020.

Bill and Nia have been together for over fifteen years and now they share two little children, they seem to have developed a kind of bond that traverses racial boundaries and could create a comfortable existence.


Nia Renee Hill with her husband Bill Burr circa 2018 (PC: Nia’s IG)

Bill talks about his wife in his comedy acts and like everything else he talks about, he walks a very thin line and walks it with perfection. And Nia seemed to be comfortable with Bill’s jokes. That is the goal of a relationship after all.

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