Actor Édgar Ramírez has been the center of focus for his fans once again. The premiere of Yes Day turned the head of fans towards the Venezuelan actor. He stars in the movie with actress Jennifer Garner and fans already made assumptions about whether they are linked romantically or not.

Since Édgar kept his dating life under wrap, let’s delve into this article to reflect Édgar Ramírez’s romantic associations.

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How Old Is He?

Édgar Ramírez was born on 25 March 1977. He turned 43 years old while celebrating his birthday in March of 2020. Moreover, he secured Aries as his zodiac sign and securing owning qualities obtained such as pragmatism, fearlessness, confidence, and independence among others.

Édgar Ramírez Siblings

Édgar Ramírez was born to his father Filiberto Ramirez and his mother Soday Arellano. His father was a military man. whereas, his mother worked as an attorney. He didn’t particularly belong to a rich family, but he definitely belonged to high achieving one.

Growing up, Édgar lived in different countries because of his father’s job. This helped him and his sibling to learn different languages. He spent his early childhood in Latin America whereas spent his teenage years in Europe.

Talking about siblings, Édgar Ramírez has a sister named Nataly Ramirez. Growing up both the Ramirez siblings went to a very prestigious school in Bogota. The school which Edgar and his sister went to was attended by kids of diplomats and politicians.

So, Édgar and Nataly always faced a great threat of being bombed because of the reason. However, they grew up without being part of any misfortunate events. Now, Nataly is a mother of two kids Enrique Camilla and Maria Camilla.

Where Does Édgar Ramírez Live?

Édgar Ramírez was based lived in many places along with time. He was last documented to be staying in New York, the United States, in March 2021 and has been in the states for quite a long time. So, he is most likely splitting time between Venezuela and the United States.

How Tall Is He?

Édgar Ramírez has always received compliments for his good looks. The Venezuelan actor stands tall at a height little above 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Whereas, he weighed 91 kilograms (200 lbs) because of his hunky shape which is proportionate to his height.

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How Much Is Édgar Ramírez Net Worth?

Multi-talented actor Édgar Ramírez is the owner of a total net worth of $8 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Édgar spent went to Andres Bello Catholic University where he earned a degree in mass communication. There, he also minored in audiovisual communications. As remarked in an interview with Interview Magazine, Edgar spent his early 20’s as a journalist and traveled a lot.

While working as a journalist, he mostly reported politics and also became executive director of Dale al Voto, a foundation in Venezuela. But by the late 20’s he had already started pursuing a career as an actor.

Despite having no roots or experience and training in performing arts, his fascination alone during the college years showed him a promising career in acting. His understanding of life and the complexities of it was the reason why he got into journalism in the first place and also the acting.

Édgar debuted his acting career in 1990 with minor roles in TV shows and films. He appeared in Cuando llega el amor (1990), El undo (2002), Costa Rica (2003), A Dot and a Line (2004), Domino (2005), and a few others. However, in 2010 Carlos where he portrayed Ilich Ramirez Sanchez put Edgar in a new light.

The Counselor (2013), Point Break (2015), Joy (2015), The Girl on the Trairn (2016), American Horror Story (2018), The Undoing (2020), and Yes Day (2021) are other notable works of Édgar among his 46 acting credits.

However, one thing for sure, Édgar would play all types of characters in the movie except for the druglord because of his personal experience. As he grew up in the time of narco-terrorism of Pablo Escobar one of his father’s best friends was killed by Pablo. So, despite the countless offers, he rejects to play a drug lord.

Édgar Ramírez Wife, Girlfriend, Partner 

Édgar Ramírez’s dating life fascinated his fans from the very start of his thriving career. One moment he gets cozy and romantic with a Hollywood beauty, the next minute he confirms that they are only friends.

Since Édgar Ramírez has never been forthright about his love life, a thorough inspection of his dating history is a must regarding the actor. When he first gained the attention of Carlos in 2010, his name came attached with the name of beautiful fellow Venezuelan actress Marisa Roman.

Together, they worked in Costa Rica. They again reunited in 2017 to star in Good Omens, Everyone Attentive. Later, Marisa invited Édgar to Argentina and showed her love for him with a kiss that she planted on his cheeks.

Marisa even mentioned him as her lover. For his part, Édgar shared a picture of him hugging Marisa from behind. This made everyone assume that Marisa could actually be his girlfriend. However, they never spoke or confirmed the relationship officially and publicly.

Édgar garnered attention with his chemistry with Ana de Armas. But, their relationship was limited up to the point of deep admiration for each other.

In 2020, reality star Kourtney Kardashian also shared a flirty exchange between her and Édgar on Instagram. The end of the flirty exchange ended after Kortney confirmed her relationship with Travis Barker. And after that Yes Day was out, fans also didn’t hesitate to discover the chemistry two shared on and off the screen.

But, they confirmed the relationship between the two is professional and just a friendship and nothing more. So, we could safely conclude that Édgar is waiting for his right partner as of March 2021. He surely has some standards for women to meet to be his wife.

“Partnership, support, you know going through thick and thin, you know love and fun.”

But going by his relationship status, Édgar never found the one who he thinks about settling down with and call his wife. So until the time when new again makes headlines with his girlfriend, he is as single. (

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