Jonny Fairplay is one of the most villainous reality show stars and he deserves that title based on what he did on Survivor: Pearl Islands. However, to his wife Caryn Finkbeiner, he is a model husband.

Read about Caryn in this article and also find out why she chose to become the wife of the most hated man in reality Television.

Caryn Finkbeiner Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Caryn Finkbeiner was born on 28 September 1983. That meant she was 37 years of age as of December 2020. Having her birthday on the 28th of September, Caryn’s zodiac sign was Libra.

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Caryn Finkbeiner Bio — Family, Parents, Siblings

Talking about Caryn Finkbeiner’s family, she was born to parents Brenda Finkbeiner and John Finkbeiner. There was no more information about her parents. However, some research did produce something about her grandparents, on her mother’s side.

Her maternal grandmother Elizabeth L. Rentschler did just recently in 2015. Her maternal grandfather, Alfred Rentschler, was still alive at the time of her grandmother’s death.

Apart from her parents and grandparents, she had a known sibling in the family: Chad Finkbeiner. She also had some cousins: Amy Rentschler, Ryan Rentschler, Angela Rentschler, Eric Rentschler, Jill Turner, and Abigail Rentschler.

According to her Facebook profile, Caryn’s hometown was Saline, Michigan.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Caryn Finkbeiner is a woman of rather short height. She stands at a height of over 5 ft 3 inches, which is quite short for a white American woman. In terms of her weight, however, Caryn is a woman of above-average weight and weighs about 54 kgs.

Talking about her distinct features, Caryn possesses black hair and piercing blue eyes. Also, she has a wide-ish and slightly wrinkled face.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of late-2020, she was present on Instagram and Facebook. But her presence was limited to very few people, probably only to friends and family. We could not find her on Twitter.

She had kept her Instagram profile private. So, we could not explore her social media life. Anyway, she had 114 posts and only 131 followers on Instagram.

Her Facebook had a little bit of information about herself, but other than that it was pretty hidden. Her friend-list was also hidden.

Caryn Finkbeiner Job, Net Worth, Career

Well, there was almost zero information about Caryn’s career on the web. So far, we do not know what job Caryn does, or where she does it.

There was a Linkedin profile of someone with the same similar to Caryn Finkbeiner, but her name was Karin Finkbeiner. This another Karin was an IT Project Manager at The Dow Chemical Company.

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Caryn Finkbeiner & Jonny Fairplay: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Okay, now to the meat of this article: Caryn’s love life and of course, Jonny Fairplay. As many of our readers might know, Jonny is a reality show star.

He is famous for becoming third on Survivor: Pearl Islands and infamous for a lie about his dead grandmother. Interestingly, Jonny was arrested just a few days before (18 December 2020) for stealing from his grandmother.

He later went on to work on other reality shows like The Celebrity Newlywed Game, Celebrity Poker Showdown, Celebrity Fear Factor, Pawn Stars, and Camp Reality.

Jonny is also a wrestler and had started his career back in 1998. His most famous match was the one with WWE star Molly Holly, which he won.

Jonny was previously married to fellow reality show star Michelle Deighton. Together, they had a daughter named Piper. But the relationship could not last long and they separated in 2011.

Caryn met Jonny at a young professionals event in Danville, Virginia. It was 2011, around the time he separated from his former wife. At that time, they became friends but did not start dating. A couple of years went by, they remained in touch but were dating other people.

The love blossomed without them being in a relationship. Then Jonny confessed his love at one point and they started dating. They kept dating for a couple of more years, and then in 2016, they married each other in a beautiful wedding.

We found out an online print of the invitation to their wedding. The wedding took place on 4 September 2016. Not even a year after the wedding, on 20 May 2017, Jonny and Caryn had their kid, a daughter they named Madilyn Jane.


Caryn and her husband, Jonny, before the birth of their daughter circa 2017 (PC:

As of 2020, the relationship was going smoothly. Caryn believed that Jonny’s personality complimented hers and vice-versa, that they brought out the best in each other. What’s more to ask?

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