We have covered a lot of Swamp People, and today is probably the high peak in that series of ours. Today, we have here an article about Bernita Landry, the wife of Troy Landry the “King of Swamps”.

So, who is this woman who won the feisty Troy’s heart? Learn more about Bernita below, including her age and net worth.

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Bernita Landry Age, Birthday, Zodiac

As of now, i.e. March 2021, Bernita was 62 years of age, being born on 16 July 1958. And because of her 16th of July birthday, he got her the zodiac sign Cancer.

An interesting wiki about her age: she was 2 years older than her husband Troy.

Bernita Landry Wiki — Maiden Name, Hometown, Education

Bernita Landry was born to parents Bernie Joseph Arcemont and Nedia Lege Acremont. Not much was known about her mother, but her father was a former United States Marine Corps. He was a veteran who served in the Korean War.

Bernita’s father died in 2012 at the age of 77 years. By the time of his death, her parents had been married for over 54 years. Bernita also had one brother in the family, Chris Anthony Acremont, who lived in Fort Meyers, Florida.

Bernita was born and raised in her hometown of Patterson, Louisiana, of which her parents were lifelong residents. Also, she was born with the maiden name of Bernita Acremont.

Her parents were Catholic and it was likely that her religious views were also Catholic. And politically, Bernita was a registered Democrat.

For her high school education, Bernita went to Patterson High School in her hometown.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Bernita did not have that much of a social media reach. She was present on Facebook but we could not find her on any other social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

She was, however, regularly featured on her husband’s social media. Troy had quite a bit of social media following. On Instagram, for example, he had 52.2k followers as of March 2021.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Bernita is a woman of average height, standing at 5 ft 5 inches. And despite her old age, she had maintained a weight of healthy 60 kgs.

Talking about her distinct features, she had blue eyes and light reddish-brown hair (and no grey ones by the way). And she kept her hair boys-cut-short.

Bernita Landry Net Worth, Job, Swamp People

Although fans of History Channel‘s Swamp People might already be familiar with Bernita, as she is the wife of the star of the show Troy Landry, she rarely appeared on the show herself. In fact, there was only one episode, back in 2010, when she appeared on the show.

Apart from that one appearance in Swamp People, Bernita had no showbiz credentials. However, she had her own successful career. In fact, she started her first job, a teller in Patterson State Bank, when she only 17 years of age (in 1975).

Apart from that early job, Bernita had also worked as a schoolteacher. And she was also the publicist for History Channel, which was quite a prestigious title.

Her husband’s association with History might have got her that job. However, the events being the other way around are also equally possible. And if it was Bernita who got her husband the job he is famous for, well, kudos for her.

She also helped out in the Landrys’ family business of alligator hunting and crawfish company.

Reportedly, Bernita Landry had accumulated a net worth of about $1 million. Her husband, on the other hand, had twice that amount of net worth, $2 million.

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Troy And Bernita Landry: Wedding, Kids, House

According to various reports, as of 2021, Troy and Bernita Landry were married for over 39 years, as they had their wedding on 26 September 1981. We do not know about their wedding except for the fact that it was meant to last for a long long time.

Troy is an alligator hunter and a crawfish harvester. His adventurous pursuits of tacking the killing beasts that are swamp alligators were featured in History Channel‘s reality TV show called Swamp People.

And in the 39 years since their wedding, Tory and Bernita had two kids, two sons named Chase Landry and Jacob Landry. Bernita had another son, eldest of all, Brandon Landry, who was born from her previous relationship but Troy had given him his name as well.

As of March 2021, Brandon was 44 years of age, and Chase and Jacob were 31 and 37 respectively. Troy and Bernita are grandparents now. Jacob had two sons, Ridge and Kase Landry. We know little about the other two sons’ families.

Two of their three kids, Chase and Jacob, had followed in Troy’s footsteps and become Alligator Hunters and had also appeared on Swamp People. Brandon, on the other hand, had a different profession and become a businessman.


Troy Landry and his wife Bernita Landry (PC:

As of 2021, Troy and his wife Bernita Landry lived in their dream house located in Pierre Part, Louisiana.

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