Natalie Hegnauer is a passionate lady who believes in self identity-making. She suddenly rose to fame as a girlfriend of the Southern Charm star Craig Conover.

Is she really Craig’s girlfriend? How did they meet? What job is Natalie into? What’s her family background? If you want to know the answer to any of these questions, read the article till the end!

Natalie Hegnauer Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Natalie Hennauer reached the age of 30 on her 2020 birthday. Although her exact birthday remained a secret, she revealed on her social media that, it’s during the end days of May. With that, Natalie’s zodiac sign is certainly Gemini.

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Natalie Hegnauer Wiki — Family, Nationality, Education

By nationality, Natalie Hegnauer is probably a Belgian. She has not provided many details on her family to the public, but her social media posts bring out many aspects to her fans. She mentioned Brussels, Belgium as her hometown and also unveiled that her mother was a teacher back in Belgium.

When it comes to her education, it seems like Natalie came a long way. The lady even shifted from country to country in terms of her education.

Initially, Natalie was a student at St. John’s International School in Waterloo, Belgium. Then, she came all the way to the United States for her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication.

Again, she went to Brussels Business School for her major degree in Marketing Management and minor in Business Communication. Natalie completed her Marketing Management course within two years from 2010 to 2012 and then further left for the United States. She continued with her education and finished her Master’s degree in International Relations from Boston University.

It appears like, Natalie was quite a bright student as she continued her education alongside gaining a whole lot of skills and experiences. Her family must be so proud of whatever she achieved and is on the verge of achieving in life.

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Height, Weight, Measurements

There is a reason the lady initially chose a reality show for her career. Natalie Hegnauer ’s height of 5 feet 6 inches and her weight of 54 kgs goes well with modeling.

Moreover, she possesses the perfect body measurements of 35-24-33 inches which looks beautiful with her height and weight too.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Natalie has kept herself active on social media. She seems to know well about keeping limits in her social and personal life on social media. She looks like a social person who loves her family and friends’ group. Natalie hangs out with her close ones, mostly in the holiday destinations.

So, her fans think she is very professional in managing her personal and social life well. Hence until early December 2020, she already had more than 6.7K followers on her Instagram account.

Although she is not on Twitter, she has kept herself active on Facebook too and shares her beautiful moments with her fans.

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Natalie Hegnauer Job, Net Worth, Love Connection

Natalie Hegnauer is a reality show star herself. She starred in Andy Cohen’s 2017 show, Love Connection. Although after the debut season, Love Connection got canceled, the lady managed to gain certain popularity from the show.

Further in 2020, Natalie rejected making an appearance in the reality show, Southern Charm with her partner. She then made a surprise cameo on the season finale. By Feb 2021, Natalie had appeared on 4 episodes.

As mentioned, she has multiple educational degrees and also has skills and experiences in multiple fields. From marketing research, human resources management, foreign languages, social media marketing to strategic planning, online advertising, and many more. Natalie has all the skills needed for a good job. Despite that, Natalie Hegnauer has not opened up in detail about her job. Hence, her net worth also remains a secret.

Natalie Hegnauer & Craig Conover: Dating, Engaged, How Did They Meet?

All of a sudden, many eyes started looking for Natalia Hegnauer in early December 2020 when Craig Conover said, “Nat” was his girlfriend.

He did not precisely mention her name, neither did she ever confirm of herself being his girlfriend. But, reports confirmed the news.

Moreover, Natalie had her Instagram account private but put on her story, her times spent with him. Also, back in August 2020, Craig’s co-star Shep Rose tagged her in one of her Instagram videos.

Craig Conover, the Southern Charm star, times and again on his podcast, gave glimpses of his romance.

As per him, he was dating his girlfriend since January 2020. The couple met in Aspen and, eventually ended up living together due to the pandemic.

Craig also clarified that it was not an easy go for him, as he was living with someone, he dated for only three months. Nevertheless, he said, it was a honeymoon phase for both of them and all beyond the outside world. And obviously, his fans hope that he is truly in love with the girl and soon gets engaged to her.


Craig Conover kisses his rumored girlfriend, Natalie Hehnauer. (Pic-Reality Blurb)

During the Southern Charm finale aired in 2021, Madison LeCroy alleged Natalie hooked up with Austen Kroll before she began dating Craig. Craig then defended Natalie claiming he hadn’t felt about someone in years. Natalie, meanwhile, called her fling with Austen “meaningless”. She also shared it was Austen who introduced her to Craig.

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