Lesley Cook came into the limelight as a David Beador’s girlfriend after his relationship with his long-time partner Shannon Beader (Real Housewives of Orange County) worsened.

When David and Lesley got engaged in February 2020 & got married 8 months later, they have once again made it into the highlight.

In the article below, learn more about the love life between Lesley and David, along with Lesley’s bio, net worth, and social media reach.

Lesley Cook Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In 2020, Lesley Cook turned 37 years of age. Reportedly, she grew up celebrating her birthday on 1st August.

Born on 08/01/1983, Lesley is a Leo.

Lesley Cook Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Lesley was available on Instagram until some unfortunate incidents occurred and her now-fiancee suggested her go off social media.

But, sometime later, Lesley soon was again available on Instagram, but this time she had made her account private. Consequently, it’s tough to extract information about her parents and siblings, or family in general.

Nonetheless, Lesley Cook’s mother and father were of Caucasian descent. Meanwhile, noted Doreen Cook, Karen Pascoe, Jessica Campbell, Diana Cook, and Mark Cook as her family, friends, associates, and neighbors.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Lesley is a hot Caucasian girl who is almost 20 years younger than her fiance David. There must be a reason why David is so crazy for Lesley, and most probably it’s her beauty.

Interestingly, Lesley Cook stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 57 kilograms. Furthermore, she flaunts an immaculate measurement of 34-25-33 inches.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

There was once a time when Lesley’s social media reach was overwhelming, But, when some unfortunate incidents forced her to go off for a while, the reach massively dropped.

Now, even though she began posting on Instagram long ago, her account had garnered only 33k followers (Feb 2021). For Facebook and Twitter people, it can come as a disappointment that Lesley is unavailable on any of those platforms.

Lesley Cook Net Worth, Job, Walmart Incident

As people knew Lesley as the girlfriend of David Beador, it was quite natural that she would gain massive followers on her Instagram. She shut down her account for a while as per her husband David’s suggestion after a video of Lesley losing her temper inside a departmental store became viral.

The now-deleted video showed Lesley enraged with a clerk at Walmart in Irvine, California after he asked for the receipt while she was exiting the store. Lesley reportedly went off on the clerk and said,

“You guys, I live in a $15 million home in Laguna Beach. This is a f***ing joke right now.” 

While it is not known what job is Lesley engaged in, nor there is any information about her net worth, it is sure that Lesley does not have to compromise on any things as David’s staggering net worth of $20 million should do enough.

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Lesley Cook & David Beador: Engaged, Baby, Wedding

David and Lesley met each other by chance at some party. While Tamra Judge claimed that the duo first knew about each other in October of 2017, but according to Cook, it was not until December of 2017 they met each other.

David liked Lesley at the first meeting, and so did Lesley as their connection was apparent. Since both of them were married at the time, both of them could not establish their connection to something bigger.

At the back of the heart, both of them knew how much they loved each other. The pair then secretly began to date each other. With each date, David, relationship with his wife Shannon worsened.

When Shannon and David finally reached a divorce settlement in April of 2019, every one of them was relieved to have settled everything.


A picture of Leslie Cook and David Beador.

In February 2020, the pair got engaged in a secret engagement ceremony where David gave Leslie an engagement ring weighing around 4 carats worth at least $150 thousand. July that year, the pair have also revealed that they were soon expecting a baby. Cook wrote, “You’re just a small bump,” on her IG handle alongside an emoji of a pregnant woman.

On 15th October 2020, Lesley announced she and David were now a married couple by updating her IG bio as “Lesley Beador”. She then shared a screenshot of the blissful moment tagging the location as “Dreams Come True”. As of early 2021, neither Lesley nor David revealed the intimate details about their wedding.

In February 2021, Lesley and David welcomed their first child. They named their daughter, Anna. Lesley broke the baby news via Instagram by sharing a photo of three. With the news, David became a father for the third time. Previously, he welcomed twins Stella & Adeline, and Sophie.

First Husband, Divorce, Kids

As of 2021, there was no information about Lesley Cook’s first husband on the Internet whatsoever. All that is known is that she has two kids — a son and a daughter — with her former spouse, but then any specifics are absent.

All that could be done was wait until Leslie herself talked about her divorce or her first husband.

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