On 31st August 2020, MLB legend Tom Seaver passed away at 75. He was survived by wife Nancy Seaver, their kids, and grandkids.

Tag along and read about Nacy Seaver wiki which includes her age and life today. Furthermore, discover what she looked like as a young woman.

Age, Birthday, Zodiac

On 24th February 2020, Nancy Seaver became 75 years of age. Thanks to her birthday, she secured Pisces for a Sun sign.

She was born as Nancy Lynn McIntyre in the year 1945.

Nancy Seaver Parents, Siblings

Nancy grew up under the tender love and care of her parents: William Dean McIntyre Sr. and Julia Norma McIntyre.

So did her 3 siblings (all brothers): Terry Michael McIntyre, William Dean McIntyre, Jr., and Michael Dean McIntyre

Natives of Kansas, Nancy’s parents relocated to Fresno, Calfornia where the two would live until their death. While her dad passed away in 2011, her mom died in 2007.

According to, Nancy’s father served in the US Army. What’s more, he wore different hats including “a farmer, entrepreneur, and avid sports fan.”

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Nancy Seaver Young, Height

At her prime, a youthful Nancy stood around 5 feet 8 inches in height. However, with the old age, her stature somewhat deteriorated.

A natural blonde, Nancy possessed striking features during her younger days. Never mind her high bones, she

Here’s a picture of a young Nancy Seaver:

Young Nancy Seaver Circa 1969 (Photo Credit: Arthur Pomerantz/New York Post Archives /(c) NYP Holdings, Inc. via Getty Images)

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

At 75, Nancy didn’t seem equipped enough to remain active on social media platforms.

Nonetheless, her grandkids probably shared their adorable granny on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Nancy Seaver Education, Job, Net Worth

For education, Nancy attended the Fresno High School — the same school as her future husband Tom.

Because she married in her early-20s, Nancy probably didn’t hold a stable job for an extended stretch of time. Perhaps, supporting Tom and raising their kids outweighed her every other professional achievement.

Working as her husband’s most influential support system, Nancy summoned around $10 million.

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Nancy And Tom Seaver: Married, Kids, Dating

When they first met in high school, Nancy Seaver was a teenager. So was Tom. For several years, they enjoyed a happy dating life before taking the next big step.

On 9th June 1966, Nancy and her then-boyfriend Tom finally tied the knot. The details of their wedding, however, remained a private affair.

Circa 1970, Nacy and Tom went on a 29-day road trip. Shortly after, the couple’s first child Sarah Seaver arrived.

Nancy and Tom then welcomed their second daughter Anne in October 1975.

For most of his career, Tom and the Seaver brood stayed in Cincinnati. After retirement, they returned to live in California.

Nancy Seaver Today

Before his passing away, Tom and Nancy co-managed and co-owned “Seaver Vineyards”. The Calistoga-based vineyard garners 2 cabernets: “GTS” and “Nancy’s Fancy.”

After her husband’s death, Nancy still looked after their precious vineyards with their daughters Sarah and Anne.

After their marriage, Sarah took her husband’s last name “Zaske”. Anne, a yoga instructor by trade, went by Anne Buckley.

As of today (Sept 2020), Nancy Seaver was living a normal life surrounded by the people she called family.

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