Susan Getson is the wife of legendary Jeff Bridges. Everybody knows Jeff from his amazing performances in The Big Lebowski, Hell or High Water, Starman, etc. Not everybody knows the hand behind Jeff’s incredible success. This article intends to tell the world about the woman Jeff thanks in almost every award shows as the invisible hand behind his success.

Read this article to know about Jeff Bridges’ wife, Susan Getson.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to the various sources on the internet, Susan Getson was born in the year 1953. That would make her about 67 years of age at present, i.e. in the year 2020.

The internet, however, had no idea about the exact birthday of Susan. And since the exact birthday was not known, her zodiac sign was also a mystery.

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Susan Getson Wiki — Young, Education, Family

Talking about Susan’s family, she was born to American parents Magnus C. Geston and Patricia Kennedy Hansen. Susan was born and grew up in North Dakota.

More than that, there was almost nothing about Susan Getson’s family — or anything about her young life for that matter. Among the very few known things was that Susan working as a waitress in a restaurant in Paradise Valley, Montana.

When they first met, Susan was working as a waitress to get through the college, while Jeff was already a star. At that time, Jeff was in Montana to shoot his movie Rancho Deluxe. But more on Susan and Jeff’s first meeting later.

Susan Getson Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Susan Getson stands at an average height of 5 ft 7 inches compared to Jeff’s tall stature of 6 ft 1 inch. And, as of 2020, at the age of 67, she weighed 54 kgs.

Moreover, among her distinct and beautiful features, were her exotic blue eyes, and an amazing smile.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of 2020, Susan Getson was not on social media. Even a thorough scouring of the internet could not locate her Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profiles. One reason behind this was her reclusive nature, and the desire to remain out of the spotlight.

Susan does not even appear frequently for interviews. However, she does share the red carpet with her husband. Occasionally, she even appears on her kids’ social media. She once appeared on her daughter Isabella’s Instagram.

Susan Getson Net Worth, Job, Movies

While there was no information about which college she went to, the college must be in Montana. For that was where she was working to pay for her studies. If one was to pin-point what job Susan Getson did, it must be a philanthropist.

Of course, there was not much information about her profession. Except that she was quite involved in philanthropy. Also, she most often of times accompanied Jeff to the functions and award shows. Moreover, Jeff had often declared that Susan was his teacher.

According to Jeff, he and Susan had worked together in over 50 movies. However, to what extent the “working together” went, it was unknown.

Together with her husband, Susan Getson possessed a net worth of over $100 million.

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Susan Getson & Jeff Bridges: Dating, Wedding, Kids

The meeting between Susan Getson and Jeff Bridges has already been described. What we did not say: when Jeff asked out Susan for the first time, she said no. Of course, it was a small Montana town they were in at the time and they were bound to see each other again.

When they met again, Jeff asked her out again and this time Susan said yes. It was the year 1975, and Susan and Jeff’s dating life had begun. Later, they moved to California together.


Young Susan Getson and Jeff Bridges when they were young (PC:

Two years later, Jeff proposed, and not even a week later, they married each other. In the beginning, Jeff did not want to get married. But Susan wanted to settle down. Eventually, Jeff decided he better get married than lose the love of his life. The wedding happened in 1977.

About four years after the wedding, the first of their three kids was born, a daughter Isabelle Bridges. Isabelle tried her hand in acting when she was only eight years old. But as an adult, she chose to be a mother’s empowerment coach. She is married and had kids of her own.

The second of Bridges’ kids was a daughter named Jessica Bridges. Jessica was born in 1983. Jessica was a songwriter and musician and sometimes also performed with her father.

The youngest of the Bridges’ kids was another daughter Haley. Born in 1985, Haley was an interior designer and had her own company called Haley Bridges Design. She had also received numerous awards for her works.


Susan Getson with her husband Jeff Bridges and their three kids (PC:

Not only they were still going strong 43 years after their wedding but they also raised three inspiring kids. Susan and Jeff were an inspiration for married couples.

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