Donelij gained prominence with his reaction videos on video creating and sharing platform TikTok. He expressed himself through his body movements and facial expressions which earned him millions of followers.

But in September 2020, he faced criticism for creating content that expressed his homophobia. Not only that his reaction led caused other creators getting insulted on their respective platforms.

To know more about Donelij’s situation and drama, delve into this wiki.

Donelij Banned, Drama, Homophobic

Donelij amassed a huge cult in TikTok with only the reaction videos he made of other creators. His reactions were different than the others because of his methods. He never commented in reaction to the video but his demeanor changes along with the twist at the end of the video.

While everything was working out well for him, his recent videos were considered homophobic and might’ve even been reported. His video didn’t comply with the community guidelines which resulted in the banning of the @Donelij account.

Besides that, other content creators also accused him of spreading hate towards the creator he reacted to. Whenever he posted the reaction videos, his followers would later on go to the creator’s account and bash him in the comment section.

While his account has been banned, the video which triggered such action from the TikTok isn’t out yet. But other fellow creators noted that his videos were generally targeted towards and were offensive to the LGBTQ+ community.

If you’ve seen his videos, his facial reaction changes from a smile to frown in a hot second. And allegedly he did the same thing with one of the creators belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

However, Donelij noted that they were just facial expressions in his defense.

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Donelij Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Per Donelij’s profile on, he was born on 11 August 2003. He blew birthday candles in August 2020 when he turned 17 years old.

Corresponding to his date of birth, he secured Leo as her zodiac sign.

Parents, Siblings, Real Name

Real name Chris, Donelij preferred maintaining privacy regarding his private life. He never shared details on his family as of the time of this writing, and that included his parents.

Moreover, the list of undisclosed information also included his possible siblings. While his relatives and other family members showed support on platforms such as Facebook, the relationship hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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Donelij Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Moving on to his physical features, Donelij stands at a height little above 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters). What’s more, he weighed 76 kilograms (167 lbs).

Moreover, Donelij’s skinny physique, pierced ears, and short dreads elect as distinct features. Also, his penetrating gaze as if he is seeing through you counts as his signature feature. Moreover, people also made remarks that he resembles New York-based drill rapper Sleepy Hallow.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, TikTok

Not only Donelij experienced thriving success with his TikToks, but he also saw a huge fan following on his social media accounts. As of Sept 2020, his Instagram account boasted 144k followers.

Though TikTok banned his main account, he also had two other accounts with an impressive number of followers. @notdonelij garnered him 2.2 million followers at the time of this writing.

However, Donelij is not on Twitter but has plenty of fan account on the platform.

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Donelij Net Worth — $150 Thousand

Donelij’s life before TikTok is a mystery to many. Since he has not been vocal about his private life, we are yet to unearth the information about him. But after he stepped into the video creating and sharing platform, he gradually grew into fame.

His expressions to the contents from other creators earned him plenty of followers, eventually making him a sensation. Not only he rose to fame, but a loyal fan base of him formed without much effort on the part of Donelij.

He kept on creating reaction contents and his followers grew steadily making him a celebrity of sort. But in 2020, a similar type of content got him in trouble, when other creators complained about the content being derogatory to creators from the LGBTQ+ community.

In the aftermath of his main account getting banned, the first video he posted on his alternative account garnered 2.3 million views within a very short period. He went on to create 11 other videos which earned him 14 million+ views within 2 days.

While one group of creators felt TikTok did the right thing, other creators felt that it was injustice towards @Donelij.

Regardless, Donelij earned a handsome about with sponsored posts and videos, which earned him about 150k of total net worth.

Donelij Girlfriend, Dating

Along with details on his family, Donelij remained tight-lipped about his dating life. The handsome young man can surely make the knees week of several girls his age, but he never discussed his dating status out in public or on social media platforms.

So, we have no knowledge of him ever having a girlfriend as of the time of this writing. 

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