Korean Instagram artist MLMA pulled in media and public attention after she shared a series of cozy pics with Post Malone, one of the most popular American singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer, today.

The Seoul-born rapper and visual artist goes by the name MLWA in her social media. MLWA stands for “Me Love Me A Lot”. The name she put it as such inspired by the film Lost in Translation. She said MLWA was a self-reminder that confidence is the sexiest thing of all. “The most beautiful thing to me is confidence. Female or male, I relate to people best when they’re honest and genuine”— she said.

So, did the same trait in Post Malone draw her towards him?

Keep reading and find out. All along, also discover MLWA’s wiki, family background, and career.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

From the moment MLMA began creating buzz, everyone noticed she seemed reserved about revealing her age. Looking at her, she appeared no older than 28 years of age in 2020.

Her birthday and zodiac, meanwhile, were yet to hit the limelight.

MLMA Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Real Name

For some reason, MLMA declines to disclose her real name, as well.

She grew up poor in a working-class family in Seol, Korea. She recalls receiving her first pack of colored pencils from her mother when she was just 2 or 3 years old.

Growing up, probably an only child, she was “super lonely” and art became a way of entertainment to MLMA’s younger self. Ever since she has been into creating something, either with computers, paint, pencils, or even clay.

She wanted to go to fashion or art school but the financial barriers would not let her. So, she worked in retail and design before finding her niche on Instagram.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB, TikTok

MLMA had 1.3 million followers on her Instagram (until 12th August 2020). Also, she had a separate Instagram account for her clothing design and photoshopped artworks.

For some reason, her Twitter account had been suspended.

Further, on TikTok, more than 1.3 million people were following her, and collectively she had accumulated 32.1 million likes for her video contents.

MLMA Height, Tattoos, Weight

MLMA stands to an average height of 5 feet and 4 inches. Last reported, she weighed 53 kg or 117 pounds.

MLMA does not have a real tattoo. But, when she uses her face and body as the canvas to present her wildly imaginative, often satirical, and feminist body of work, some of the designs she creates seem like actual tattoos.

Besides, the makeup mastermind merchandises her own tattoo sticks. She claims her product including freckle sticks and blood sticks, to be dermatologist tested.

Tempting the buyers— she writes— “Don’t get a face tattoo! Get TATTOO STICK! your face is an amazing canvas.”

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MLMA Net Worth, Makeup, Clothing

The artist in her did not completely conjure up until she turned 22. Then, she quit her day job as a fashion designer and decided to explore her life as an artist.

At some point in 2018, she turned her body into her canvas. And a year later, she temporarily interrupted herself from music and art to rather focus on her forthcoming collection for Skoot, a small Korean streetwear brand, featuring MLMA as the main designer.

Around February of 2020, she starred in the Calvin Klein CK Everyone fragrance campaign alongside musician Eliot Sumner, model Cara Taylor, skater-photographer Evan Mock, model Parker Van Noord, and rapper Priddy the Opp.

Also, at the time, MLMA had been working on music with producer Kai Smith (they were on tour).

And, in 2020, as promised MLMA’s debut musical was out and available on platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify.

The 2020’s beginning, also landed MLMA an opportunity to collaborate with KFC and Crocs‘ on the new collaboration, Crocs™ x Kentucky Fried Chicken®.

In the meantime, the young talent reportedly hoarded an estimated net worth of $850 thousand.

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MLMA Post Malone, Boyfriend, Dating

MLMA took to Instagram a series of Polaroid snapshots of Post Malone and herself, igniting all kinds of romance rumors. This already happened three times, alone in early August 2020.

She also shared a video of Post Malone strumming a banjo. The rest of the shots were a close-up of his face with “LOVE” written on his lips. For a change, MLMA practiced her makeup skills on Sunflower singer; she probably added a few patterns to his existing famous face tattoo.


MLMA captioned the picture— “I did makeup on cutest face🥺❤️” on 3rd August (PIC: MLMA’s IG)

All been said, the query— Is MLMA dating Post Malone?— still remained unanswered.

Even before Post, MLMA never spoke of having a boyfriend. While Post Malone has had his fair share of love-interests.

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